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Flower-Pixellowzz is a pixeled-font created by Warugaki

Is free for personal use.

How to use?

Copy this:

<link rel=“stylesheet” href=“”>

and paste it into your html code, after the <head> tag.

Now you need to put : flower-pixellowzz instead your font name. For example:




Live preview here (12,14 and 20 px)


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anonymous asked:

could you maybe make a tutorial how to change the font of a theme?!?!?

Ok changing fonts is pretty simple once you understand how to do it and it’s amazing how much a font can make a theme look better

  1. (not all of them work)

I get most of my theme fonts from here! all you need to do is find a theme you like, and then copy the code:

For example if I liked this theme I would copy the code

and then I would go into my html and find what you want to change the font of, today I will change the title font

You paste the code you copied from the font blog and (you can really paste it anywhere before body, but I paste it above the thing you want to change)

You then (I didn’t have this line of code before, but you might do) write ‘font-family:NAMEOFFONTHERE

I wrote font-family:learningcurve because that’s the name of the font, you can then update the code and then font should change.

If you want to make the font bigger you just increase the font size, if you haven’t got that line of code just write: font-size:sizehere

and yay you have a custom pretty font!