Me: I’m going to buy two of these notebooks so that when I use up the first one, I can quickly get to the second

Also me: *places notebooks in a glass case to never use and stare at for centuries*

 yay yay yay it’s finally here! after lots of asks and a few sweet messages, i’ve decided to share some tips with y’all. none of my fonts are super complicated, but i do think they’re pretty cute. :-) enjoy and pls let me know if this helped you or you like them!! xoxo haley

also, feel free to message me with any more questions. i’m always here to help! 

p.s. i’m thinking about doing a giveaway pretty soon so stay tuned !!!

Okay but seriously, I LOVE Aqours and I’m just so proud of them it’s incredibly difficult to describe. Today is the very first day of their very first LoveLive as I write this and my emotions are all over the place but I can say with absolute certainty that I’m so proud of all of them. I’ve been following them since Day 1 when all we had was an image of Chika on that empty beach and seeing how far they’ve come makes me want to cry tears of joy. I love you Aqours!


Week 6/14 ❤ This week’s spread, starring:
Victor from yuri on ice, because he’s so gorgeous 😍
Mob from Mob Psycho 100 👌
Edited quote from kuroo tetsuro (my haikyuu!! Bros will know😉)
And a lot of pink colors 😍😍
I love the dutch door layout, it gives me more space but I still keep a good overview. This week I used it for my packing list for viena and my week tasks. Have a nice, productive week ❤❤❤


addicted week // day 4 // favourite platonic relationship
 connor cobalt & loren hale

“Fact,” Lo says, “you’re a conceited prick.”
“Fact,” Connor retorts, “you’re a good looking asshole.”
Lo touches his heart mockingly. “A compliment and an insult. Fuck me now, love.”


Week 8/14 |  spread of the week starring yuri from yuri!!! on ice, kei tsukkishima from haikyuu!! (because ep4 of season 3 was awesome). 

People sometimes ask me why I’d invest so much time in my bujo instead of doing something “useful”. But I don’t want to be productive the whole day anymore, I won’t aim for perfection or for other people’s absolution anymore. Bujo-ing is life :D
Do what you love to do and keep your mind healthy
. Grades are not the most important thing in life, you’re not the sum of your achievements. 

p.s. for the bujo-newbies: bullet journaling doesn’t require a lot of time but can help you using an amount of time for doing one task by another and will give you a more relaxing feeling of “yeah, I got this.” ;)