i’m probably the only one but i HATE when nct does fanservice like that whole “do you have a boyfriend ;)” shit like it’s all so FORCED i really don’t like it but since most fans do like fake cuteness and sexiness i guess i’ll never escape from fanservice. seriously if i was at a fansign for example and taeil would go hahahah you’re my girlfriend i’d be like HAHAHA OOOOOOOOKAY I HAVE SOME APPOINTMENTS I HAVE TO GO THANK YOU

anonymous asked:

Who would love to have a sexy girlfriend more than cute mtl?

omg this is a hard one bc they’re all so young and tbh i feel like most of them would prefer cute but i’ll do my best 

  1. daniel
  2. sungwoon
  3. seungwoo
  4. jisung
  5. minhyun
  6. jaehwan
  7. woojin
  8. guanlin
  9. jinyoung
  10. daehwi
  11. jihoon

just my opinion but ok tbh out of all of wanna one i reckon it would be daniel but i can imagine daniel wanting a really sexy girlfirend but also one thats just lowkey and natural and cute so ??? i guess the rest of the hyung line and everyones honestly  like babies to me im 98 liner lmao so like for the young ones i can only imagine with like their cute middle school crushes HAHAH sorry i hope this wasn’t done too badly :/ thanks for requesting <3 


distorts are nice