cutest baby ;u;


glowy boy 🤧✨💞💕💘💗✨💞✨✨💗💘💕💗

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Lmao 44 with yoongi

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I lost our baby,” Yoongi panted as he rushed into the bathroom. “She was playing with Holly, so I went to make her lunch, and I come back to see the dog!” he exclaimed, making you peek your head around the shower curtain. “Maybe Holly ate her,” you teased before giggling at how his face turned to shock. “Don’t say that!” he fretted, running his fingers through his hair.

You pushed the shower curtain open, revealing your four year old splashing happily under the head of the shower. “She wandered in here when you left,” you smiled, watching the black haired little girl spin. “It’s like she wants to give me a heart-attack,” he sighed, his body slumping against the door. “She’s four, and we live in a two bedroom apartment. She can’t go far.”

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Have you seen the stats for Yuuri from the magazine scan? Confirmed incubus. Victor had no chance.

okay, YES, but also i’m still in the hospital recovering from cardiac arrest after i saw a picture of yuuri katsuki age ten in a little suit coat with tails??? like fucking end me??? what a cute bab??? what a handsome lil babbo??? what a dapper fella???  like i want him to reach behind my ear and find a quarter, please, i can’t handle it.  


brave entertainment’s trainee, kim samuel as your bf

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- cutest baby ever !!

- stares at u 35/8

- ok sososo story time

- u guys have the same 4th period, which is math

- which is the subject u hate the most

- but hey samuel’s there like y would u complain abt that amiright

- anyways, when class is done, u kiddos have lunch

- so u put ur belongings away n u go to the big ass tree on the school’s courtyard

- and u just sit there, reading books n listening to music, eating ur homemade lunch everyday

- mr. kim here always looks at u while hanging out w his friends at the nearby bench

- u never notice his staring bc ur nose is all up in a book, like wow gOOD JOB (Y/N)


- samuel comes up to u, and his friends r all like “dayum my boi” and ur like “heLLO”

- okok so samuel sits by u, and asks what ur reading, and ur like blahblahblah books yo, and then he’s like omg wow, w the biggest heart eyes (she just put heart eyes under my pic)

- so u guys just talk all lunch, until the bell rings, and ur both highkey sad, but don’t show it

- yall say ur goodbyes, and repeat the same thing the next day

- so one day, this lil dorky kid asks u out in the cheesiest way possible, he brings i flowers n chocolate and confesses, and just spills his heart out to u

- and u obviously accept his confession, bc shIT

- end of story time yo

- u guys cuddle a lot, like A LOT A LOT

- when u hold hands, he blushes dockekxksk

- his contact name for u is “my baby 🍰💘💕🌷”

- ur contact name for him is “sweetheart sam 💘😤🤦🏽‍♀️”

- y'all r legit the most cheesy yet cute couple at the school

- this bitch climbs up to ur balcony, and knocks on ur sliding door, just so he can cuddle w u like awawawaw

- study dates !!

- almost everyday after school yall go to a convenience store, and get a bunch of snacks for the study dates

- overall the most cutest, most sweetest bf ever, and i wish he won pd101 and i’m still salty abt it ☕️🐸

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Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

19 one-sentence prompts i mostly cheated at. plus one.
yoonkook / gen/teen / 1k
for drea, fellow yk enthusiast, august buddy. happy birthday, gorgeous.

++ birthday

jeongguk waits another minute, just in case, before he turns to steal a glance at yoongiโ€™s reactionโ€”he watched the video, he must have, eyes pointed at the window almost aggressively, but his cheeks are pink, and jeonggukโ€™s, now, too.

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