Hoseok really respects yoongi who is very knowledgable and good with his words. He really likes Yoongi’s songs. Besides that he’s also the mosy worried about Yoongi’s health

Hoseok feels that RM is a language genius, but he also has is fair share of muddle-heades moments. Rm often forgets where he placed his things, and Hoseok feels that side of RM is cute

Hoseok feels that other than looks, Jungkook is very similar to him. Although Jungkook is younger than Hoseok by 3 years, they can understand each other very well. Though now Jungkook has become an adult now, hoseok still thinks of him as a younger brother

Hosoek really likes Jimin who is like a baby. He dotes on Jimin like his own brother. But although Jimin is younger than Hoseok by a year, he sometimes acts like the older brother

Seokjin who likes to eat a lot will often write on fancafe about the things he had eaten. Hoseok who always has Seokjin in mind, hopes thay Seokjin does not gain weight because of his appetite

Hoseok feels that Taehyung is emotionless most of the time and feels like hitting him sometimes. But in reality, Taehyung is one who will bury his feelings and not talk about it. Thus, Hoseok feels that he has to show him more concern. He always takes care of Taehyung like his younger brother

cr;  정국 is 뭔들, 정국맘!

When you and you’re squad are judging the shit out of someone 

V: What is that hoe wearing.

Jungkook: Bruh.

Jimin: Bet she thinks she looks cute

Jhope: Uh-huh girl. no.

Jin: *Judging the mom* How could she let her daughter leave the house like that?

Rapmon: Not everyone has the fashion talent that I do.

Suga: No swag.

Bts reaction to when you(gf/crush) unintentionally bite their lip (as a habit)

Jin: *does it right back

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Rap Mon: God she doesn’t know the effect she has on me

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Suga:*stares wistfully 

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Jimin :oh fuck that was cute

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V: hey girl i could do that too

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Jungkook: well shit. that was ridiculously hot

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BTS sees you on Halloween

Another reaction lol 

The costume is a lady bug costume

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Jin: He would find you adorable. He  would find you cute in anything, tho he wants you to dress up as a puppy.But i would imagine him all giggly and would call you a fairy. 

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Suga/Min yoongi: He’s gonna be confused about it and lowkey has eww face, but he would tease you about it. Like every minute he would tease you about being a ladybug he secretly loves it and just hold you

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Namjoon: When he first sees you, he’’l be shocked. And He wont take you seriously and lowkey will be disappointed in you. But he would still find you cute

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Jhope; He’s gonna laugh a lot at first because you would all be giddy about wearing the costume. But he would assure you that you look great and cute.

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Jimin; he’s going to have a straight face one moment but he’ll burst into laughter. He also seems like the type to tease you but he would remind you of your costume in the future.

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Taehyung/V: Tbh i imagine both of you guys wearing matching outfits and y’all be together all cute. You guys would be the fairy duo.

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Jungkook: He’s gonna be clueless, very clueless. And just fidgety and awkward because he doesnt know how to react to you being a ladybug.

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