2014 Christmas Alpacasso for sale! New w/ tags $40! Buyer pays Paypal fees.

Ships from Florida, USA. Shipping costs are based on your zip code!

E-mail for offers. ^_^

Another thing… this alpaca has this weird red loop thing on its head? Probably from when it was in a UFO catcher or something?

If you buy it and want me to take it off, I can totally do that. Otherwise, I’m just going to leave it on.


We love week four of Tortie Scouts: Arts and Crafts!!

One of our favorite hobbies is crocheting little plushies, or amigurumi. I help by making sure Mommy is not using noms as yarn and by inspecting our plushies to ensure they are up to snuff.

Here is a sneak peek at some of our current projects! We just started on a housewarming present for friend Samwise, and we are finally almost done with our set of seven little turtles (and Superman!) for some nice people we are hoping to visit soon.

You can see all of our completed amigurumi over here, and our other crafty adventures here and here.

DIY Inspiration: “Cute Bunny Bunch” by BellaSofran on Deviant Art.

You could use wire inside stuffed animals to shape the mouth and face, paint the eyes (or buy glass eyes), as well as adding spiky teeth (think outside the box - painted wooden skewers, polymer clay or large plastic toothpicks). The top photo is available as a print and the bottom pink bunny is posted here. How did BellaSofran make these?

sculpted face, wire armature ears, glass eyes, rubber foam filling, fur fabric.

For more DIY stuffed animal inspiration, check out my post on the Teddy Bear Butcher Shop created by Miroslav Menschenkind using mutilated plush animals.