Send me a symbol for a Valentine’s Day starter!
  • ☮: My muse making up with your muse for (insert reason here)
  • ✈: Our muses going on a vacation together in another country
  • ♥: My muse asking you out on a date
  • ☯: My muse getting down to business and asking yours to marry them
  • ✌: Cuddling together and watching some fun movies
  • ✖: Having an argument that results in bad feelings before they make up
  • ☢: Your muse serenading my muse
  • ♫: My muse serenading your muse
  • ★: Exchanging gifts like chocolate or cute plushies
  • ♛: Giving out obligation chocolate to your muse

Fresh off my hooks: a Large Luna Amigurumi with felt facial details for a commission. I typically don’t work this large or in felt details anymore, but this one was specifically commissioned to be similar to a Luna Amigurumi I made about 4 years ago. She stands about 9 inches tall. Pictured to my more typically-sized chibi Luna, who is around 5 inches tall.

This Luna amigurumi was created by commission through my shop ( If you’re interested in having something made, please send me a note via my shop or email (!

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