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My boyfriend and I are somewhat alone in the choir room and we’re eating macaroons and says “oh you have something on your face,” and I’m like wait really what is it?!” then the smooth fucker kisses me and says: “my lips.”

then I smack him.

Watermelon Civilisation

Now that I’ve sufficiently got the watermelon parody posts out of the way, I want to talk about how the Watermelon Stevens made their way into having their own village, and what they value now that it’s there.

1. On Possessing Bodies

The first indicator of their lives we get, is the farming sequence. As it turns out, the Watermelon Stevens (WS for short) create life. I don’t know if this is something Rose Quartz did with her armies, but if they did, they would be a terrifying force, enemies who could respawn without their commander. I think it would make sense though, that Steven and Rose would be in full support of creating more life. They believe that each individual has an experience worth sharing and a life worth living.

So I guess that makes it terrifying that Steven failed to realised they were playing “Not it” and got chosen, and then the WS body he was in got eaten by Malachite.

That’s a life right there, who had to be sacrificed to move the story along. It was totally sentient, and Steven sort of just popped it out of its body. Nobly, if he didn’t sacrifice himself for Steven’s consciousness, we never would have found Malachite and defeated the Cluster in time. I guess the question here would be about this other WS then.

When Steven’s consciousness drifts back into his real body, does the consciousness of that WS return to its original body as well? If it does, does he remember anything? I’m not sure, but I sure hope so, if not, that’s a terrifying power Steven has. It means that he’s very connected to his soldiers, but it’s also a constant reminder that he holds infinite power over them and that he could take their very real lives away at any moment.

In the heat of the moment, trying to figure out what to do about everything, Steven probably wasn’t too aware of the repercussions of what he’d done. But knowing Steven, he’d be very guilty when he realises what happened to the WS he temporarily possessed. Steven is never up for a meaningless loss of life. That’s why in the WS’s debut appearance, he made a big deal about their fighting one another and the Crystal Gems. It wasn’t worth it and it wasn’t worth the sacrifice of Baby Melon.

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