Modern Sonamy Prompt by Cutegirlmayra ^^

The beautiful cutegirlmayra wrote a prompt for me and gave me the agreement to share it with you. Enjoy! :) 

Sonic raced onto the scene and jumped to dodge the missles coming at him. “Dang, Eggman isn’t letting up today, is he?” he muttered out loud, before seeing a troop of robots hover upwards from the metal base he was racing on.
As their jet packs hummed, they moved their gun-hands towards him, ready to begin as they chased after him.
He smirked,
“Just the way I like my eggs!” Sonic blazed forward, before hearing a faint cry on the screen.
He whipped his head up and skidded to a halt, allowing the robots to surround him.
Looking up, his face changed to one of anger, as he got up and walked toward the screen, seeing Amy struggling on it to get out of some metal corded robot, looking to be made completely out of electrical cords.
“Oh, did I forget to mention my little secret?” Eggman’s voice came on, as he stepped into the camera’s way, holding his hands out in front of him with a big wide grin. “Surprise!”
“Tsk.” Sonic lowered his head, “You’re playing dirty again, Egghead… Let her go!” he swipes his hand out in front of him. “Your giving yourself a bad rep by stealing little girls, Eggman.”
“I- wah? HEY! You let me worry about my own rep, Sonic! And how about yours, hmmm..? I would be careful about what you say, Sonic! Aren’t you a hero? Her life is playing a delicate game of JEOPARDY as we speak. Best not play with fate, hmmm?” Eggman stepped to the side as the robot sent a small electrical circuit through Amy’s body, as she tensed up and cried out in pain.
Sonic zipped forward, being stopped by some robots, having his eyes fixated on the screen in front of him.
“WHAHAHAAHA, do you see where you truly lie now, Sonic? Like pudding in my hands!”
“…Shock her again, and I won’t play nice anymore, Eggy.” Sonic’s voice turned darker than usual.
“Oh?” Eggman looked down, back at the screen as Amy behind him panted, not able to struggle anymore. “Did I shock you? electrified a nerve? For someone claiming to have such a golden heart, Sonic; You daring me to fry her again is quite the conflicting statement. Aren’t you worried about your rep?”
“He’s more worried about his girlfriend, if you ask me.” Orbot stated, biting his nails as he feared the wrath of the blue hedgehog. “I think you’ve shown him enough, anymore footage and he might find out where we are.” he slightly panicked.
“Hey, is she okay?” Cubot turned to Amy, as Sonic’s attention turned to his words. Cubot floated up and poked Amy, who was breathing irregularly.
“Hmm? Oh, hold on.” Eggman turned the Camera, not wanting Sonic to see anything as he went to check.
Sonic leaned forward in a jerk of his body, his eyes scanning the screen, as a look of pure fear suddenly struck his heart.
“…What? That’s odd. I only hit her with a few sparks, how is her heartbeat so off? Better cut the line, Orbot. I need to make sure she’s a living bait, or we’re all in trouble-” the line ended, and Sonic fist shook at the carelessness of Eggman’s actions.
With Chaos energy radiating off of him, Sonic looked down, making some noises of discomfort as his whole body was fading from his blue to a strange darker color.
The robots looked at each other, than held their ground, ready to fire.
Sonic whipped his head up, “MOOOVEEE!!” A powerful Chaos blast broke in a ring around him, dark in shade, as he blasted forward, his whole body barely visible as he shredded his way through the machines around him, and dived into the core of the base.
(for time sakes, I’ll make this quick ;) )
“Hurry and get her better, Doctor!”
“He’s coming in fast…”
“Does he ever come in any other way?!?!?”
“Hold on! She’s slipping out of consciousness! Darn it, Girl! I thought you stronger than this!”
the huge metal gates began to get dents, before… “H-he’s…-gulp- he’s here..”
a huge blast blew the doors as if paper to the sides of the control room, as Sonic, his eyesockets glowing a brilliant white, and his fur as dark blue as the night sky, looked around.
“Eek! Give him the girl! Give him the girl!!!” Orbot begged, seeing as the computer readed his chaos levels dangerously high and out of control.
The computer frizzed as he noticed Amy, and the screen cracked as the levels rose considerably over what the computer could process.
“Right, see, little problem. Let me explain..” Eggman put his hands together, desperately trying to calm the hedgehog down. “My robot may of, heh heh, accidentally sent a wave through her heart and out into space, heh, funny right? Ehem, not funny, anyway, think of a mini lightening bolt, actually, don’t do that, but what I’m trying to say is-”
Sonic’s patience was running low, his eyes narrowed. “on with it.
Eggman leaned back, a frown exposing his gritted teeth in fear of Sonic’s new found deep voice, that held so much threatening power to make even the robots behind him magnetize almost to one another in a death hug; terrified for their metal lives….
“Look, I didn’t mean to actually hurt her! Amy’s fine. She just…” Eggman pivoted to look behind him, then back to Sonic, the camera moving with him. “She may or may not need another medical pulse to put her heart back in pace.”
Sonic’s eyes widened.
“She may have 15 minutes to live, give or take. So why don’t you focus your immense power on helping me figure out the correct measurements so that you don’t kill me for making a technical error?”
In a moment of desperateness, Sonic rushed and started pressing buttons on the screen.
“Uhh… heh, you can’t possibly think you alone could…” Eggman’s mouth suddenly dropped.
In a matter of seconds, Sonic had reprogrammed the electrical circuit the robot had used to the opposite effect, and then spun around, glaring at Eggman.
“How did you…?”
Who do you think taught Tails to fly a plane?” he growled out, “NOW, HELP HER!”
It was probably the first time in Eggman’s life where he truly saw another side of Sonic, and immediately obeyed, fearing his life, as he truly believed Sonic would follow the creed of-an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
After the gentle shock this time, Amy coughed, and lost consciousness, her heartbeat coming back as regular, as Sonic looked around, seeing the screens, and hearing the speakers boom forth her heartbeat.
“A-alright… now let’s let bygones be-” Eggman couldn’t even finish his sentence before Sonic whipped over and gently picked Amy up, looking her over to make sure she was truly alright, and turning his head over his shoulder to Eggman, this Dark Sonic energy rising at just looking at him.
“Eek! Take her and leave! She’s all yours, anyway!” Eggman ducked behind his machine, which Sonic just flicked his wrist at, and exploded. (Chaos blast perfectly aimed, haha xD)
Sonic left and Amy returned to her bed, waking up and not being quite sure what happened. But ever sense then, Eggman has never dared capture her again. (This explains why she hasn’t been captured in a long time within the games XD)

