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Some lil things I noticed rewatching Stranger Things S2

-When will is explaining to Jonathan how everyone treats him like he’s going to break, he names Dustin and Lucas, but not mike hehehehehe ;););)

-when billy comes into will’s house, he says “you disobeyed me, and you know what happens when you disobey me. I break things.” This could be hinting at how billy possibly abuses max

-when mike grabbed will’s hand he stopped shaking immediately

-when ted tells mike he’s on the bench, mike doesn’t give up on eleven and keeps her toys because he still believes she is out there. This is foreshadowing because in the end of the show Steve tells him he’s on the bench but again he doesn’t give up and he chooses to save eleven

-when hopper is looking in the pumpkin field following the noise he heard, it was foreshadowing because that noise was dart, hence how he probably ended up in Dustin’s trash can since he was just roaming around everywhere

-the theory that Patrick Murray (I think his name is that but I kinda forgot oopsss) was telling hopper foreshadowed that hopper was secretly taking care of eleven because the reason why he gave him time to explain was because he was concerned for eleven and wanted to protect her and make sure nothing was wrong like the good good father he is

-after that scene that bob and Joyce make out, when bob is leaving the room you can see an Annie toy. I think it might possibly be an Easter egg since Max’s actress, Sadie Sink, had played the role of Annie on broadway and foreshadows Max being introduced into the show

-I think one of the reasons will calls mike’s name when he’s trapped on Halloween rather than everyone else’s was because in the beginning of the season when he is in the upside down outside of the arcade, mike calls Will’s name and he snapped right out of it, so maybe he thought that by calling mike’s name he could get his attention and if he called his name again it could save will again as if mike was his night in shining armor hhhhhhH

-all of Max’s outfits throughout the season are long-sleeved. She doesn’t show her arms once. She never wears shorts either. This could have many causes, i.e. self harm, abuse from billy and even a tattoo with a number on her wrist- noting that in the Stranger Things game, she has psychic abilities. Or this could be one hell of a coincidence and it could’ve just been because it was cold out since it takes place in fall and winter. But who knows,,

-how eleven is expanding her English skills because of hopper’s Morse code machine. That is so flippin adorable

-in that one scene where will uses Morse code to communicate with everyone how does he know morse code????? That’s my question because this cute little nerd I swear if he learned it for fun what a good boy pls protect

-in that scene where mike and Nancy’s mom is taking a bath, the reason why she’s so attracted to billy is because he looks exactly like that guy on the cover of the book she’s reading in the bath, so i guess she went onto Ultimate Fangirl Mode™️ and honestly??? Me too fam. Me too

-billy said he was going on a date, but who was he gonna go on a date with???? It’s never mentioned, like who was itttt it’s bothering me so mucH

-if eleven never rebelled against hopper’s rules and showed up, the gate would never be closed and will would still have that virus since they went to hopper’s house to get it out of him. If she never showed up, hopper wouldn’t want them to find him hiding eleven and therefore wouldn’t want them in his house. Also if she’d never showed up to the house everyone would most likely be dead so yay!!! Eleven to the rescue


-eleven was so happy to see Joyce, almost as if she were a mother-figure to her. Sure is one hell of a coincidence that she and hopper had that cute lil intimate hug during the snowball scene too, not to mention how much hopper has looked out for Joyce and how much Joyce respects and appreciates him not only through this season but in the first one as well. Also in the last episode it is confirmed that eleven was adopted by hopper. I think this is hinting that Joyce and hopper will eventually get married or at least get together and will and eleven can be cute lil siblings!! Yay!! Also another piece of evidence is that eleven, will AND hopper have ALL been trapped in the upside down, and that gives them something to bond over. Even though Joyce hasn’t been trapped in the upside down she is very well-knowing of the upside down because it was all she could focus on when Will went missing and when he had the virus. She had also willingly gone into the upside down to save him so she can relate to everyone with that as well.

-??? What’s that part of the adoption paper hopper doesn’t take out all the way I am coNfUsiOn

-that lab scientist that eleven and the rest of the gang went to kill was Bertram from Jessie lmfaooo

-also bonus: it’s so cute that David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown have a father-daughter like relationship irl aaaa they fit the roles so well

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