i just watched all of the march family letters up to this point and gu Y S

w atch it, here’s a list of my fav things:

  • 5/6 characters are women
  • the guy is super cute and supportive of all of them
  • 3/6 are canonly queer, 1 ace, 2 bi/pan/lesbian (haven’t id’d yet but like they’re canon)
  • natasha had a guest appearance in two eps. her character is like… a valley girl kinda like “omg like that is so cute guuurl”
  • one of natasha’s lines is “oh, creampuffs are my favorites” whilst eating a creampuff
  • one of the characters has social anxieties and it is actually a topic they talk about
  • one of the characters is a workaholic and stresses out about school too much. they talk about that too.
  • ace character did not have a coming out per se. her sister talked to her about the guy she has a crush on and she says “you know i’m ace, right?” “yea, but just because you’re asexual doesn’t mean you’re aromantic and plus i’ve seen the way you look at him”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fuck heteronormativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • they end most videos with “love, your little women”

to the plot:

basically, it’s the march sisters (four of them. jo, amy, beth and meg) vlogging for their mother as she’s stationated somewhere else.

  • 41 episodes per 4-6mins tHUS FAR
  • hella cute cast
  • in my opinion better than carmilla but like that’s just mine
  • from the same youtube that also made the lizzie bennet diaries
  • based on “little women” novel