Theferrets and I have been stuck on the deck or in their room the last two days, the men are doing Reno’s and what was supposed to be a day job turned into a huge mess (with unforseen problems). I brewed my coffee in the bathroom… And the ferrets are dying to know what is going on! Hopefully that gets done today so that we have some fun while I’m still on holiday! PS. Now is the best time to send me asks or even just to chat :P gimme something to do!


Grieving Mama Cat Who Lost All Three Babies Matched With Three Abandoned Kittens

This is a true story of a very depressed and grieving mama cat, brought back to a happy maternal state thanks to some very loving people involved in the rescue and foster care of cats, complete with gorgeous photos of this miraculous match. 

Mikey, an eight month old cat, was inconsolable. She had three kittens, born too early. They were weak and one by one, they died. Mikey’s owner Hillary tried everything she could think of to save the babies. Read on for how this mother cat was connected with foster kittens here.