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So I've been dying to give you prompts because I love your writing but I had zero ideas lol luckily the prompt thing you posted inspired me, so here it is: 10 "I might have had a few shots" where kala is drunk and cute and wolfie adores her? :) thanks!

Aww yes this idea is adorable.  Set after the cluster has rescued Wolfgang and right after they’ve left London for a new safe house.  This goes along with my headcanon that Lito brought both Hernando and Dani, and that Felix went looking for Wolfgang and the cluster brought him into the fold.  There are mentions of Dani/Lito/Hernando because I apparently decided Kala and Daniela needed to have a conversation about their boys.  (There’s also some Daniela/Felix in here because I literally can’t help myself sometimes.)

After a month or so in their new safe house, Daniela’s birthday rolls around.  They can’t throw her a big party like she would normally have, but Hernando and Lito (and the rest of the cluster) want to do something to thank her for everything she has done for them.  From being there for Lito to trusting him enough to fly across an ocean for people she’d never met, Dani had made an impression on them all.

Riley found one of her old contacts to get them a considerable amount of alcohol without drawing attention to them.  Nomi and Bug set up the computers so they’re ready for Riley to mix some music.  After Will, Sun, and Wolfgang do some recon to double check that the area is clear, everyone lets loose.  Riley spins up the first track (not too loudly) and the fun begins.

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Headcanons; Link and Wolf Link
  • Link will sometimes cuddle with Wolfy in the colder regions [puffy wolf cuddles]
  • Patting his head
  • Rubbing his ears[Wolf Link LOVES his ears rubbed]
  • Talking with the wolf when journeys get long and lonely
  • Grabbing his muzzle and SMOOSHING
  • Protective wolf growls while Link Sleeps
  • “He doesn’t like you, I don’t like you” With people[ ESPECIALLY YIGA in disguise]  

~Mod Zelda 

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HAHAHAHHA it says The Wolf on his pants hahahaha


Found it!

It does say The Wolf. Actually I also have another pic of a pair of pants quite similar to that of Zayn’s and upon checking it out I learned The Wolf is actually The Wolf Man

And ofc I can’t help but think of a certain someone who is somewhat of a wolf man

Quite sharp eyes you have nonnie. Kudos to that. You gotta love Ziam and their wolves 🐺🐺

Issac Lahey | “How can you love something so broken?!”

Count of words: 930

Warnings: Kinda sad (in some parts)

A/N: Just please feel free to request anything and this is the first part of this one. It will have like two parts cause I lost the original draft of this one and I couldn’t write more than this today.

Author: Katerina 


The days were always grey. Skies were never blue and stars never shown. The cold felt colder than snow and the warmth of that hand felt hotter than hell. That was his life. Every non-existant mistake would be punished. From accidently making noise to failing a test to nothing Isaac would be punished. Nightmares would hunt his day and night life. The hours in school were always his only little escape, his only little safe space. That until he was turned.

When Isaac was turned his whole life was turned apside down.  Suddenly a dush of confidence was running through his veins. A whole lot of strengh and power was all over him and a feeling of dominance was slowly showing off.

He became cocky. He became a jerk. But she would look at him and still wonder how he did that. She was a part of the pack. She knew how the bite would change everything but she thought “it comes with great responsibility and some great advantages”, said Scott and I quote. He always says how it is a gift and a curse and that’s why he never turned her.

She seemed fragile. Like the little girl that would cry if you took her food away. But underneath that little small and adorable figure she hid a strong and powerful warrior that would do anything to save herself and her friends. He always knew it. He always knew that she wasn’t the little adorable and scared little girl that would hide behind the big bad wolf. She would become the big bad wolf if necessary and he would admire that. He would admire how she never let anyone deal with her problems or fight her battles.

No matter how much none of them wanted to admit it they both wanted each other. They needed each other. They were each other’s secret drug without anyone knowing. They were each other’s anchor.

