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What kind of marriage vow would hyung line write? :3

Jin - Jin’s would be the most sincere out of all of them. He would go on and on about his commitment to the person and making them happy and satisfied with everything. He might add in a little joke to, just to get them to smile instead of crying, because goodness knows that there will be tears. 

Suga - Suga’s I can see being extremely honest. He would talk about the hardships that the two might have face during the whole dating thing, and then he would look to the audience and tell them about how emotional the person got when he proposed, making everyone laugh. Then it would go back to being serious and then end with a loving touch!

Rap Monster - Rap Monster’s would be extremely funny and would definitely bring a whole bundle of happiness into the room! He would talk about the first date and how he did that one thing wrong, and he thought that the person thought he was a fool, etc., all the events leading up to this date. He would end it with a reassuring “I love you, and always will.” or something cheesy like that!

J - Hope - THE WHOLE CROWD WOULD CRY. There would be a smile on his face the whole time as he read from his little index card. He would first describe when he first saw the person, his first impression, how he got to know them better, all leading up to this particular date. He would go on and on and on about how they were the light of his life, and how he hoped that the feeling of this moment could last forever.

- Darby


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As we end this Valentine’s weekend, I just wanted to share with you a little something something I made to put on a card for some friends and family. Love!