Pink Pooka is done for my portfolio. Now to finish Merrilee Boopkins!

The Pink Pooka Prince lives on a small peaceful world filled with teatime and monsters (nice monsters) While the quiet and calm suits their shy nature they also look to the sky and wonder what other worlds and dimensions lie out in the reaches of the cosmos. Good thing they have a good friend who just happens to be able to open portals to all sorts of wondrous and terrifying places.

Pink Pooka Prince ©merrimonster, thefairygodmonster (June VanOtterdyk)


I’m excited to upload a new, cute monster today because I’ll be DMing in about an hour so here we go!  It’s a Spectator by the amazing @thegorgonist.  Spectators are a type of beholderkin that date all the way back to the first Monster Manual II (well, really before that in a module and I really feel like I might own it somewhere).  They specifically have four eyestalks and are known to create friendships with other creatures, making it unique among beholderkin.  

As always, please feel welcome to use our cute monsters in your campaign if you’ve been searching for that cutest of portraits.  If you do use them, we’d love to hear about it or see pictures!

Please do not repost.  For personal use only.