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Little Fluffball (BTS Scenario)

Request: can you do a BTS scenario where they have a day off and you guys planned to hang out but you forgot you had to babysit your 1 ½ year old sister and they found out when they got to your house?

A/N: So sorry for not writing for a very long time, it has been a hectic few months with school applications and exams looming ahead. But I’ll try my very best to write. I should be more free in another couple of weeks, so hopefully I can churn through some more requests and then requests can be open. Thank you for being patient everyone! - Admin Shell :)

Genre: Fluff. Legit innocent fluff

Scenario: BTS is on holidays now after a month of crazy hectic promotions and you’ve finally managed to find some time off too. However, at the very last minute you found out you had to baby-sit your little sister. What ensues is a very tiring day for the boys.

Words: 1700

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It had been crazy busy for you, trying to juggle study, work, keeping up with the BTS comeback and taking care of your baby sister when your parents were too busy working. All of these activities combined made you eager for the holidays where you could catch a little break.

That time had finally arrived and your parents had taken your little sister on a playdate with the other kids, now you could just lounge around in your PJs binge watching Bangtan Bombs alone. You feel your phone vibrating in your pocket as you reach for the packet of Doritos.

‘Arrrrgh!!! (y/n)!!!’ You pull the phone away from your ear before your eardrums bursted. It was most definitely the boys.

'sup guys, congrats on your performance’

More incoherent screaming from the other side of the phone, before you hear a quick scuffle as Rapmonster grabs the phone from the younger boys to prevent them from speaking anymore gibberish.

'Hey (y/n), we haven’t seen you in ages, you doing anything right now?’

You look to the Dorito stain on your shirt.

'Nope, definitely not, exams have just finished, I’m home alone with my computer and I’m determined to be a lazy slob’

You hear Rapmonster chuckling on the other side

'Can we all come over? We’ll bring movies and pizza?’

'I’m still gonna be a lazy slob, but if you’re bringing food, we can all be lazy slobs together’

'Great, we’ll even come in our PJs, we’ll be there in half an hour’

You hang up your phone still not wanting to move from the most comfortable spot, but you were incredibly excited to see your friends. You quickly throw on something casual from your room as you realise your Dorito stained PJs were perhaps a little too inadequate.

You hear frantic ringing at the door, that was quick you think as you move to open the door.

Your dad was right outside, a little frazzled and holding your sister.

'You mom broke her foot, trying to show off to the other parents on the monkey bars, can you take care of your little sister, just until later tonight, I know you were looking forward to lounging around, sorry!’ your dad hands you your sister, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead and promising to make it up to you later.

You stand there staring at him as he rushes to his car, before driving away.

You adjust your hold on your little sister, she was just 18 months and already getting so big. She giggled in your arms wearing her fluffy little onesie as you close the door behind you. You then started panicking, your sister would not sit still through a movie, anything remotely scary made her cry and she had to be constantly kept under watch. What we’re you gonna do when BTS showed up. You didn’t want to cancel as you had already promised to hang out, but priorities meant that you had to take care of your little sister too. You place your sister on the couch before grabbing your phone to contact them.

The doorbell rang yet again.

These boys were too damn quick. You open the door to see all of them smiling brightly at you in their PJs, Jin and Jungkook holding the pizza boxes in hand.

'Guys I’m so sorry this is really last minute but I have to babysit my sister for now and I can’t hang out, mom broke her foot and dad’s in the hospital with her, sorry!’

Their expressions fell for a moment, until they saw your little sister waddling out towards them, lunging at Jungkook before you quickly grab her. Their expressions changed immediately, eyes instantly brightening at the sight of the giggly child.

'We’ll help!’ Rapmonster said.

'Are you sure? She can be quite the handful’

They all nod in unison, you smile gleefully before letting them all in, breathing a sigh of relief as you were hoping they wouldn’t be mad for changing the plans last minute.

They walked past one by one, with Jimin stopping to pinch her cheeks a little while J-Hope made weird faces. All of them hurriedly took off their shoes and placed the pizza boxes down before walking to you eager to play with the baby.

'I wanna hold her’ J-Hope said bouncing over to you.

'You can have her after me,’ said Suga, plucking the kid from your arms as he poses for V who already had his phone out.

V quickly snaps a picture of him with the kid, before Suga gently lowered her to the couch. Her little legs wobbly as she falls on her bottom, V immediately takes this opportunity to snap many selcas making faces. Your sister starts to place her hands on V’s face grabbing it and distorting it as V laughs and struggles to get away.  

