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Yes! I Like that kind of eyes contact 😍💖💖💖

[ tetsukuroohoho has been chosen! ]

“So not only can you dance, but you can sing too. Quite an idol, arent we?”

                                          “Thank you.. Hmm.. Kuroo-san.. Would
                                           you like to dance with me~? Pleeease?

                                   She sends the boy a pout; and offers her hand as the
                                   rain poured down around them and dampened her ginger

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May I request a fluffy scenario with Takao, Kuroo and Oikawa where they go to Karaoke with their crush and she starts singing Moonlight Densetsu and other anime openings with great spirit ^0^?

Here you go!

Takao: even though he obviously finds you adorable, he wastes no time in grabbing a mic and singing along with you. Since he sounds like the type to know all of those anime opening songs, he’d probably pull your wrist and start to make up a crazy choreography right there, singing animatedly with you and overall just falling in love again with you.

Kuroo the bae: snorts loudly and grins at you, shaking his head when you invite him to sing too. Eventually, though, your little dance and cute grin are more than enough to convince him, despite his shy start. By the end of the date, you two have sore throats from so much singing and laughing, and he even manages to sneak a kiss on your nose.

Oikawa: grins excidetly and snaps a hundred photos before you’re able to convince him to sing with you. He doesn’t sing it half as seriously as you are, often mixing up the lyrics and making funny faces just to see you laugh. You don’t see it, but sometimes he looks at you with a really soft look on his face - and then he’s back to singing.

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Hey! I found that you are starting reactions for EXO so I wanted to ask if you could do EXO's reaction to when you're a new idol in a big girl group & them falling in love when they see you sing/dance on stage? Thank you!

YAY! thanks for the request. i hope it’s to your liking (i’m also going to be including Luhan and Kris in the reactions)

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Xiumin - *Just finished getting his hair done and hears the music come on for your performance, wanting to support the rookie groups he decides to go watch. He peers onto the stage and sees your group running around the stage having lots of fun but you in particular catch his eyes with your beautiful smile and cute dance moves**Certainly not what he was expecting* 

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Luhan - *He and Xiumin were chatting in their change room when an exceptionally loud squeel sounds from Sehun, intriged Luhan wonders over to where Sehun and Tao were sat watching the Stage live on the t.v* “Their really good for a new group,” Tao squeeled right into Sehuns ear *Looking to the screen just in time to see you bust a very sexual dance move Luhan smiles cheekly (gif)* “Damn shes hot,” He says pointing to you.

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Kris - 

*Kris watched your entire performance from the side and by the end he was completely mesmerized.  After your performance he was about to call your name when he accidentally tripped over a table* “Are you okay?” you asked “ummm, ah, yeah,” *totally lost his cool*

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Suho - 

*Chen caught him staring at you while you were performing and wont stop pestering him about it* “So why were you staring at y/n?” He asked again, “Come on, i know you were,” Finally becoming feed up Suho blurted out “y/n looked super pretty and is a really good dancing!” *But he happened to have the best timing ever as you walked past him at that exact moment and winked at him* 

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Lay - 

“Lay was the one to help you choreograph your solo dance and through the endless hours of practice you guys had spent together he had grown to like you quite a bit* “WOW!” *He watched, amazed as you danced full of energy. The amount of passion you show in your dancing during that performance just caused him to fall for you even harder.*

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Baekhyun - 

*Baekhyun had seen you getting ready and had thought you were quite cute and as he watched you perform, he grew fonder and fonder of your pretty face, beautiful voice and skillful dancing*

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Chen - 

*Chen was waiting for Exo’s turn to perform but as he waited near the stage he became more and more curious as to what the large fuss was about on stage. He could her sequels and running footsteps, peeking onto the stage, he saw one of your members chasing you. He could guess by the fact that she was dripping with water that you had poured your bottle onto her probably when she wasn’t expecting it. Letting out a small laugh he noted to ask her to go pranking with him next time he sees her and possibly out on a date too, cause damn she’s cute.*

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Chanyeol -

*Exo had been called onto stand by as your group was almost done. Chanyeol, being organised for once was all ready and waiting. He decided to watch the new group finish  up. All of the fans were chanting for y/n to do egyo. When you finally game in and did gwiyomi, Chayeol began to fan-girl all around the place and as you finished he stopped and looked around making sure nobody sore him.*

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D.O -

*D.o was warming up in their change room, all the other boys had left to go watch your bands performance but D.o wanted some time alone. He practiced his octaves, the only other noise in the room was the t.v of the live stage. As he finished warming up and was about to go and join up with the rest of EXO, he herd an amazingly hit note come from the t.v. Looking over he saw you, singing your hart out and D.o couldn’t help but feel rather impressed by your singing (gif) Later that day he bugs his manager to let him sing a duet with you*

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Tao - 

*you impressed him with your rapping, he seduced you into going on a date with him with his wusho skills, simple*

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Kai -

*Because the dog sitter bummed out in the last second your puppies were left back stage as you were performing, naturally Kai found them. When he asked who owned the cuties, a stylest pointed you out on stage. He watched you dance the impossibly hard choreography with ease and simply felt draw to you. After your performance you run straight to your puppies and find kai sitting with them and a smirk on his face* “Your a good dancer y/n.”

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Sehun - 

*Sehun and Luhan watched your bands performance, a very cute dance with lots of hip, they were both attracted to different members and were very biased towards them. Luhan wanting ti make it more interesting decided to place a dare* “Who ever can dance their dance the most accurately wins!” Luhan exclaimed “Winner gets free bubble tea and the loser has to by the bubble tea and ask their favorite member out.” *Sehun had agreed to the dare but sadly lost it and so here he was trying ti ask you out after your performance.* “Hi…” 

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All done, sorry if the last few are a little rushed. It’s really late. But i hope you liked my first ever reaction :D 

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V excited to come back to seattle this weekend to play some cute dance music and new shit im working on 😎😎😎