The Fabled Masterlist

 NEWT : 

a girl we cant understand part 1 - cute
a girl we cant understand part 2 - cute
a girl we cant understand part 3 - smutty
a girl we cant understand part 4 - cute
a girl we cant understand part 5 - smut
naughty boy newt - smut
part 1 poker night - fluffy
part 2 total control - commical and cute
part 3 around my little finger - flirty borderline smut
part 4 my lady - smut
your really ill ? - hilariously cute
bed bath - flirty
the real second in command part 1 - fluffly
the real second in command part 2 - cute and flirty
part 1 what just happened - fluffly
part 2 will you keep your hands to yourself - fluffy and flirty
part 3 we are so dead - fluff
part4 oops - smut
part 1 undying sex appeal - smut
part 2 i just cant stay away - smut
who do i want ? - smut [newt x reader x thomas] part 1
what the bloody hell is wrong with you ? - smutpart 2 
she’ll be okay it will just take a while - sad
i have something to say in front of the whole glade - cute
part 1 
throw it up - funny and fluffy
part 2 sweeter then chocolate - sickeningly cute
part 1 the friend zone is unescapeable - cute
part 2 the great escape - cute and flirty
part 3 hallelujah - fluffy
i wont say im in
love - fluffy
for w.i.c.k.e.d’s amusement - funny [musical]
kitten part 1 - fluffy
kitten part 2 - fluffy
kitten part 3 - smut
kitten part 4 - cute
kitten part 5 - smut
kitten part 6 - cute
kitten part 7 - to cute for earth
kitten part 8 - to cute for the universe 
something isn’t right part 1 - flirty
something isn’t right part 2 - smut
part 1 i need to borrow you newt - flirty
part 2 - for science ? for science - flirty and smuttish
well that works - fluffy
the cure - smut 
explanation - flirty 
that was lucky- flirty
part 1 When i get my hands on you - very smutty
part 2 pay back - smutty tourcher
part 1 i wasn’t dreaming - smut
part 2 bath time - sexy
If You Really Love Someone You Want Them To Be Happy p1 - cute - AU
If You Really Love Someone You Want Them To Be Happy p2 - cute - AU
If You Really Love Someone You Want Them To Be Happy p3 - smut - AU
If You Really Love Someone You Want Them To Be Happy p4 - cute - AU
confidence booster- smut
gardeners hands - flirty and romantic
sorry isn’t good enough - smut
3 years is a long time - smut
it seemed like a good idea - smut- newt x teresa x reader
i dare you to…- smut
the family name - smut- AU
not now- smut- AU
your drunk- smut
don’t ask -smutty - AU
what do i do now - smut
scare the nightmares away - smut
lips of my girlfriend tommy -smut
do you know…-smut
fifty shades of glade - smut filled 
fifty shades of glade II - smutty
don’t - smut
“My Bad Girl” “My Good Boy” P1-flirty -AU
“My Bad Girl” “My Good Boy” P2-smut - AU
“My Bad Girl” “My Good Boy” P3- sweet - AU
  Angels - very sad
oh shuck of ive waited six years for this - smut -AU [SORT OFF]
Jamie you twit - smut - AU
no happy endings - sad
get your hands off my daughter - smut - AU
just like the old days- smut- AU
you shouldn’t have asked -smut
you snooze you lose - cute
the biggest mistake i ever made - sad - AU
dream come true - smut [newtmas + next x reader]
swap around - smut- newt x reader x minho
pre destined - smut
p1 - glade morning - fluffy
p2 - running day - smut
p3 - a night in the maze - smut
my secret admirer - flirty
to tell her or not to tell her - fluffy
can’t sleep? - cute
life p1 - flirty
life p2 - sad
your mean :( - smut
the other woman- cute moments
Go Back In Your Shell Little Turtle - sweet
it’s a boy? - flirty
almost lover - sad
part 1 how the bloody hell do they know what ive been doing - smut
part 2 for me ? - smuttish
my mini’s streamed up windows - smut- AU
one of these days - sweet
my dirty little secret -smut
would you? - flirty a bit smutty
TV Snuggles - flirty [minewt]
newt- what happened last night - smut references 
Y/n - what happened last night - smut references
Minho - what happened last night - smut references 
answers - what happened last night - answers
wicked worker - what happened last night - sad
how gentle am i now ? - smut
falling slowly - sad
p1 if you truly love her, go. - sweet
p2 if you truly love me, help me. - abuse and sweet conclusion
happy to steal kisses for all eternity - cute 
virgin dosent always mean innocence - smut
splinter excuse - smut
i wuv you - smut [ involves other gladers as well]
pain killers - smutty
HUGE - smut
bad girl - smut
p1 Tiny babies - cute - other gladers included 
p2 tiny babies - mummy - cute
p3 tiny babies - screams - smut
p4 tiny babies - what happened - answers
leather jackets and poodle skirts - flirty - 1950′s AU
why are you wearing a scarf ? - smut suggestion - [scortch trials]
gotcha - cute 
Draw Me Like One Of Your Glade Girls Newt - smutty - artist AU
bad day - smutty + comedy
are you jealous of my jelly ? - cute - AU
300mph - smut -AU
part 1 strip defence - smuttyish
part 2 control yourself - smut
p1correction now we are gonna die - smut - newt x reader x thomas
p2 well now what? - smut- newt x reader x thomas + newtmas
how many of you are in here ? - smut
mumma -cute 
thanks love - smut
im a penguin - cute 
part 1 OH- smutty references - AU
part 2 UH - smut - AU
MONSTER p1 - scary - deathcure
MONSTER P2 - scary - deathcure
MONSTER P3 - scary - deathcure
GHOST P1 - scary + smut hints -AU
GHOST P2 - funny and scary - AU
GROSS - funny + mild smut
not such a nice glade any more - dark
strawberry cookies p1 - cute 
p2 - cute
p3 - smut suggestion 
Oi not so rough - flirty- scorch trials
skirt -smut - AU
kissing booth- AU
thank you - smut
help - smutty- AU
all mine - cute  - newtmas 
p1 hen night - smut suggestion - AU
i-i-im gonna die - sweet - death cure 
the baby part 1 - cute 
the baby part 2 - smutty 
take it - smut
smitten potion - sweet
not her - SPOLIERS - TST
questions - smutty suggestions
daemons - cute 
make your move - flirty and cheezy 
glamours glade p1 
glamours glade p2 
i dont know - cute 
bubble bath - smutty

