anonymous asked:

Where are some of the best places to get some monster x human smut?

If you type ‘nsfw’ or ‘monster love’ or both of those things into my search bar then you should find plenty of monster x human smut. Like, loads. However, if you are looking for other work then here’s a list of monster blogs where you might find some good smut: 

@werewolfknots @gruesomebeasts @rrakkssuu  @outinthedark @teratorequests @fangs-and-talons @momolady  @momosmonsters @monsters-companion @somanyfangs @flavorfullfluff @slugboner @monstrousbooty @monstrousmlm @knotyourboyfriend @fantasticbeastsandhowtofuckthem @monster-lovers-anonymous @monstermatch @hotmonstrosity @lovelymonsterthings @terato-love @monsterfuckersrus  @mytentaclestash @olimonsterblog @dark-mlm-suggestion @monstersuggestions @terato-imagines @teratotrash @professional-monster-kisser @cutemonsters @thelittlemonsterlover @monster–boyfriend @teratophiliatrash