anonymous asked:

I'm actually interested in the difference between Japanese Sonic/Amy and American Sonic/Amy. I know that Japanese is more pro in the games themselves and in marketing, but do you have specific examples? Also slightly off-topic, but do you think there is a reason why Sonic universes outside the games (Sonic Boom, Sonic X, the comics from time to time) are more liberal when it comes to Sonic/Amy moments? I have one or two ideas but I've never quite put my finger on it.

(Official SEGA Sonamy artwork: Sonic Advance 3 -that is meant to be funny lol-)

I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Much like the Anime Trope, these two fall into a rather old but still used one. Girl chases the main hero, main hero either is oblivious or doesn’t show any response to the affections.

SEGA has stated Sonic is ‘Shy’, since he can’t just ‘be oblivious’ to Amy’s open affections… nor can they state he’s ‘neutral’ when that could mean he’s ‘ignoring her’ which would go against Sonic’s natural good heart.

So it’s ‘ambiguous’. Verses- Neutral.


This does in fact differ when it comes to translations.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle:

American: Amy, take care of yourself.

Japanese: Amy…. -long, dramatic pause- Take care of yourself..!

This scene suggests that Japanese Sonic actually paused to think about what to say to her, and also suggests that he felt it was ‘him who should take care of her’ which in Japanese, is very touching and borderlines romantic intent.

American Sonic sped this long pause up to where it was quick and more of a - Winky charm. Whereas, with Japanese, it was more tender and addressed specifically so that more emotion was conveyed. (Some would say at a deeper, more personal level that Sonic wouldn’t natural show anyway.)


Sonic Riders Zero Gravity:

American: Girls hate it when you rush them, Jet!

Japanese: Girls hate stubborn men!

This scene discreetly shows Sonic stepping up to defend Amy, but what’s interesting is that American Sonic is simply telling Jet to back off, whereas… Japanese Sonic is suggesting that Jet stop ‘flirting’ with her. ‘Stubborn men’ suggests that he won’t ease up his targeting her, and is mostly stated for when men are trying to win a girl over -negative connotation at times-. Japanese Sonic is being sarcastic for humor’s sake, but also warning and calling out Jet. Whereas, American Sonic is simply teasing and poking at Jet to turn his anger to himself instead of Amy. (Some, again, would argue the response technically means the same thing, but when you look at the two cultures, you’ll notice that ‘stubborn men’ is more addressed to men who won’t leave a woman alone. -cat callers end up getting beaten up by the main heroes?- In other-words, Japanese Sonic was acting more personally defensive with interceding Jet and Amy; whereas American Sonic was offensive in protecting her and directing Jet to himself for the fun of another race/rivalry.)


Sonic Generations: SEGA of Japan actually stated that Sonic putting his hand up to Amy’s face and pushing her away was out of character. (Something about Sonic not treating his friends like that? I’m sure in Japan, that kind of behavior is considered extremely rude…)


Sonic Adventure:

American: She’s so weird!

Japanese: Amy! Wa-wa-wait just a minute! Sheesh, guess I have no choice…

American Sonic is a bit ‘too cruel’ to most viewers in this scene, though it’s meant to come off as comical. However, in Japanese Sonic is more naturally surrendering to going after Amy’s lead, startled by her suddenly taking off into the park. (Far less harsh, if you ask me.)

Sonic Lost World:

American: Hey, Amy! Looks like springtime’s come early!

Japanese: Yo, Amy! Glad to see you’re okay.

Clearly, the difference is substantial. Japanese Sonic has a tender-care to his words as he addresses Amy, showing he remembers her last ‘farewell’ message and is relieved she’s alright. Whereas, American Sonic is going for the joke, being more peppy instead of relieved and commenting on the environment instead of her directly to her. (Some could say she reminded of him of spring… lol okay, I say that. But spring hints at things, okay!? lol)


There are plenty others, lol. But I don’t want to make this too long.

Overall, American Sonic in the Modern Games is much more ‘for the pun’ and ‘about images’ than Japanese Sonic, who still keeps up ‘face’ but also warmly encourages his friends and treats them respectfully. Most of the American Written games have been stated to be ‘out of character’ by SEGA officials.

America treats Sonamy much like they do their franchise, a meme or joke to be poked fun of. Whereas, with a much more refined atmosphere, Japan treats Sonamy as an endearing and lovely couple. Though both resign to say they can’t really see Sonic ever ‘settling down’ or really being focused on romance. And,… that makes since to me. Knowing who Sonic is. But even that doesn’t mean he can’t have a crush XD (The heart wants what the heart wants, lol!)

