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kagehina babysit natsu ?

“I want to play, too!”

Shouyou jolts mid-jump, landing back on the ground awkwardly as he turns to face his sister. Kageyama’s also stopped, hands still raised and eyes blinking as if coming out of a trance. The ball bonks Shouyou’s head on the way down.

“Natsu, I thought you were watching tv.”

His sister pouts. “It’s boring. And you guys look like you’re having fun, so I want to play, too!”

Shouyou crosses his arms. “You suck at volleyball, though.”

“I do not!”

“You do! Remember last time when I was trying to teach you how to set the ball? You gave up after five minutes!”

“That’s because you suck at teaching!”

“Uh,” Kageyama interrupts. He looks a bit overwhelmed by their bickering. Shouyou remembers that Kageyama’s an only child, and feels a bit guilty for some reason. He shakes the strange feeling off as Kageyama continues, “I can set for you guys. Natsu can, uh. Learn how to spike?”

Shouyou puffs up his chest. “Yeah! I can teach you, Natsu, I’m the best at spiking!”

“No, you’re not, dumbass,” Kageyama says automatically.

“Kageyama! Don’t curse in front of my baby sister!”

“I’m not a baby!”

It takes another thirty seconds of bickering, this time with Kageyama involved for good measure, before they figure out their positions in front of the makeshift net behind the Hinata’s residence. Kageyama sets the ball high, easy, and Shouyou cheers his little sister on as she jumps as high as she can, swinging her arm with all her might. Her palm just barely grazes it, but it hits the ground with enough force to make a sound.

Shouyou claps loudly anyway. Natsu turns, eyes big and determined. But it’s Kageyama stepping forwards that has Shouyou shutting up. He watches his friend approach his sister. When he’s close enough, Kageyama holds out his hands in front of Natsu, who blinks at his open palms, and then blinks up at his face. 

“Good job,” Kageyama says gruffly, as awkward as he was the first time he tried complimenting Shouyou’s own spike. 

A sunny smile spreads across Natsu’s face, and she lifts her hands high to slap Kageyama’s hands in a resounding high-five.

Shouyou beams.