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[ENG TRANS] Pangyo Fansign - 3Mix Flower Battle

Fans: Wah Im Nayeon is really pretty! Really pretty! Super pretty! 
Nayeon: *acting shy*
Fans: Who’s the flower? 
*before Nayeon replies* Jungyeon: ME!
Nayeon: What??! I have the most (flowers)!
Jungyeon: I have the most! 
Nayeon: Jungyeon isn’t a flower right? (T/N: I can’t hear a lot of it)
Fans: Yes… No… Hahahha

Fan: Jihyo-ah, between the two (?), who is the flower?
Jihyo: *points at herself and smiles like the cutest bb in the entire world*

Trans: only2yeon
Source: It’s Krad’s