knowledge - smutty 

fangirls - bit of everything 

english please - cute

one touch is all it takes - smut


you deserve better then gally - cute
it’ll be okay - fluffy
pull me back - sad
HIM! - funny 


no real explanation - smut


you- fluffy
lets destroy it - smut
love is weird - smut
dont tell teresa - smut
i got fucked by thomas sangster - smut
Section 6.5 Test - smutish
alone - smutish
this is not my phone - cute
the watcher - smut
i still love you y’know - cute
p1- a million miles from home - cute
p2 - a mile from home - cute
holidays - fluffy
the girl - smut
run away - smut
the maid - smut
Doctor sangster p1 - fluffy [depression and self harm]
doctor sangster p2 - smut [ suicide attempt] 
night school - smut 
unconventional school romance - smut
single rider p1 - none
p1 master of the house - flirty 
p2 a party in Transylvania - smut
part 1 let her go - sad
part 2 im never letting you go again - sweet
its the end of the world as we know it and im fine with it p1- funny
its the end of the world as we know it and im fine with it p2 - flirty
tents - smut
Waking up in Vegas - funny
lords and princess- smut references
p1“hi, you have a cat right?” - cute
p2 “complaining?” “No” - smut suggestion 
every last inch - adorable 
what the hell’s going on - smutty - tbs x reader x dylan 

baby girl - cute 

the nanny - cute - Victorian 

dancer - flirty 

the great war - smutty suggestion 

last two in existence - smut  p1

p2 begin again - cute 

speakeasy p1 - flirty 

combination plot line :

The fort - cute
my VERY good friend - smut
teddy and the blanket - cute
no babies here - smut
a bit more then just a cuddle and a kiss- flirty
good book- cute
please - fluffy
it was strange-smut
is that as yes ? - cute 
that was spontaneous - smut
sex tape - smut
dominate and submissive - smut overload
mummy and daddy - sweet
where was it ? - funny
4:35 pm -smut
not tonight love- smut
not again - funny
19 months - smut
spooning - cute
we have two already - cute
baby face - cute
present - cute
what cha doing ? - smut references
fuck you like a thunder bird - smut
baby’s arnt fish - cute
i just cant do this any more - sad [ saddest ive ever writen]
seriously - funny
profanity - funny
prankster - funny
same on stuff - xmas - cute
cream - sexy
brunette - cute
getting back together - sweet
tommy the  Technophobe - cute 
live in London - smutty suggestion 

