cutest best friends to ever

I am literally in love with the fact I get to see how my little cousins interact even with a language barrier. On my mom’s side, I have a 3 year old little cousin who only speaks French, and on my dad’s side I have a 2 year old cousin who only speaks Spanish. When they play together it is so funny to see them blabber on and on to each other until one of them hears a word that sounds familiar and then they just repeat that word and nod like they’re totally connecting. Like today the one that speaks Spanish said “Venga a poner los pantalones en la muneca!” and the other heard “pantalones” and was just like “Oui, pantalon!” They’re best friends and it’s the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 


What me and Peter used to do, I would usually get picked up at say 5, 5:30, and then on Doctor Who we were on set at 7:30, on camera to rehearse, and then you film through to 7 pm is the kind of schedule that you’re on. So what me and Peter began to do a lot is because Peter, in particular, his dialogue is insane, and, more often than not, I’m pretty fast at learning lines anyway, but not the kind of jargon that he has. So we’d just run them together in between takes. (x)


in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

5 Reasons Why Elektel Delusion is the Best Yaoi Series

1. Nekota Yonezou is a goddess.
2. Shunpei and Fumi, best friends since childhood, are literally the cutest gay couple ever and have beautiful chemistry with each other.
3. It portrays the hilarious aspects of two men having a relationship and the realistic insecurities of a homosexual who has feelings toward a straight man.
4. Their relationship turns from one-sided physical relationship to beautiful romance.
5. Did I mention that Nekota Yonezou is a goddess?

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It's 10:37 and im I bed video chatting my fiancé and I keep thinking that he is the one person who has never given up on me with my depression and body issues. That I am so blessed to have him in my life and that im going to get to marry my best friend.💕

i’m speechless….this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. my heart skipped a beat. this is so wonderful. i’m so happy for you omg! i’m so glad you have someone like that in your life, you deserve it (*´꒳`*)

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