Today is my sister’s 18th birthday and I’m spending the day telling her what’s different now.

Things like.

Happy Birthday! You have to be a responsible contributing member of society now. 

Happy Birthday! You’re no longer jailbait.

Happy Birthday! You can now vote.

Happy Birthday! You can be called for Jury Duty now.

Happy Birthday! You’ll go to big girl jail now if you commit a crime.

Happy Birthday! TAXES! 

I’m a jerk. 

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Name: Kelsie
Nickname: …..Kelsie. Sometimes “Kels”
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: I thought I was 5'5" but apparently I’m actually 5'4"
Favorite color: Sparkle
Time and date it is here: Tuesday, November 18th, 10:28 pm
Average hours of sleep at night: 4-6
Lucky number: I always forget, I think it’s 12?
Last thing I googled was: “klaine caramel fic” I CAN EXPLAIN
Most used phrase(s): YES, BLESS, CUTE, basically any single word in caps
First word(s) that come to mind: Spaghetti (???)
Last thing I said to a family member: “Remember this song?”
How many blankets I sleep under: SO many
Favorite fictional character: Ian Gallagher AND Mickey Milkovich 
Favorite beverages: Chai tea
Favorite food: Currently I’m obsessed w/popcorn idk
Last movie: Funny Girl 
Dream holiday: Europe but I want to go to New York again soon
Dream wedding: Probably something in Autumn with good music
Dream job: DON’T (I literally have no idea shhh)

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moved-amemeworthfightingfor  asked:

"when Dave kissed him he might have responded differently." Hey, nonny, I don't see how sexual assault can be taken any differently than what it is. I understand that Dave was scared and that he wishes he hadn't done it; Kurt forgave him and I pretty much forgive him, too. But it was still sexual assault. At the time, Kurt would have been just as scared of him whether Blaine was present or not.

I’m not going to get into this argument with a Klainer again for the 100th time.

The kiss wasn’t sexual assault. The kiss was definitely a surprise and when Dave went for another kiss, Kurt made it clear he didn’t want it, and Dave immediately backed off and left.

Besides, what Blaine did in TFT in the car scene was far more worse and actually was sexual assault. Kurt repeatedly said, “No,” more than once and actually had to pull himself away from Blaine when Blaine wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

awkward random conversations my dad attempts to have with me
  • dad: -randomly walks in room- what did you name your fish again?
  • me: -drawing- klaine.
  • dad: who are you drawing?
  • me: chris colfer
  • dad: is he... gay?
  • me: yes.
  • dad: so he likes boys.
  • me: that's usually what being gay means, dad.
  • dad: your church pastor doesn't support that, does he? that's okay.
  • me: . . . (where in the hell is this convo going?!)
  • dad: so he likes... boys.
  • me: mhm.
  • dad: what an odd world we live in...
  • me: ... (mentally facepalming)
  • dad: -puts hand on my shoulder- i'm here to support you.
  • me: okay. (i honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry because he thinks i'm a lesbian. i mean, i don't label myself, and i have nothing against it, but this makes me wonder where in the hell he came up with that. XD)