She was his anchor. When he was ready to flip out her sweet voice was louder than his beastly instincts. Her touch was enough to bring him back to humanity; the only thing to put his heart in fire and put the beast to sleep.

He was her anchor. When tears were streaming down her eyes his voice rang louder than the voice of depression, louder than the voice of anxiety. His protective arms around her were enough to put her heart in ease.

She was always craving him. She was craving his love, his touch, his scent. Oh, his scent. It would be all over her everytime they hugged. His big palm would be draped on top of her knee whenever they were sitted next to each other and it would drive her crazy. She was craving taking care of the hurt and scared puppy Isaac would always hide away from everyone.

He would need her. He needed her love, her touch, her scent. He loved how she would never remove his hand from her knee, or how she always smelled like a rose garden all the time. He would love the smell she left on him every time they hugged. It was driving him insane. But she made him weak. She made his legs feel like jelly and his palms sweat. Everything about her would make him weak on his knees.

This night was calm. Isaac was at the ‘sinema’ with a drink on his hand. He was not aware what the liquor burning his throat at every sip was but he didn’t care. Wolfsbane worked great with what he was drinking. “You like the strong ones, don’t you?” A female voice rang through the loud room. He turned around only to see her. “I am no wolf but I have a great sense of smell.” She continued taking a couple steps further to stand right in front of him. After taking his hand in hers and smelling the strong liquor she spoke up again. “Mm. Rake, isn’t it?” She asked only to get no reply. “I don’t really know.” Isaac said giggling softly after a while. Still having his hand in hers she brought the glass to her lips tasting the strong drink. “I was right.” She said. “It is very strong. How can you handle the four glasses I’ve seen you swallow?” She asked before realising her question. “Did you forget that I’m a, you said and I quote, cute little wolfie?” He said sending her a big smile. “Oh my god, when did I say that?”

Just this simple little game of words brought the two together. The random conversations every week became random conversations every day. The few seconds they were talking became few minutes, few hours. Time never seemed to end between these two. Conversations were held at any given moment.

Weeks, months, years passed the simple chats became deeper and deeper the unconfessed love of the two became an unending game of who would fall harder even if they both fell hard enough. A relationship started and the love was shown. None of them could deny that they were head over heels for the other.

Tonight Issac was left alone in his apartment. A sudden feeling of depression filled his gut. The loneliness took over the room. The darkness was howling in his head. A sudden feeling of doubt paid a visit to him. ‘I am not good enough. I am just hurting her by being like this. I’m too damaged to be with her. I break her every day. ’ He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Amazing Woman

Request: You are in Scotts pack. And a fairy (like the fairies of tinker bell all rolled into one but with fighting skills. Satomis pack comes to Derek’s loft, so the packs can talk bout the Deadpool. The packs introduce each other.  Brett, (because werewolves cannot sense that she’s a fairy except for alphas and those who have been exposed to her powers) thinks she is weak, asks why she’s here etc. (she’s totally hot) Then Scott pairs the two up to fight, cause they train. And then she wins the fight and he’s in awe. Sorry for detail and how long it is. Thank you so much!!!!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 917

Pairing: Brett x (female) reader

A/N: Requests are open, thanks for the request dear anon

You were sat next to Liam on Derek’s couch, awaiting the arrival of the alpha, Satomi’s pack. “They’re late.” Stiles groaned, slumping down next to us both. “They’re not supposed to be here for two minutes man.” Scott chuckled. Literally, three seconds after the discussion there was a loud knock on the door. “Speak of the devil.” Lydia murmured and sat up straight, leaving Liam, Stiles and myself all slouched on Derek’s sofa.

“Come in.” Derek’s voice rang through the whole loft, loud and clear. On cue, the door slid open, revealing Satomi and her pack. Liam stiffened next to you as his eyes narrowed. “What’s wrong Li?” I cocked my head and sat up, following his eyes to a certain brown haired, extremely attractive man. He looked to be 6’1, a strong build and goddamn, that hair. That hair could make a girl fall to her knees. Luckily, you could conceal your scent so know one would know what, or who you were thinking of. You broke your gaze away as Satomi started to introduce herself, and her pack.