My honest opinion?

American Sonic get awkward and werided out by Amy, but still cares about her well being.

Japanese Sonic is shy and uneasy with Amy’s antics, but he appreciates her.

And that’s all folks! ;Db If you’d like more discussions on Sonic or pairings, I’ll try and let you know what the facts verses opinions are!

—WOAH! there was way more to answer in this than what I thought! Let me try and.. here we go!

American Amy comes off as a bit much and mood-swingish. Japanese Amy is more caring and understanding of Sonic.

In Sonic X, Japan has a scene where Amy admits that Sonic may never really want her idea of love, he may never even want a family! But she’s not going to give up trying, cause she does love him.

In America, Amy just complains about Sonic not coming on the date and possibly stating he doesn’t care about her.

Japanese Amy is also shown as ‘playful’ in her culture, and her actions are more reflections of ‘positive attributes’ for the culture. America tries to twist and make this ‘funny’ instead of ‘loveable’ and that throws audiences off.


Most Japanese Companies are very ‘tight’ with their characters, protecting them from being ‘out of character’. Nintendo for one is famous for this ‘tight-grasping-hold’ over their characters being portrayed well.

Sega of Japan knows they have too many people using their characters, and so they created ‘Mandates’ to make sure they stay in line. The reason other medias of Sonic are so ‘liberal’ is because Sega of Japan doesn’t ‘closely watch/inspect/is right in their faces’ to be able to regulate it. And honestly? The officials were more concerned about if it’s making money and getting exposure than anything else. They’ve tried to change that policy, visiting America more to secure some credibility in the characters. They first tried this with Sonic Boom but ended up seeming to abandon it. (I don’t blame them) but they have been here more recently with Sonic Mania; Giving me hope that Sonic Forces will be regulated to more ‘in-character’ themes. (Also, the original writer is Japanese, meaning America JUST has to translate correctly)

Most companies generally want to make sure they still have some control over their franchises, mandates and other rules are not uncommon. SEGA is rather ‘looser’ in their holds then Nintendo, for example though. Nintendo will shut down a fan-project that doesn’t treat their character in good light, or even caution Hollywood like with Wreck-It Ralph and Bowser. They gave some particular suggestions for animation and the like on him. SEGA just had fun with it, cause I didn’t hear much of anything from the interview with the director about them other than they ‘were fully on-board!’.

Sonic Boom got away with Sonamy through loopholes and ‘less supervision’ at times. But they have their limitations too. (Other characters comment on Sonic and Amy, but never Sonic reacting/stating blunt comments. Amy could, but they’re going with a more ‘discreet/quiet’ love when it comes to Amy’s crush.)

Sonic X was by SEGA of Japan, they’re allowed to / can do whatever the heck they want. -z formation, hip rotation, snap, snap, hair flip.- It’s 4Kids (illegal?) editing of original content that sometimes messed up translation. But there are things that were only exclusive to Japan’s release. (such as Natsu no hi which was confirmed to be from Sonic’s POV, along with the anime bubbles at seeing Amy in her ‘dress’)

Archie had their hands tied with some strict contracts, such as ‘Sonic can’t have a permanent girlfriend’ and ‘Sonic can’t show any interest in Amy’, but even Ian admits some hints and others in Archie have stated their ‘case’ on the matter too. (One even admitted he thought Silver was Shadow and Amy’s kid xP

Now, I’m not trying to dis America. They’ve survived a lot. But I know where most confusion comes from is that the company can’t decide ‘what Sonic is’. This can be problematic, along with bad marketing ploys. So it’s not entirely their fault. Other forces are to blame here too. Such as the fandom sometimes placing their opinions on things as facts, without checking sources sometimes.. (It happens -shrug-)

I hope this helps! ^^ (If there was something I missed or misunderstood regarding your question, feel free to ask me again! I wrote this at 6 in the morning so if somethign doesn’t amke sense, you call me lol)

Sonamy Boom Prompt

My third go at Sonamy writing, and this takes place directly after the Sonic Boom Season 2 Finale. Honestly, my collab with @cutegirlmayra really helped my confidence in writing, so huge thanks to her, and you guys should totally support her if you haven’t already! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! :)



The anomaly has ended, Lord Eggman went home, and our beloved gang was heading home aswell. They were all discussing the events that happened this day, and what they could’ve derive from it.

“Boy, Shadow is so gullible. I bet that footage was so poorly edited, knowing egghead.” Said Sonic.

“True, and the way he just believed you after you told him that eggman manipulated him, that’s just dumb. Plus, he said the exact same thing he said last year before he disappeared. Talk about lazy repetitive writing.” Said Amy

The gang laughed for a bit before continuing conversing.

“I will say, Lord Eggman had a nice laser sword, or whatever it’s called.” She said.

“I was just wondering what it’s made of, so maybe i can creat my own.”

“Tails, we don’t need those things, we got our skills and enerbeams. They helped us stop Metal from doing anymore damage.” Sonic said confidently.

“Though, I could’ve probably knocked him down like i did last year.”

“Knuckles, last year, he knocked you out. Literally.”


“I’m just happy that we stopped him from getting away” said Tails.

“And from causing more damage” said Amy

“And from killing ya” Said Sticks

“And from…” started Sonic, but stopped after realizing what she just said. They all turned to look at her.

“Sticks, he could’ve had the chance to kill all of us, I don’t know what you mean.” Said Amy.