'For that, you better give me 50 hugs by the time we leave, so you better start now’ V looked at your sister expectantly while she just blinked back at him with those doe like eyes.

You pick her up posing for V as he snaps a few pictures.

Your phone rings, holding your sister with one hand you reach to answer it.

Your friend was panicking, your group report that had just been submitted had not been received. You groan as you realise you had to make a trip out to smooth things over with this strict professor.

'Crap, I have to go out quickly, it’s a bit of an academic emergency, can I leave my sister with you guys?’ All of them insisted on coming along. You look at each of them pointedly. 'You’re all wearing PJs, besides she’ll need all 7 of you for her, trust me.’ You grab your wallet and keys off the counter, your little sister bouncing in your arms as you hurried towards the door.

'Keep all doors closed, she’s like a puppy and will run away at every chance she gets, I’ll be back in 1 hour, promise.’ Handing your sister to Rapmonster, you rush out the door.

'What are we going to do with the baby!’ Rapmonster was holding your sister tentatively, holding her in the most awkward way possible as she tried to wriggle away from him towards the door. He quickly hands her to Jimin who looked absolutely terrified with the child, who quickly hands her to Jungkook who had no idea what to do.

'Hyung what are you doing, handing the baby to the baby.’  Jungkook was holding her like a ticking bomb, delicately lowering her down to the floor.

Your sister was once again heading to the door before J-Hope quickly rushes to close it, blocking her from venturing out of the house, then picking her up and bouncing her around.

'I’ll hold her, you guys play a movie for her, kids like movies’

Jimin opens the TV, and a big shark looms across the screen

She starts crying in J-Hope’s arms. J-Hope looked very defeated.

'We’ll just sing and dance then, it’s what we do best’

They performed perhaps the most innocent version of Blood Sweat and Tears whilst holding onto her and played peekaboo in moments when they were covering their eyes.

'Kids are easy, smile, cuddle and give them love. See she’s stopped crying we can stop.’ said Suga clearly pleased.

She starts to cry again upset that the performance had ended so quickly.

'We’ve got the solos and group songs, worse comes to worse we also have 7 other albums plus japanese versions, I think we’re covered for 1 hour’ said Suga.

They all grinned at each other as they performed their new album, clearly exhausted but enjoying themselves as your sister danced enthusiastically to their performances, gurgling and babbling along to their singing. J-Hope held her little hands dancing with her as he performed his solo picking her up and spinning her around. While V continued snapping pictures of every moment, doting like fond parent. During Jin’s soothing lullaby your sister started to doze off, curling up into Jimin’s lap, and proceeded to fall fast asleep.

You come home to all of them sleeping sprawled out on the floor amongst pillows and cushions. Your baby sister was nestled between Jimin and Jungkook, clearly exhausted from all the activity. You smile to yourself at how they had finally managed to calm her down.

Walking to the big closet you reach for a few blankets, a big pile in your arms that you struggled to see over the top. You hear soft footsteps as Jin approaches his head towering over the top before grabbing the pile from your hands. He smiles at you eyes twinkling so incredibly happy with his day, it was just what everyone needed after those stressful few weeks. You smile back, tiptoeing up to grab each blanket before placing it on the members. V stirred in his sleep, when you placed the blanket on him, mumbling a quick thank you before proceeding to gently snore, while Jimin was sleeping like an absolute angel. J-Hope’s arms were up in the air, Jungkook’s legs were crossed, they were sleeping in weird positions. Rapmonster was the one that was snoring the house down,  Suga who was the closest to him still continued to sleep like a log. You hold back a laughter as you see your sister oblivious to the chaos around her, still sleeping quietly, a little fluffball amongst all the boys.

You thank Jin for his help telling him to go rest. He nods, happy but eyes clearly drooping over, grabbing a blanket from your hands and curling up next to everyone else.

It was certainly amazing how fast they all bonded, just their presence today certainly brightened up your sister, you had never seen her laugh and smile so much. BTS absolutely adored her too, and it looks like they added a new member to their group.

Now the only thing was, how to explain to your parents that there were 7 other boys sleeping in your house.

161019 Jimin’s Tweet

몬진 부부

MonJin (married) couple

Video translation:
JM: You guys are a (married) couple right now.
JM: Seokjin hyung is on the female side right now.

(T/N: Female side is referring to the filter, the pink one is supposedly the “female side”)

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans