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Being a small, sassy Slytherin and Dating Fred would include
  • Can you imagine it
  • Both of you being super sassy
  • To each other
  • To your friends
  • To teachers
  • Like everybody knew that you were sassy
  • But now with Fred it’s 10000 times worse
  • But it would be the best thing ever
  • Always laughing with each other
  • You’d always be smiling
  • And Fred was never so happy before
  • Cause he finally found his soulmate
  • And he’d hang in the Slytherin common room on hot days
  • And you’d hang out in the Gryffindor common room on cold days
  • Nobody would make a problem of it cause you were happy
  • And Fred was happy
  • But the Slytherins kept an eye on him
  • Cause nobody hurt a fellow Slytherin.
  • Fred would tower over you
  • So he’d pick you up all the time
  • Bridal style and all
  • Cute dances
  • He’d bend down to kiss you
  • And his shirts are dresses on you
  • Mrs. Weasley would make you your own Weasley jumper
  • And even that would be too big
  • Cause you really are that small
  • But Fred would think it’s adorable
  • cute kisses
  • You’d steal his jumper when you go to your parents’ home
  • And they’d know Fred
  • Cause everybody in the wizarding world knows the Weasley’s.
  • “as long as you are happy”
  • Fred visiting you
  • And you visiting him
  • And his family loving you
  • George joking all the time
  • “she looks like a leprechaun next to you” “George” “It’s true mum!”
  • And saying something back
  • “yeah, well   All the best things come in small packages. ”
  • George would still tease you
  • But he knew that he could get something back
  • Fred always kissing you after a good comeback.

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The student council's reaction to their s/o identifying as a man but still loves there boyfriend ❤️

Gonna do verbal reactions here, cause honestly they’d all probably just pull you close and hug/kiss you after saying they were fine with it.


“That’s what you were shaking over?”

“Well, yes-”

“That was no reason to shake. There are evil things in this world, Y/N, and that is not one of them.” *kiss* “I’ll just have a boyfriend to hold now.”


“Butterfly, don’t be so nervous! This doesn’t make any difference in my love for you.”

“..It doesn’t?”

“Of course not. Has anyone told you that it would? Then, as an incubus, I can say that they do not know love.” *kiss on the head* “And that is all I have for you.”


“Wha- you’re a guy now?!”

“I-is that a problem..?”

“NO! No! I was just surprised, geez.”

“So you’re okay with it?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve told you a million times not to worry about shit like that.” *rustles your hair* 


“Oh? Does that mean we’ll get to play in different ways?~”

“You don’t mind?”

“I have you, and that’s all I want. A cute boyfriend named Y/N to hold close.” *winky wink*


*pulls you close and hugs you, a hand in your hair* “I know that must have been really hard for you, and I’m so proud of you for telling me.”

“Do you have any issue at all with the change…?”

“What? Never.” *kiss* “Never.” *touches forehead to yours*


“Well, that’s certainly a change.”

“Is it one that…you have a problem with?”

“There’s no issue at all; why would there be? Most demons don’t even have genders. It’s not important. Hm..why don’t we get you a suit for the next gathering we’re stuck attending?”

“Heh, okay!”