cutest asians


read in 2017 →  not your sidekick by c.b. lee

“you love me,“ abby says, smiling.
jess leans forward. "yeah, i really do. this isn’t our romeo and juliet moment. you’re going to be okay. no one is dying.”

anonymous asked:

Here's what left in their lovely OTP... Picture 1 girl tries so hard to cuddle close to bf who's ignoring her to speak to some other woman, proving it's not that he's unable to get acquaintanced with a female, it's just her he couldn't stand. Picture 2 girl manages to convince bf to pose with her this time, with a baby who's ALSO completely ignoring her. Apparently it's impossible to not ignore her.

Every word is true. Darren goes out of his way to let us know how comfortable he is with literally anyone not named Mia.  And I do think that this is completely intentional.

And really, how pathetic with the baby?  You know she was going for “wouldn’t we just be the cutest family with our Asian baby?” 

News flash, you will never have Darren’s baby as he will never allow you close enough for that to happen, either naturally (I have chills thinking about it and I am sure he does as well) or artificially.

Honestly thought, she truly has no limits.  Using children to further your fake relationship is pathetic.  And something she does far too often.