THIS is what happens when Jimin volunteers to be an English interpreter.

Rapmonster: *thanks fans in korean*

Jimin (”interprets”): “I LOVE JIMIN! YEAH.” cr. rinahopiekookie

full vid here: cr. poco a poco. a Jimin 

crazy-purple-killer asked:

Vincent stared in a mixture of horror and worry as he found M. He had been searching for what seemed like forever and he had finally found him! Though the condition he was in made him cringe with anger, "M?" He whispered. ((for the research thing))

The boy was sitting in an alley way, shaking heavily either due to the winter cold or because he was missing a shirt. It was most likely both. He almost blended in with the snow surrounding him if it wasn’t for the spots on his…tail. It was short and almost completely covered by snow. Large rabbit ears that seemed to replace his real ears, twitched at his voice.

His eyes were wide with shock as he turned to look at Vincent, one eye had eight dots circling the pupil.

“V-V-Vin…?” He sounded unsure, as if he couldn’t see, but maybe he simply didn’t recognize the other.