“Wait, you mean you guys didn’t see?”

They all looked at her confused.

“After metal knocked her out, we attacked and held him, but his center canon was still functioning. She was waking up, and his canon was charging up pretty fast.”

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles looked terrified, and they all turned to look at Amy, who was also looking petrified.

“Sticks…” started Amy, but she was at a lost for words. Sticks walked over to her, and hugged her. She was soon joined by Tails, Knuckles, and then Sonic. They all hugged for a while before they started to disperse.

“Thank you.” Amy said.

They all went their separate ways, all heading to their respected homes. They all had attended their injuries, and just needed some rest. Knuckles was able to sleep right off the bat. Tails was able to sleep pretty quick, knowing he stopped the catastrophic anomaly. Sticks’ paranoia made her sleep pretty late, and Amy’s thoughts on today’s events made her sleep even later than her.

But Sonic, however, had a sleepless night. He couldn’t help but notice how Amy took the hardest hits today. So many thoughts and what ifs raced through his head. What if Metal did manage to fire? What if Sticks never stabbed him? Would he have been able to still protect her?

Every time he did manage to sleep, a nightmare kept reoccurring, and with the same scenario. It was at around 4am when he decided to go to Amy’s house. He didn’t know why he was going. To keep an eye on her? To keep watch? For what? There was no more danger as of right now.

He climbed up a tree that sat right out of her bedroom window. He could see Amy sleeping, but she wasn’t sleeping peacefully. She had a frown, and kept tossing and turning. Sonic tensed seeing her like this. He was about to sneak in to comfort her, but she suddenly woke up, and he dashed off the tree, and hid.

Amy thought she heard something, but soon dismissed the thought as she was too tired to think. Sonic didn’t dare move, let alone breathe.

He always denied he had feelings for her, but now he wasn’t so sure. However, he was certain of one thing. From that moment on, he would always be by her side, protecting her from serious harm. Even if there wasn’t any danger at all, he would hang out with her more, and this made her feel a little safer. She didn’t know it, but somehow, it was making him feel safer as well.

Short Sonamy Prompt Gift!

This was done as a gift through email by the lovely cutegirlmayra who’s been away for far too long, but for good reason. I’m not one to talk tho…I apologize for my absence as well, guys, the writing just hasn’t been in me lately…

Anyways! Enjoy this adorable piece made by a wonderful writer! 

Sonic dodged another blast from the invading robots, as Metal Sonic dashed away with Amy tightly in his grasps. Being Super though, he was able to fly at super sonic speeds, and Sonic was quickly gaining more and more speed to look like a comet, charging through the mass amounts of robots that were all being controlled wirelessly by him.

With a determined and angry look, Sonic charged up some power and blasted forward. The camera zoomed away to Metal, holding some chaos emeralds on his back to charge up his speed to stay away, as he quickly looked over his shoulder, the Camera in front of him. “GAINING MOMENTUM.”

“Soooniiiccc!!!” Amy shouted, as Metal Sonic calculated a great increase of speed from Sonic with her shout.

He looked to her, and then Sonic. “NEW TACTIC CONFIRMED.” he seemed to have conjured up a new plan…

He skidded to a halt on the ground, diving down and holding Amy up with a claw to her neck, as she gasped.

Sonic tore through the ground and then skidded also, finding it harder to slow himself down to a standstill. He spun around to glare at Metal. ‘Now what is he doing!?’


Amy gasped, and dared not move, tears starting in her eyes, and her lip quivering.

Sonic’s glare turned fiercer, but he yielded, and his bright yellow subsided. “Have it your way…” he growled out.

Metal, in surprise, looked up at the surrender in what seemed amazement. He had calculated a higher percentage of resistance.

“Sonic! Don’t give up! It’s… it’s alright!” Amy cried out, as Sonic looked shocked to hear her speak up so suddenly. “As… As long as your alive…” Amy looked down, tears forming as her hands slowly moved to Metal’s extended hand, trying to pull it down a bit but it didn’t budge. So close to her neck, she was scared to speak, but did so anyway, not letting fear cripple her words. “The world will be okay… everyone will be safe… don’t worry about me! Save everyone! I’m not worth the world!”

“SILENCE.” Metal Sonic felt her resist as she tried to move forward, showing her emotion in her words as he pulled her back, and she cried out in fear.

“AMY!” Sonic stepped forward, “Don’t hurt her!”

Metal stopped, only complying because he hadn’t taken hold of Chaos’s power again.

“Amy… you’ve got it all wrong.” Sonic stepped back, seeing as Metal’s eyes were a fixed bright red glow on his footing… waiting for a counter movement to be presented. “Heh.” he smiled, trying to calm her fears as she looked to him. “As long as your okay, than I’m okay.” he responded, and then threw his hand out and behind him. “And according to your logic-! That means the world’s okay! That’s the true order, Amy. So don’t interfere or try to contradict my opinions!”

Suddenly, Metal noticed the perfect defense drop in Sonic’s stance, and threw Amy to the side to charge. “Sonic… AHH!” Amy was thrown to the side after being touched by his words, and Sonic fought Metal, being powered by 3 Chaos Emeralds, and miraculously won with his own strength.

Turning super again to carry her home, she held her hero tightly, and smiled, crying silently as he looked down, noticing her tears. “It’s alright Amy, I’ve got ya. There was no way I was gonna let that bag of bolts take you away from me.” he tried to comfort, looking up and forward, as if not able to keep looking at her tears…

“Hehe, I’m not crying from that Sonic.” she giggled, and looked up to him as he, surprised by her words, looked down back at her.