aphrodisiac smoothy - smutty suggestion  

ticklish - cute

the chatt - smut explanation


second love lasts forever p1
second love lasts forever p2 

orbit ever after : what about leela - fluffy + tad flirty at end

the girl with the guitar part 1

i had a good reason p1 - everything 

i had a good reason p2 - everything 

i had a good reason p3 - “      “

my girl p1 - cute 

Seven Wonders [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: ok so e2 dad barry where they all go on vacation and it becomes a pandemonium to control all five kids lmao

a/n: this was so cute

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

“Sunscreen?” Check. “Um…Swimsuit?” Check. “Baby things?” Check. “Okay, guys, you can-” The four kids take off towards the beach, leaving Barry to carry everything. “Go.” he finishes, slumping his pale shoulders. You bite your lip, flip flops scratching the ground as you stand next to him, Nico firmly on your hip. Turning your head, you smile bashfully at him; the toddler plays with your blue bikini string. “I’ll go get the stuff…” he mutters softly; white tank top flowing around his torso while he pops the van’s trunk.

Deciding to try to help your husband, you pick up the cooler, entering the sandy beach. Luca already has a spot to himself; green blanket underneath him where he lays shirtless, hands behind his head, sunglasses and headphones on. You snort, kicking some sand when you walk by. “Mom!” he yells in frustration; shaking his blond hair out. “Dad?!” he mocks, pointing at you.

Barry huffs, chairs under his armpits, hands full of bags. “I’m not in this fight, bud.” he gulps, sandals surging forward to get to you. When he does, he dumps everything on the ground, fixing his glasses. Sighing, he fights with the beach chair, finally popping it open. “Here sweetheart.” he muses, placing it behind you.

“Thanks, honey.” you smile at him, pecking his lips. Nico squeals, hitting the plastic armrests; orange tropical swim trunks hiding his pamper. “Please tell me you’re not wet….” you check, breathing out a sigh of relief. Barry plops down in a chair next to you, bending his head backwards to the sky. Giggling, you rake your hand through his messy brown locks.

A shout comes from Jace when he tumbles off his wakeboard; chestnut hair clinging to his forehead. You and Barry laugh. Abby races up to the two of you, Sara following after her. “Daddy! I need my floaties to go with Sara!” she whines at Barry, folding her arms over her striped blue and green one piece.

Barry nods, orange swim trunks that match Nico’s wrinkling as he digs through bags. You point to the red one; he swiftly pulls out the black kitty floaties, putting them on Abby. “There you go!” he beams, receiving a kiss before the two girls run to the ocean. Sighing, he leans back in the chair, readjusting his glasses to look at you. “I can take Nico. Go cool off.” he says sweetly, pulling the two year old to his chest.

You grin at him, kissing his lips. “I love you.” you mumble before sprinting towards the three kids, ass shaking in your striped bikini bottoms. Gulping, Barry’s green eyes take in every inch of your body. Nico plucks his glasses off his face, making him stop gazing at you and your laugh.

“Stop staring at mom’s ass, dad.” Luca scowls, cringing at his dad when he looks behind. “It’s weird.”

Barry frowns, turning back to face forward, clutching Nico’s shirt. “It’s not weird… right?” he asks the toddler, who is wearing his glasses.
1,000 Points From Gryffindor
By Organization for Transformative Works

By blithelybonny (HD_Erised 2016) | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 25,000

The story of how Harry Potter single-handedly lost Gryffindor the House Cup while attempting to have a “normal” year at Hogwarts. Featuring Harry’s suspicious nature turned up to eleven again, a new DADA teacher who is so not here for Harry’s fame, multiple detentions, Slytherins being sneaky, Hufflepuffs being sneakier, and the mystery of Draco Malfoy’s hoodie because seriously Hermione who gave that to him and is he wearing it just to torment me? This is ridiculous!

Genre: Humour, Banter, 8th year, Cute

My Comments: Bless my heart, this is the cutest and silliest and funniest story I’ve read in a while. Harry is just so captivated by the mystery of Draco’s Hufflepuff sweater and they’re both so cute about it. 

Brother Trouble [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Hi! Could do one where Joey is getting bullied at school by an older teen and Tyler finds out and gets all overprotective and kicks that teen’s ass? The the reader (mom) and Barry show up at school to find them in the principal’s office and the reader sees the bully’s bruised up face and she’s like “Dayummm, my son fucked you up didn’t he?” I would die laughing!

a/n: lil joey is so cute

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

Barry was holding Nora when you got the call from Joey’s school. A sigh escapes your lips and you rub the bridge of your nose. “Yes, I understand. We’ll be right there.” you huff out, ending the call. Your husband furrows his eyebrows, rocking the baby in his arms. “We gotta pick up Joey and Tyler.” you grumble, packing the baby bag.

