Because of my intense and undying love for Sara Ramirez I will follow and support any project she is apart of, and since she voices a character on Disney’s Sofia the First I keep up with the series. They had a special called The Curse of Princess Ivy a while back that I just barely saw today but look at this antagonist!!

She has a very similar design to Cruella De Vil right? And if your Disney trivia reaches back far enough you will also know that Cruella De Vil had a niece named Ivy. And then she said one little sentence that fired off an alarm in my brain. She said she escaped from “a dreadful little island where I was tragically imprisoned for ten terrible years!”

*beep beep* DESCENDANTS ALERT DESCENDANTS ALERT!!! Cruella’s niece! The Isle of the Lost!!

They went into her backstory further so I know that she doesn’t actually have anything to do with Cruella, BUT NOW I’M PICTURING HER AS CARLOS’ COUSIN AND HOW PERFECT WOULD SHE BE. SHE SEEMED LIKE A PRETTY COOL VILLAIN. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER IN DESCENDANTS.