“Haha, I’m crying out of joy! You’d choose my safety… over the world’s?”

“….” it took a moment for him to respond, as he closed his eyes and looked forward, turning away from her. “….I said what I meant. I’d choose my friends over my own safety, and anything else’s… I don’t believe in saving just a few, but everyone. If my friends are well enough, then I can save everyone.” he then looked down at her with a sly smile and a cheeky expression. “Who ever said I’d choose you over the world?”

In that moment, the rest of the ride was a cruel rollercoaster, as Sonic just teased Amy by diving, acrobatics, tossing her up into the air to grab her again, letting her feet run on his before spinning her around and catching her again, letting her fall before scooping her up once more. His 'game’ was more a regret to Amy.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!! SOOONNICCC!!!” 'anytime anything gets even a LITTLE sentimental he always ruins it like this!!! ahh!!! one day! One day you’ll respect me SOOONICCC!!!’

’……I hope she never knows…. How much of my world she really is to me…’


I was talking with the lovely cutegirlmayra (remember her?) we started talking about sonamy and, this happened x3 First than everything I want to specify: This is cutegirmayra’s work NOT MINE she only authorized me to post it since she’s not here for now (she’s not dead don’t worry XD) don’t forget to follow her and enjoy!

Amy and Sonic had successfully fought through the hords of robots on the spacecraft, but getting closer to the end, they stopped right before the main control room of the dock.

If what Sonic supposed was right, this would be the boss battle, just him and Metal Sonic, and thinking of Amy in that fight…

His eyes shifted to her as the camera panned to her.

“Alright! Looks like we’ve made it. Are you ready, Sonic?” She looked back to him, as he looked forward and closed his eyes, before striking a face.

“You know, you’ve really got a nack at this adventuring thing. I’m really impressed Amy!” he complimented, moving his arm up to gesture as he spoke. “Heh, wow, that’s weird,…” he started moving closer to her, as she slowly started to back up.

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Sonic Forces: Amy Appreciated.
  • Amy: -On The Communicator- Awww.. Sonic..
  • Sonic: ... Amy... Come on...
  • Amy: You have to say it back! Miss you~ See you soon!
  • Sonic: ....-under breath- Miss you too...
  • Amy: -squee-
  • Classic Sonic:
  • Sonic: D-Don't look at me like that! Sometimes... Amy needs to feel...ugh... appreciated...
  • Classic Sonic:
  • Sonic: Stop silently judging me!

anonymous asked:

How about a game SonAmy plot where she feels (or Sonic gets annoyed) that he doesn't want her around. And although she doesn't avoid him, she stops looking to spend time with him and only shows up to battles and meet ups with general politeness and giving him some space. All of this starts to drive Sonic nuts on the inside realizing now that he misses and wants her hugs and affection

I… this is my guilty pleasure. Because deep inside me, I know how Sonic would react, and it would mean so much for Sonic Games to show this kind of relationship between the two. It doesn’t have to be super intense or anything, but just to show that Sonic really isn’t as annoyed with her as everyone supposes his actions to mean.

I love, love, LOVE these plots. I daydream about them CONSTANTLY. They are my go-to for anything Sonamy when I want to just space-out and smile~ (Some see that as creepy, but if they only knew the wonderful scene before me, they would leave me in peace without judgment. A.K.A My friends make fun of me for this T-T) But it truly does reveal a deeper friendship between the two, and opens up a new dimension to Amy too, showing she has awareness that Sonic gets out-winded by her over-energetic nature sometimes. It also shows how much she wants him to be comfortable and happy, more so than over her own happiness, which is only shown briefly in some games.

Okay, enough ranting about this AMAZING Anon request! I’ve been super pumped to write it for a long time now. And now, I CAN! ://DDDDDc

((x)  Preview Images were used with previous permission by artist, please support her as well!- If you have art or have friends with artistic talents that would be fine with me using their art as preview images with appropriate credit links, please let me know!)

World: Sonic Forces (as far as we know about it. lol)

Writing Style: A mixture of Modern!Sonic with Japanese!Sonic portrayals. So mostly canon writing, dipping slightly into AU standards, respectfully. (Towards the end is the AU icing on the cake. If I didn’t throw it in there, I don’t think you guys would be satisfied xP Everyone likes a happy ending.)

Couple: Sonamy (SonicxAmy)


As the Rookie cheered, Amy happily jumped in the air with her fist skyward, glad that the new recruit had learned something from her.

“That was great-!” She began to approach him before a familiar sound-effect of spinning crossed her ears and she wearily bent her own, looking out to the right, behind them.

She suddenly sunk down, backing away, and seemed uncomfortably timid.

She gave a sorrowful look of shame to the Rookie, before dipping her head and quickly sneaking off away from him.

Sonic’s blue, glowing ball of light bounced happily down the wavy road that resembled tall hilltops from their slanted position.

He would appear and disappear in them, before uncurling quickly to land on his feet and do one last roll till cheerily waving to the new recruit.

“Hey, Partner! Thought I’d find you-…”


His thoughts trailed off as he turned his head to see his friend retreating quickly with hurried steps, clumping along the ground until finally…

Out of sight.

He only watched her a moment, before looking to the recruit, and giving him a shrug. “Guess she didn’t have the time.” He fibbed, showing full well within his guilty slant on his eyebrows that he was hiding something.

The recruit had heard rumors about Amy’s over-exuberance when it came to her open affections for Sonic, but…

This isn’t what he expected.

