Hey guys so uh

I don’t think I’ll be able to make the video

I can’t find an app that let’s me have the time differently for each picture in a slide show manner

I can’t get CuteCut

Please tell me if you find a good app thanks

I wanna make “chill” anime vine edits so I’m tryin to follow these tutorials but all these 13 yro pros are like “download these 27 apps screenshot these 10 stills edit this erase this crop this transfer it to iMovie then to cutecut upload it to vine and btw this is all on your iPhone :)”


Ok, so the only thing I need to make animations n’ stuff is audio now, and I can’t get music (free, because I’m not allowed to buy music)on my iPad, I need something that’ll save my music (not a music stream app, I need downloading) so I can use it on my editor, that’s the only thing stopping me from starting a YouTube channel, and I’ve tried the YouTube mp3 downloader, but I can never find my music on my editing apps, nor can I find my music library 

That is the app I use to put together any of my little animated gifs you’ve seen on here (I use CuteCut to put the frames together though) so I need to be able to download music/audio so I can edit it to my videos on here ^^ 

Any recommendations?