He sighs, standing up. “What did Joey do this time?” he questions, slipping his feet in the black and white converse. “Honestly, he’s in preschool…” he deadpans, watching you shrug, putting on your sneakers. Another sigh. “I’m gonna put Nora in the car.” he whispers, fixing her pale pink kitty onesie on her chest.


The moment you and Barry enter, Joey perks up, hopping off the chair. “Dad! Mom! You’re here! We can lea-” he stops heading towards the door, feeling your hand against his chest. Frowning, he peers at his dad, knowing you won’t break as easily. “Um, why aren’t we going outside yet?” he asks innocently, flashing his blue puppy dog eyes.

Scoffing, you lean down, fixing the bright yellow soccer shirt he has on. “Because you’ve been- wait. Barr, where’s Tyler?” you cut yourself off, whipping your head around the hall. Holding Nora to his pale red t-shirt, Barry walks down the hall, craning his head around corners until he stops. Frowning back at you, he nods to the side, rocking the baby as he presses on.

“Tyler Allen, are you kidding me?” Barry grumbles under his breath, gazing through the mirror at the beaten fifth grader. Tyler cringes, eyes hiding behind his light brown bangs. “Tell me you didn’t do that to the kid. I swear to god…” he spits, making sure to keep his voice down because of his sleeping daughter.

Gulping, the teen blinks behind his glasses, face blank and emotionless. “I didn’t do that to him.” he rushes out in one breath, obviously lying.

You whistle, hand in Joey’s. “Damn, you really fucked that kid up, didn’t you Ty?” you gasp, clearly impressed with your older son. He smiles, playing with his gray flannel. Barry stares at you with wide lime green eyes, patting Nora’s back. “What? He was protecting his little brother. Maybe not in the best way, but…” you trail off, picking up Joey.

Sucking in a breath, Barry rocks your daughter, gritting his teeth. “You’re still grounded.” You nod, agreeing. “Go get in the car.” he bites, nodding to his side, dark blue hoodie falling off his shoulder. Tyler quickly does what he’s told, grabbing the keys from his dad. “These boys…” Barry mutters.

marrymeironically  asked:

Meeting online aus please :)

oooh interesting :^))

  • we’re both famous youtubers and I was watching your videos and I think you’re talking shit about me?? get ready for war you’rE GOING DOWN
  • we met on omegle where we had an extremely lengthy shit talking session about cruddy tv shows/movies that suddenly turned deep and dude we have to meet up now
  • my friend has been posing as me on a dating website and now I have a date with a complete stranger who thinks I enjoy home cooking, screamo music, sky diving and thinks that I’ve climbed mt everest. this is terrible
  • I’m a celebrity and I have a secret social media account and we started talking online and now we’re close friends but you want to meet up oh shit
  • I’m a celebrity and I may or may not be following your blog which is dedicated to me. reading your comments and tags are hilarious and very flattering and I’m somewhat smitten
  • someone liked one of my instagram photos from three years ago and I was like ?? so I went on their account and gosh darn they’re hella cute
  • my youtube commenters are not-so-subtly shipping me with you, another youtuber, and now I’m binge watching all your videos and crap now I have a crush
  • your dating profile is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen, I don’t even want to pick you up I just need to know how on earth you can fit twenty-four marshmallows in your mouth
Worried Daddy (Part 4) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Still love your blog and I was just thinking of like Worried daddy if Logan wore Sebastians warbler blazer it would be so adorable


My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You can’t find Logan anywhere. All of you have the day off because the holiday, which your son was more than happy about, and Sebastian is in the kitchen. Holding your bloated stomach, you stalk down the hallway, calling out for the boy. A loud thump, along with Logan’s laughter, comes from your bedroom, making you hurry.

When you push the door open, you cover your mouth with your hand, seeing your son on the floor. “Ma!” he beams, squinting his eyes as he tilts his head back. Sebastian’s navy Dalton blazer covers his small frame, way too big for him. He waves his arms, laughing at the way the sleeves flap around.

Removing your hand from your stomach, you reach out for him, nodding to the stairs. “How about we go show daddy?” you hum, helping him to his feet. He nods, jumping up and down before racing toward the steps. His tiny hand, covered by the fabric, wraps around the railing, feet carefully stepping down.