“This is our youngest member, Lori.” She gestured to a young girl, maybe 12-13 standing next to Mr. gorgeous. “And this, her brother Brett.” I smiled slightly. A nice name, with an amazing face. Again, you felt Liam tense up beside you and you could smell the anger dripping off of him. I furrowed my eyebrows but turned away when I heard Derek start to speak. “I’m Derek, this is Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, Lydia, Liam and Y/N.” He nodded, content and then walked to Satomi, greeting her one on one.

Brett moved closer to all of you and stood a foot in front of the coffee table. “Another human? Isn’t your ‘pack’ already lagging enough with Dunbar in it?” This caught the attention of everyone and soon all heads were pointed at him. “What?” Scott raised an eyebrow and chuckled slightly. “The meek one cuddled up to the pup. Uh- Y-Y/M, is that your name sweetheart?” He smirked. “It’s Y/N, and the two seater couch currently has seven people on it. Everyone is cuddled up to everyone.” Malia shot back, defending you and Liam.

He opened his mouth to speak but Satomi cut him off. “Myself and Derek have decided that we would commence with training first. See who needs help, inspection etcetera.” She said loudly as both of the packs cleared the floors and sat around the perimeter of the loft. “Okay, from my pack, Daniel.” Satomi called. “Okay, uh Malia.” Derek said. Almost immediately they both stood up and made their way into the middle of the room and started to fight.

The fight lasted a solid two minutes before Malia won. “Good job Malia.” Satomi smiled and nodded in her direction. “Next, Y/N.” Derek looked at you, making you stand up quickly and walk to the middle of the floor. “Brett, up.” Satomi bellowed. “Me? Against her? But she’s so… fragile.” He cringed. “I don’t want to break the human.” He laughed, you cringed slightly, annoyed at the fact he thinks you’re weak. But after looking over at your pack you saw them smiling like idiots, which did lifted your spirits.

“Brett!” Satomi scolded him and he sighed. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll go easy.” He smirked as you narrowed your eyes. You concentrated and started to make the ground shake under him. You giggle as you see him confused and staring at the ground. You take the opportunity to run at him, sending swift kick to the side of his body and a following uppercut to his chin.

“Okay sweetheart.” You mock his words and smirk deviously. You hear Stiles clap his hands. “Wooo. Go N/N!!” You snort and chuckle lightly. “Stiles, shut up!” You giggle and then turn back to the fight. Brett’s fist is around three inches from your cheek when you block his punch, palming him in the chest. Also using the force from you airbender skills to send him flying back a few feet. You snarled slightly and narrowed your eyes, you raised your hands instinctively and then kicked the joint in back of his knee, sending him falling hard onto his back. You straddled his chest and sent a few punches, he grabbed your hands and growled which made you giggle cutely. “Get mad wolfie.” You teased, but he quickly wiped the grin off your face considering he sent a right hook to your cheek, throwing you off him.

You growled and decided bring your powers more into this. You raised your hands and started to wield the air in the room around, you made a visible cyclone before you sent a the air flying toward Brett. You launched him backwards, flying into the wall next to the couch, creating obvious crack. He groaned and fell to the floor as you smiled innocently. “Alright, Y/N, that’s enough. Good job.” Derek chuckled slightly, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth

You giggled a little and then walked toward him, you kneeled down and held out your hand. “Want some help sweetheart?” You teased, a light smile gracing your face. He chuckled and took your hand. “You, are an amazing woman.” He grinned up at you, making you chuckle lightly. You helped him up, flashed him a smile and a quick wink then walking back over to your pack and sitting back in your spot. Malia turned to you and sniffled, then looking over at Brett. “He smells aroused.”