“Eh-heh.” Sonic motioned his eyes to the corner of his vision, suddenly turning awkward by Amy’s clear avoidance of him. Nervously, hoping to get off the subject, Sonic leaned to one leg and tapped the other, scratching his nose to demonstrate his own avoidance on the subject. “I’ll… have to deal with that later…” he admitted, but nothing more was said as he shook himself out of his previous stance and encouraged the young recruit on.

“Come on! I heard Amy was leading you to some cool factory operation!” he raced ahead after a pat on the back, but the recruit had grown fond of Amy…

He turned to glance back at where she had run off too, and looking back to see the still soldier, Sonic slowed down his pace.

Coming to a full stop, he looked once again worried and guilty, before gazing to his shiny but scrapped up shoe a moment.

“…Hey, don’t sweat it alright?”

He suddenly jolted and turned to Sonic.

With a look of absolute surrender, Sonic closed his eyes and leaned his head up from looking down at his extended and raised foot.

It flopped with a pat to the dusty ground…

“…Even friends have their fallouts… sometimes.” he gently opened his eyes, and a profound tenderness of sorrow appeared in his eyes for a moment. “I would talk to her myself, but she’s been avoiding me lately… don’t tell anyone about this… But if you could look after her until then…” He suddenly looked away, as if asking for help like this was uncomfortably humbling for him.

“…Could you do that for me? At least… be there for her. Until I can get the time to do it myself.”

What exactly was he asking? Look out for Amy till he could talk to her personally?

Either way, the Rookie could tell this was something he couldn’t ask easily, so he nodded, smiling gently in a promise that he would do his best to figure out what he could do for Sonic.

And what was possible for Amy…

Sonic barely looked behind his shoulder, but just nodded with a smile. “Thanks…” He then looked ahead in silence for a moment… it was almost painful to watch.

The fastest man in the world… stopping to hold himself back from running after a clear conundrum that was aching at his heart.

But without another pause to wait upon, Sonic spoke up again, his head only slightly rising.

“Let’s get going… Partner.”

He then turned around with an exquisite smile, “Well, come on! Eggman’s factory isn’t going to explode itself!”


Amy giddily leaped from her computer chair, shaking in a happy dance at hearing of the victory the Rookie had achieved. “Ohh! Way to go, Rookie! Hehe!” she cheered, before blinking her eyes open to see Sonic laughing, walking into her computer’s frame of vision and slinging an arm around the Recuirt.

Her arms… slowly fell down.

The Recuirt politely smiled with the praise, but also seemed embarrassed at his hero giving him so much credit.

“Job well done, Partner!”

Amy… leaned her head down.

Before softly raising it to a smile.

He was happy… wasn’t he?

She bit her lower lip as it started to tremble.

He was smiling.

After hearing Amy’s communicator go silent, the Rookie curiously took his attention away from Sonic and glanced down at the communicator.

He could only see her face, but it was enough to realize there was something off with her smile… even her poise, graceful and cheery, had somewhat been toned down.

“I’m glad to see you’re all safe…”

Her voice made Sonic’s happy-go-lucky expression blink to one of pleasant surprise, before dipping his head down to the communicator.

“Hey.” he stated, “Did you see that? This new recruit is awesome!”

Amy nodded politely, closing her eyes to tilt her head with a bigger, more restrained smile on her face. “He’s wonderful.”

The realization of her ‘over-politeness’ made Sonic dip his head even further, blinking in confusion.

“Huh? Just great?”

He humorously startled the young recruit as he took his arm and held the camera directly up in front of him.

His face suddenly shown a slightly serious look… but his smile never wavered.

“What’s wrong with you, Amy? What happened to all that gloating praise you used to so enthusiastic give to everyone? Why so stone-cold and bland all of a sudden?”

The Rookie flinched, thinking that awfully direct, before slowly turning his glance back to his wrist’s communicator.

“…Just doing my best… Sonic.” her face sank with a now half-broken smile.

Immediately, Sonic clung to the Rookie’s arm a little tighter at seeing it.

It was just a joke,… Amy.

Don’t take it so hard, Amy! I was just playing with ya!

I was just worried about you, that’s all… you seem different lately…

                      “…You don’t have to try so hard… Amy.

Was that what he should say?

His tone nearly broke the poor Rookie’s heart, realizing how difficult it must be for Sonic to see his friend acting so out of the norm. Even the recruit, himself, noticed… she was just fine around him… but she suddenly put on a strange, overly polite act when Sonic came on the scene.

What happened between those two?

“Talk to ya later?” Sensing the change of mood, Amy tried to kindly smile brightly again, but Sonic wasn’t buying it.

He dropped his head.. and then released the Rookie’s arm.

“I want… to talk to you.

There was a pause.

“We have a meeting coming up soon! See you there~”

He tightened his fist, hearing the false shift of a lighter pitch in her voice.

The communicator turned off, and he strode passed the Rookie, who gazed off after him, concerned for both his mentors and role models.

He frantically looked to his communicator on his red furry arm, then Sonic’s retreating frame.

Sonic’s foot stopped hard on the ground.


The recruit turned sheepishly around, pivoting to him with blank blinks as a reply.

“… The meeting should be fun.”

The Rookie seemed to nod, thinking that it could be fun with everyone there to greet them.

“…She’ll be dying to see me!” He struck a confident look, turning back to lower his head down and close his eyes, smirking. “Did you know? She’s kinda got a thing for me. Hard to miss. She’s nuts about me! Guess you’ll see when we get there!”

The recruit’s face grew grave and crinkled up.

He had heard that.. but was failing to see it so far.