You follow after him, pulling the gray t-shirt over your belly button when you make it to the bottom, sighing. You’re six months pregnant and, boy, is it hard to do stuff. Back aching, you lead Logan into the kitchen, watching the blazer hit his knees. “Da!” he grunts, catching Sebastian off guard slightly.

The lawyer stops stirring the pasta, light brown hair falling in his green eyes as he turns his head. “Oh my god…” he mutters, cupping his hands around his mouth at the sight of his son. “Logan, where did you get that, bud?” Sebastian chuckles, squatting down; Logan grins, rushing towards his daddy. “Well, don’t you look dapper?” he muses, pulling at one of the lapels. “You wanna be a Warbler like dad?” he questions, raising a thick eyebrow.

Logan nods eagerly, grunting. Sebastian stands up, straightening his gray Dalton t-shirt, smirking at you. “Did you know you are already one?” he prompts, tucking his hair behind his ear while he stirs the pasta. Logan lets his mouth hang open. “Yup. You were born in a middle of a Warbler’s performance. That means you were born a Warbler.” he says proudly, watching you take a picture of the two of them.

Grinning, you lean back into the chair, mindlessly rubbing your stomach. “That was… crazy. Daddy wouldn’t get off the stage…” you glare; Sebastian laughs, back facing you. Logan grunts, focused on the sleeve of the blazer.

“I was barely eighteen. Cut me some slack, babe..” he giggles, turning the stove off. You glare at him still, running a hand through your hair. The lawyer picks up Logan, kissing his forehead. “My little Warbler.”

herprincerebel  asked:

Any Color Guard AUs? pls I am in need

  • i’m in color guard and you’re in marching band
  • that toss would have been so cool if I caught it except it hit you omfg I’m so sorry
  • shit it’s actually really cold on this bus are you using for flag as a blanket shit will you share with me???
  • you always get the routine down perfectly but for the love of god your face is always in the weird grimace/look of concentration i shouldn’t be laughing but you still make it look cute
  • my significant other isn’t in marching band and their eyes kind of glaze over a little bit when I talk to them about color guard stuff but they always show up to my games and carry around a really big first aid kit
  • “they figured out we were dating because of the glitter” “but how??” “there was glitter on my neck and behind my ears” “….dammit”


A Bo Burnham Gif Board for Tonight’s Episode

my thoughts on Jarco:

As long as Marco is happy, I’m happy. haha they are cute

My thoughts on Starco’s current state:


My reaction to Star being jealous:

yep, I expected that….it was going to happen eventually so why not now, y’know?

My reaction to Star being cute with Janna:



My reaction to the Kiss:


GO MARCO YOU JUST KISSED THE GIRL YOU HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH FOR YEARS! My little Starco heart is pissed off but the part of my heart where Jarco is is quite happy. I am proud of Marco for actually doing it. Sad that the first kiss between one of the two main characters was not each other, but Marco literally just kissed his dream girl WITHOUT puking on her. 

This is seriously too cute

My life essence is living off how cute they are I mean seriously? how can two guys be this adorable?!?!!!??!?


Thoughts that occurred…

  • I did not realize Keith’s mullet was a canon joke in the show!
  • SPACE DAD!!!
  • *Within in the first 15 mins* Oh…now I understand the Sheith ship.
  • *The next minute* I understand Klance now!
  • Space sloth? …guru space sloth!
  • They’re so cute
  • My friend: Awww poor Shiro…but I like them broken.
    Me: You like your men a bit broken?
    My friend: *laughs maniacally*
  • “What if I start crying?! I’m already crying!” Hunk is me…
  • Voltron Zuko / Nico di Angelo is in touch with his “feelings” and “spiritual energy” >D
  • Coran: I’m trying to get them to make me a sandwich. (Why was this so relatable??)

  • “Pidge is a WHAT?!”

anonymous asked:

Denmark falls asleep on the couch watching a movie and Norway sees him snoring and he thinks its cute and decides to snuggle him while he sleeps and then Norway falls asleep and then baby Iceland walks in and decides to sleep on them too, then there is just a big pile of sleeping, snuggly, cuties on the couch



togethertheycreate  asked:




It Ain’t About The Money : josh makes tyler a coupon book of cute things like ‘cuddling time’ and ‘free neck rub’ and !!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE

my emo children texting each other : this is just really funny i can SEE IT HAPPENING HONESTLY 

everything together trying to be so cool : i read this one awhile ago but i’M P SURE IT WAS FLUFFY I DO REMEMBER IT WAS REALLY CUTE SO !!!

and if u want any more than hM U ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)