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Vescen: So I know I haven’t talk to you much (at all… mostly nerves tbh) but I heard you weren’t doin’ so hot so I thought I’d draw one of my favorite artists a picture. SKELETON DANCE~~ *Confetti* Hope you like it!



Excerpts+Radio | Hara at MBC FM4U SUNNY DATE

Live translations by:
[KV] = @KamiliaVN
[TC] = @TippaChan9
[JC] = @jypsclearpants
[TT] = @jasminelep

– Invincible Youth days.
– Hara’s solo.
– Hate comments + reading them all.
– Songs that Hara likes.
– Hara being close to IU.

[JC] Hara: So I’m a girl with a lot of charms? (I think she’s referencing Sunny’s intro for her)
Sunny: Of course!!

Sunny & Hara started talking about Invincible Youth days.

[TT] Talking about G7 nicknames Hara had: Yuchi(immature)- Hara, Hara-Goo, Goo-sain Bolt.
[TT] Talk about how Sunny left IY first before Hara left (IY ended). Then saying I love you to each other.
[TT] they were dancing a cute little dance from IY memories

[TC] Sunny said she can’t just say positive things so she will say bad things too and Hara said to try it.
[TC] Sunny asking her about the hate comments and Hara said she saw them.

[TT] Hara talking about how she participated in designing the album cover and everything, then Sunny went “ooh~ Daebak Sagun~~~”

[JC] Hara said she saw all the comments asking why hara would come out solo.

[KV] Sunny was like “what is there to badmouth about this beautiful child (Hara)?” when Hara talked about hate comments.
[KV] Hara: Hate comments are better than no comments.

[TT] Sunny just said that she’s the kind to read bad reviews/comments/posts online… (Everything you write on their IG, they’ll read it. sunny just said she reads bad comments as well.)

[JC] Sunny said she observed her stages and was wondering if it was hard to promote alone.
[KV] Hara she said going solo makes her miss the other 3 more.

[TC] Sunny: What changed the most since debut?
Hara: I used to be nervous on broadcast but now I am calmer and used to it.

[TC] Sad how Hara said she has been getting hate for a while now so it’s nothing new
Hara: I might be not that lovely.
Sunny: But you’re so pretty.

[KV] The song thats now playing on Sunny’s FM date is the song that makes Hara cry.
Song: 김윤아 – 야상곡 (via @kara200703)

[KV] Hara said she wants to do music more than acting. She wants to act but she’s not greedy about it.

[KV] Song that makes Hara excited. Norazo’s Superman.
[TT] Listener called Hara’s song preference weird cause she recommended a slow instrumental song, then Superman’s “Norazo”.
[TT] Sunny said that Norazo will be guesting on FM Date next week and Hara said she wants to come along.
[TT] Hara also mentioned how she performed Norazo’s Superman at a KARA concert before and she accidentally said “Superman-sunbaenim” lol

[TT] Also much earlier when Sunny asked Hara to introduce her album/song, Sunny was totally trying to hold back her laughter while Hara talked :p

[KV] Hara said she’s too picky for anyone to take her (to date).
[KV] Then Sunny was like “you’re lovely”.
Then Hara: “Unnie please take me then”
Sunny: “what are you on about?”

[KV] Hara recommended song. IU’s Someday.
[TC] Oh Hara is still close to IU since they MCed together.

[TC] Sunny to Hara: I thought you only had a pretty face but all of you is just so pretty, my dongsaeng.

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Justin and the VMAs

Justin slayed the VMAs. It was a bit rocky (but perfectly rocky in all the best ways), his voice was shaky (clearly from nerves and bc he was dancing his cute little butt off while singing), and he was breathing really heavy, which is understandable because his dancing was ON POINT (he’s back bitches). But it was incredible. When it went dark i was like “tf its over??” and then he started talking and then flying. I was sobbing. The speech in the middle, I can’t ohmygod. It was so beautiful and really showed how much he’s grown and has learned from his mistakes. He did so amazing. When he was crying at the end, I’ve never wanted to hug someone so much. Pretty sure he was crying because the last time he was at an award show he was booed. But, tonight, he got a standing ovation. He was accepted. He is finally being accepted by the world. I feel that people are beginning to see that he isn’t a bad person, he just made some mistakes. He must’ve been so overwhelmed by the incredibly positive reaction from the crowd, I know I was because I was crying with him. I’m so proud of my baby, he’s been through so much but he pulled through. That’s why i love him so much. He said “when you fall, it allows you to get up stronger…” (tattoo that on my body please) and he truly has. He fell a few times, sure. But its not about how many times you fall, its about how many times you get up and how you handle it. He has recovered beautifully from all the shit that’s happened. He went through a phase, he messed up. But that doesn’t define who he is. This performance tonight… that does. I feel like it really represented who he is… He is strong, he is talented and cares so much, but mostly… he is a human being. People seem to forget that. Haters just see him as an object, or a name. They don’t realize that their words hurt, and that he has feelings. I hope tonight showed the haters that he does have emotions. He put his heart and soul into that performance, and the ending was raw emotion. He is an incredible, talented, kind, generous person and he deserves the world. I hope that tonight’s iconic performance, that I and Beliebers all around the world will never forget, influences some people’s opinions in a good way because tonight was truly the return of Justin Drew Bieber. He’s back and better than ever. I love you, Justin. I’m so proud of you.