“Ahh.. Guess I have no choice.” Sonic placed two arms over the back of his head, sighing as if composed and grinning wildly up to the sky; almost on the verge of laughter. “We’d better hop to it. Amy’s not one to wait long!”

His whole composure and attitude suddenly… may be a slight overstatement… because what the Recruit didn’t see…

Was a desperate longing to not wait any longer… to see Amy Rose… -to Sonic- meant setting things right again.

As they should be…


Sonic arrived a hero, greeting all his friends who were happy to see the two made it back okay.

Nothing seemed off with Sonic, but the recruit happily hung back from the crowd, calmly scanning every now and then for Amy Rose.

His eyes caught a glimpse of her from a distance and he let a small gasp escape his lips.

She looked as though she was composing herself. One hand hung to her heart, the other clung to a tree as her leg lightly, like a girl’s fairytale, lifted up at trying to look over the crowd and finally seeing her Sonic within it.

The recruit smiled.

Perhaps she still did love him.

Then.. he saw her fix her hair, adjust her dress, and take a deep breath.

She held her hands elegantly in front of herself and walked towards the crowd.

He lowered his eyelids.

Oh yeah… she still was head over heels for him. The rumors must be true, maybe she was crazy for his attention.

Then… why so distant?

She approached as calmly as she could muster, but the Recruit saw her hands trembling, and knew that she must be awfully excited to see him.

Amy’s mouth curved and sank, up and down, swiveling as if to conceal wanting to launch herself through the crowd and embrace him.

When Sonic did notice her, he smiled and singled her out.

Their eyes locked… and the recruit hoped the two would silently make-up for whatever may have gone down between them.

But Amy broke her conflictions, and simply nodded to him, an overly-polite bow that would be more suitable for someone other than a life-long friend, and greeted Sonic’s return with her hands moving excitedly up to her face.

“Welcome back! I hope you’re not too worn-torn and tuckered out from all the fighting, Sonic!”

Sonic’s face, so full of hopeful joy, suddenly relaxed to a look of disappointment.

He faked his expression, and scratched the back of his head, chuckling lightly… he looked at the ground-

Then the Rookie.

With determination at helping his tragically torn-apart idols, the Recruits eyes lit up with a plan of rejoining these kindred spirits in a flame of unified friendship once more!

His fist flew up to the side of his face.

He wouldn’t let them down!

Walking into the control room, the team all shared small talk, then serious tones about how the war was going and how the resistance was holding up before Sonic singled out Amy again.

“Sounds like we’re short on men. Why not stretch your legs out, Amy? It’s been a while since we’ve been in action, right?” He cleverly called her out, punching a hand into his open palm upon the other, and waited as his pleading gaze of a challenge settled upon her face.

She froze a moment, before contemplating and looking at the ground.

“Battling again.. huh?” she placed a finger at the corner of her mouth.

She nodded, before looking to Tails. “I could help out Little Sonic with the next raid!”

The recruit swore he heard the pieces of Sonic’s countenance shatter and break the floor all at once.

He was now purely immobile.

“O-oh? But I don’t think we need any-..” Tails began, before Knuckles worriedly looked to Amy, stepping in.

“Amy… we’ve all been wondering but.. you’ve been sticking to yourself lately. Don’t you want to impress Sonic with your powerful new moves you’ve been working on?! Or win his heart through sheer epic takedown!?” Knuckles punched the air, getting pumped up and then looking to her for confirmation of his assumptions; but Tails just shook his head, looking awkwardly embarrassed on behalf of his friend.

“I don’t think that’s how it works…” Tails lightly spoke out, smiling oddly before Amy stepped out, seeming happy as her eyes closed to shut the windows of her clear -see through- soul out from peering eyes…

“Nope! I wouldn’t want to try and be a distraction for him. Besides! He’s really busy these days. He’d probably be happier alongside the recruit or you guys! I’ll just do my own fighting in the meantime, hehe!”

Another blow to the face.

This time, the recruit slowly creaked his head in sympathy towards his hero, his own face a sheer white cloth; a motionless entity.

He was RIGHT there…

In comradery, the Rookie slightly reached out to Sonic, to somehow lessen the blow of an obvious side-swipe.

Completely shut down,… Sonic finally moved and repositioned himself, looking away.

The pure level of self-restraint was apparent on both Amy and Sonic’s false appearances of everything being alright, and tension grew in the air…

“Why… are you lying?”

The two suddenly turned to see Silver at the base of the door, looking unamused.

“I can feel the pulse of your hearts. You two are making fools of yourselves!” He approached them, looking rather serious, but also seeming full of care in his tone.

“Amy.. you’re never this cruel.”

She looked down, “I.. I’m not being..”

“I wasn’t talking about Sonic,” he admitted, his eyes bending up in added emphasis of his true concern about this situation. “I meant to yourself. To your own heart.”

He gestured out to her, and she suddenly began to break.

She stepped back, examining the floor back and forth…. before gripping her face with her hands, hiding her apparent tears.

I was just trying to do what YOU wanted!

Sonic’s shoulders bounced, but he never looked back.

Amy swished her head, unable to say more it seemed before taking off.

Everyone stared… before Silver turned to Sonic.

“You’re only making things worse by trying to make believe this is all normal. You have to act now, Sonic. …Not only for yourself… but for all of us! This foolishness has kept everyone on pins and needles, afraid to ask and too blind to step in-between. Finish this and make it right, we already have Eggman and Infinite to worry about. Shadow’s still rampant, Zavok’s been spotted terrorizing survivors, Chaos is loose, and Metal Sonic keeps taking down our forces near the capitol! It’s up to you now, Sonic… We need you both focused on the stakes at hand..”

