Jung Hoseok–

“Tell me who is making you cum like this,” he growls, fingers pressing crescents into the meat of your ass, and your entire body shudders as you cum grinding against his tongue.

“Hoseok! Fu-ahhh”

–It hadn’t started out this way.

Oh no, at first meeting, Jung Hoseok had looked like the friendliest guy around—smiling brightly, gums showing. He wore jeans and a large sweatshirt, laughing openly with his friends, and you had stared, entranced, at his attractive bright attitude.

However, when he had noticed your stare, something about his demeanor had changed, and the wink he had flashed you had been nothing short of flirtatious.

With a blush, you had turned and scurried away.

The next time you see him, you’re at a frat party on a Friday night, jeans ripped, and tank-top showing just the perfect amount of skin. You don’t even notice him approach, but his arm extends past you, palm pressing flat against the wall, and when you look up all you see are hungry eyes, a confident smile, and a perfectly placed backwards snapback.

It takes your brain a whole ten seconds to realize that this is Jung Hoseok.

And when he leans down, whispering in your ear how cute you look and how you seem interested in him, it hardly takes more than a sprinkle of his charm to have you up on the bathroom sink—jeans on the floor and panties pushed to the side. His palms keeping your thighs pressed open.

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Yuuri squirmed under Victor’s kisses as they tickled his ear. With each sweet brush, Victor dotted the line of small diamond marks along Yuuri’s skin. The roughness of his morning voice melded with the compliments he whispered, of cute and lovely, and everything that had Yuuri’s cheeks flushing redder than the wine Victor had brought on board for them the previous night.

Yuuri bunched his hands against Victor’s chest, giggling silently at how Victor’s lips swept at the sensitive spots. He pushed lightly in protest, felt the joy expanding in his chest as Victor continued with mutters of beautiful and lovebird. A lifetime spent living on the solitude of jagged cliffsides, and now he awoke in the warmth of Victor’s embrace and the fondness of his kisses.

Teeth scrapped playfully over his earlobe, and Yuuri moaned, the exhale soft and hushed. He did not realize he had let it slip his lips until Victor’s laugh rolled across his skin. Bubbling with glee.

“Yuuri, you sprouted.” Victor teased another kiss just below Yuuri’s ear. His lips tickled tiny feathers, blooming from the tattoos he had been tracing.

Cheeks burning hot, Yuuri clasped his hands over his ears, while Victor laughed all the more.

“Oh darling, don’t hide from me,” Victor said, delicate as he pulled Yuuri’s hands away, kissing his fingertips, the inside of his wrist, and up the tattoos twisting up Yuuri’s arms. “That’s the cutest thing in the world, my kisses got you so excited. You know that I adore you, feathers and all.”

Scowling, Yuuri let his feathers bristle, but Victor just beamed in response. Beamed and kissed at Yuuri’s ears again, until the siren’s giggles filled the room with the magic of their delight.