anonymous asked:

Love your David points. I'm still a kind of new fan so I have a couple questions. When/where did he say he looks at looks at erotic MSR art? Where can I see the piece he wrote about his father? Who the heck is weird-looking wolverine creature? lol thanks.

Lool, I can’t even imagine being new in this fandom and trying to follow what the fuck I am going on about on my blog. Anon, I am glad you asked for clarification:

1.) Gillian talked about David showing her MSR AfterDark sketches (a popular Tumblr that has since closed up shop) during the Toronto Fan Expo last year. If you search for Gillian’s panel on youtube, you’ll hear the bit about it.

2.) You can read the bit about his father here:

3.) Here is the creature and David’s other BFF, also known as Brick:

Eu chorei no banco de trás, do lado esquerdo, bem atrás de você. E antes que você pergunte quando e o por quê, eu não sei. Não sei se tinha mais a ver com a música que estava tocando ou a bagunça dos meus pensamentos, mas acredito que seja a mistura dos dois. O silêncio e a escuridão do carro trataram de esconder meu rosto vermelho. Desculpe por poupar você, até eu queria me poupar.
—  Daddy, I’m talking to you.

Chris Carter wanted to film Scully finding Mulder in the bath dressed like this during “Demons”:

But then Duchovny tenderly explained that most people aren’t nevernudes and Mulder, like pretty much everyone else, wouldn’t wear the robe in the water: