cutest actually

woke up to this and i’m honestly so thankful for every single one of you, i don’t know what possessed you to follow me but super grateful for all of you guys, my small little second fam💙 also, thank you soooo much for the support on my recent oneshots / drabbles and the wip my boo (hannah) and i are working on, chapter 2 is coming soon i promise!!
just a few shoutouts to these lovelies for being there for me:
@bughead-is-riverdale my wonderful beta and friend,, love you so much soph💙
@festivebetty hannah, girl, you’re the best, thanks for putting up with my bad jokes and for writing this amazing fic with me
@wonderrful simmmm!! thank you for putting up with my fangirling and fangirling with me as well,, we have to start on that blog soon HAHA
@beanie-betty you’re the cutest i’m actually in love💙
@tory-b we only started talking recently but you’re my photography buddy and you’re the actual best!!
@dive-in-ice my big sister,, love talking to you so so much <3
and a whole lot more of you guys,, love every single one of you so much


saved by the bell meme [½ otps]: Zack & Lisa