Dating Yeri would include...

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  • how you two actually managed to get together was a huge stroke of luck because yeri had no intention of ever telling you how she felt
  • yeri was just too scared you’d reject her since you two had only known each other for a short time
  • at first she would hide behind her unnies when you were in the room, barely speaking to you and never looking at you directly in the eye
  • soon though she became a little more comfortable around you and less nervous so she’d talk to you 
  • loved hearing you laugh
  • she hadn’t meant to but she said something you thought was funny and when you laughed yeri’s whole world shook
  • yeri had never heard a more beautiful sound
  • when she got back to the dorms she laid down in her bed for a solid hour
  • joy asked if she was okay and she replied that she was in love
  • joy let out a soft “yikes” and walked out to get irene
  • after that it’s nonstop talking about you to the other girls
  • at first they all think it’s cute because their little yeri is in love and you’re a really cool person but soon it gets a little annoying
  • they’ll be in hair and makeup and yeri is going on about how you did something minutely different with your hair
  • joy finally stands up and gets you
  • she drags you to the dressing room
  • irene can tell she’s up to no good so she tries to stop joy but nope joy has heard enough about how attractive yeri thinks your nostrils are
  • J: “(y/n) I think you and yeri should go get lunch sometime.”
  • You weren’t sure what was going on but you nodded. “Okay”
  • Y: “Really?!” 
  • Yeri was shook
  • (y/n): “Yeah I’d love to. Are you busy after this?”
  • Y: “I’m never busy for you.”
  • Yeri couldn’t believe she’d actually said that out loud
  • Wendy and Seulgi were dying trying not to laugh 
  • Irene was smiling, also trying not to laugh but you two were so cute
  • Joy was feeling pretty proud of herself. After you and Yeri agreed on a place to meet after the show Joy kicked you out of the room.
  • Yeri wanted to kill Joy the second you were gone. Joy was really confused about why. 
  • J: “But (y/n) didn’t??????? You’re welcome.”
  • your first date is super cute and yeri is super shy but she tries to relax because she doesn’t want to ruin this first impression
  • you admit you think her shyness is kind of cute and it makes her blush like crazy
  • can barely look you in the eye the whole date
  • you drive her back to the dorms and walk her back to her room
  • you kiss her cheek goodnight and ask to see her again
  • Y: *confused* “But you see me everyday?”
  • (y/n): “I meant I’d like to take you on another date sometime if that’s okay.”
  • It was very okay with Yeri. 
  • When she got inside all the girls wanted a full recap of the date
  • Yeri was floating on clouds
  • The next few dates were easier for yeri, she was still nervous but not as much
  • you loved her more and more the more comfortable she was around you
  • you got to see the real yeri and you loved her too
  • pretty soon you’re hanging out all the time
  • sometimes it’s just you and yeri sitting next to each other not saying anything, just hanging
  • lots and lots of cuddling
  • she’s obvi the little spoon
  • you help her deal with all the hate she gets from antis
  • you let her know that they’re all wrong because she’s an incredible person with a lovely voice who deserves to be in red velvet just as much as the other girls
  • yeri does get jealous pretty often because she is insecure 
  • so you have to be understanding and patient with her
  • Joy and Seulgi tried to give you the “you hurt her and you’ll be sorry” speech but they couldn’t get through it without laughing because come on you would never
  • i mean who could hurt such a soft puppy like yeri???
  • but one day while you were with Yeri at the dorm Irene pulled you to the side and gave you that speech….she wasn’t laughing though and you were kind of scared
  • The girls love how happy and confident Yeri is around you and how you bring out the best in yeri 
  • Yeri still gets shy around you even though it’s months into the relationship
  • you still think it’s cute and that’s why you two work so well together 

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Guess What Guys I Finally Finished My First EVER Follow Forever !! YAAAAY MEE !! //so proud of myself// !! Anyways i recently got over 2,600+ followers *thank you all” and I wanted to thank all you awesome people I Follow ^w^ ..and my follow forever is in 4 Parts :D .. because it was gonna be too long if you made them all in one part so :P ..


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~ So…I recently recently reached my followers goal, and moreover (bc it’s not that much a very big number haha) I want to celebrate those 3 months spent since I’ve joined this fandom. Two weeks after the creation of this blog, I had written a very cheesy post saying how happy I was with this new blog and still now nothing has changed. I’m grateful for the people I got to know here, you guys are great :) I should try to overcome my shyness and talk to you more. Thank you to everyone who follow me ~ 

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It’s time for a second follow forever !! I’ve recently reached  a new followers goal; plus I want to celebrate those 7 months+ I’ve wasted spent on this blog. I can honestly say that blogging here makes me happy. I’m really grateful for the people I’ve met, thank you to everyone who talks with me (and sorry if I’m so slow with answers OTL) ~ I want to include here the BTS blogs I follow  since I created my sideblog. I consider joining the fandom one of my best decision of 2014, along with being a full time girl group stan (less time to study and more tears but who cares) ~ 

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Hello everyone! Poop meh finally decided to do my 2nd follow forever after like everyone, lame until the end!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you will all find happiness in 2015 and let’s wish for an amazing year instead of the shitty 2014!

I started this blog on July 28th (2014 obviously) and to be honest, back then, i would have never thought than it would bring so much happy things into my life. I met wonderful and amazing people, and i’m not lying when i say that all of them mean so much to me, thanks to them i’m wayyyy less awkward and shy than before and i truly consider them as my friends. Then, my cutiepies followers! I’m really thankful toward every single one of you for bearing my random thirst phases for butts and also my random reblogs about Sehun or Krystal when i’m trying to just be a full Red Velvet blog.

Thank you for following me, thank you for existing, i love you ♡

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Hello baes, sorry for tho weird gifs, but park slayoung is too pretty so you should forgive me… well but i’ve reached 2k+ followers, and i love to make follow forever, this time, there are so much more blogs than the first and the second! //actually just a little bit lol// //idk if you guys like me to share my psd so haha, i will not share this time due my personal reasons//

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please forgive me again lol bc i included my own blog joengeuk there lol, i just created it few days ago, mostly boy groups and a lot of things, follow or not is just your optional choice lol, and a big big big shout out to my pretty baes: shauna, kate, kim, alex, katie unnie. jennifer ((it’s probably not me, we have the same name)), cera, armar and the list comes comes comes //actually they’re all my unnies lol// and please message me if i missed somebody! i cant list all ((actually this is almost all of my following blogs lol)), check my blogroll for more!

So I just hit a personal follower goal and I promised myself a long time ago that once I hit it I would make a follow forever, so here you guys go!

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