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spoilers spoilers spoilers:  the blanket fort reviews the fast and the furious 8

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Okay, let’s be real: the entirety of the Fast and the Furious is crack.  Glorious, silly, ridiculous, entertaining crack.  You don’t walk into the theater expecting logic, an adherence to the laws of physics and Oscar Bait™ type filmmaking. This is basically crack fan fiction slapped onto the big screens - in between the racing, the fancy cars and the explosions - you’re here for the characters - you want to catch up on Dom and his Family and what shenanigans they’ve gotten themselves into now.   

Also I’m waiting for the day when the Fast and the Furious Family finally end up teaming with the Transformers in a reboot I’ll finally give a flying fuck to watch (OPTIMUS PRIME ACTUALLY BONDING WITH VIN DIESEL OR THE ROCK, YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS) or an actual crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I mean, at this point the two people with the most obvious superpowers are Vin Diesel and the Rock, right?

Also, this movie is basically Vin Diesel’s attempt at channeling the Winter Soldier, okay? Without the torture and the brainwashing. 

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