Sonic’s fists were tightened, but other than that, he was motionless, staring at the ground.

Tails, seeing the poor state of his friend, suddenly intervened, “Silver… We can’t place all the blame on Sonic..”

“No. He’s right.” Sonic shook his head free of whatever was clouding his mind and prohibiting his reactions from before.

“I have to own up to it, Tails… Amy’s my responsibility. Our getting along affects everyone. I need to start prioritizing better…”

The group all seemed to silently agree with him, but the recruit’s heart still lingered on wanting to help him… not leave him to do this alone.

he turned his attention to the stairs that led up to the roof, and taking one last double look back to Sonic, he dashed off after her.

Upon the roof, Amy looked over the forsaken, war-torn world around her… mimicking the dry, and ruined state of the realm of her own heart, she covered her face from it’s horrific and gloomy sight, leaning over the edge.

She repeated, “I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have… I…”

The Recruit’s eyes shifted back and forth over the heartbreaking sight.

When she heard his footsteps, she gasped and turned around.

“You scared me!” she exclaimed, before sighing in relief and touching her racing heart. “I thought for a second you were-”

She cut herself off, turning away and trying to be stronger than that.

She looked up at the blackened skies, “You know… he told me once that I try too hard. That I should step away for a minute, give him a break. I thought he meant that it was over, but he laughed and said I took things way too seriously.”

The recruit pressed his lips together, knowing it would be a mortal sin to anthro-kind to interrupt her now.

“…I.. I told myself not to cry. He wasn’t saying forever. He just wanted time. So I thought I was giving him that… but it got harder, you know? Pretending to be so normal… when everything inside me kept begging to not be ignored.”

There was a sudden rush of wind coming from the stairs, and the recruit’s eyes widened as he turned around- Don’t stop her now!

Amy’s voice suddenly broke into a sweet moment of tenderness.

“I will put my whole life on hold… my dreams… my very desire to be with him… if it meant…”

The recruit panicked, seeing Sonic race up the stairs suddenly, he quickly spread himself out and completely blocked him from advancing.

Not yet!

Let her speak!

                                      “-That Sonic could be happy.”

                                             “You think I’m happy…!?”

The recruit couldn’t hold him back now. Sonic moved by him, gesturing out towards Amy in what was apparent annoyance and frustration.

“This whole time, I’ve just been wondered where my friend has gone!” Sonic swiped out his hand across himself, as she seemed a bit fearful and stood up, afraid to approach him.

“But you… you told me too.” Amy’s face was full of confusion, innocent to the very roots of her confession.

Sonic suddenly shook his head, absolutely losing all will to stay mad at her any longer. It wasn’t really her, it was the situation.

There was an apparent misunderstanding.

“No… Amy, what I said was-… forget what I said! It doesn’t matter! If hugging and doting on me makes you happy and feel like yourself, then don’t stop doing it because of me..! Ohh… I was an idiot to say anything, and I’m an even bigger idiot for letting myself get away with it.”

The recruit put his hands daintily up to his mouth, shifting views from looking to Amy, then Sonic, as if he knew he was to remain absolutely still and unexisting for this one, crucial moment.

“Amy… I… I can’t..” He withdrew his hands to his chest, looking them over, tightening and releasing them, before dropping it all and swinging himself to the side, hopelessly gripping for words.

“Ohh… I can’t always express it so freely as you do. But I do…worry… about you. And especially how you feel.. and if you’re safe.. and happy too, Amy…” he seemed to have difficulty even admitted he cared about her, was he purposefully being choosy with his words?

Amy started to giggle.

The recruit smiled, dropping his hands a little from his face. Was this his natural charm?

“But.. you’ve looked happier without me…” Amy admitted, darting her eyes to the ground and then back up at him… but her feet played with the ground, and her body swayed…

The Rookie curiously examined her further, and suddenly noticed her playful eyes, the way her heart was being soothed by his more affectionate mannerisms, and immediately began to see what everyone was so gung-ho about with these two.

“Amy… I missed you.” he seemed to fully give in to his better nature now, and the Rookie was glad to see this side of him.

Amy seemed to have already, mid-apology, forgiven him.

She cutely twiddled her fingers in front of her, then rocked on her heels and moved them behind her.

“…Desperately?” Oh, how she teased.

Sonic suddenly rose from slouching forward. He shyly and nervously smiled in a slight panic. “Eh..heh…heh..”

“…Helplessly?” She turned her body a bit to angle herself a little away from him. “Madly? Truly? Deeply?” she continued to swish with every adjective.

“Honestly, you haven’t told me exactly what kind of ‘missing’ you were feeling, Sonic. How do I know it was sincere?”

He scratched behind his head, before gesturing a surrendering hand of friendship to her.

“Can we settle on painfully agonizing, horrible, and stressful?”

That seemed to win her instantly.

“OH SONIC!” Sonic braced for impact with a nervous but pleased grin as Amy ran and embraced him in what the Rookie could only assume was a signature Amy hug. “I felt so too!”

He held his heart at the touching scene, and was determined to support them henceforth!

After that, they would occasionally hold hands. Sonic initiated more ‘kinda’ hugs, but mostly they were opening his arms subtly in hope she would notice his silent plea for some attention.

Oddly enough, with him slowly expressing more, Amy did settle down quite a bit; and although still very energetic, her friends could tell she looked more secure and well-put-together.