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I have a question since you draw mtt with leg braces or what ever they are called does he have a hard time walking?

They’re orthodontic leg braces (but I forgot to draw them going to the ankle, my bad guys >:0) And Happstablook (my swap!mtt) does have difficulty walking. For this version of MTT, I had imagined them having disorder of movement in their legs, something akin to cerebral palsy, or polio, or sepsis. Usually they’re good about moving on their own, but they do get tired very easily.

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Could you possibly draw more Swap Papyton? Your art is just so *insert various flailing and noise* CUTE


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Henlo!!! I was hoping you could do headcanons on the soulmate AU where you don't see color until you touch your soulmate and how the sincerely three (or the boyfs) react? Also, love your blog 💕💕💕

:000 heck yeah???

u said soulmate au so… u have my full attention

and my heart

i love u <3


under the cut since it’ll get long :0

im literally doing all of them……… because i need…….

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have you done bullet points for tom dating short girls? i'm like just under 5'2 so we are taking really short😂. if you haven't could you do one please?

  • he’d just think it’s so cute that you’re smaller than him since he’s not the tallest of guys anyway 
  • he’d constantly kiss your forehead because it’s at just the right height for him
  • and the cuddles would be so cute because you fit so nicely against him

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