looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll

@mcl-uncontroversy candy, Rose. Such a cute adorable candy~^^ Colors came straight from your reference art so I really hope you like this!

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First Offenders

I recently discovered I had this little gem collecting dusts in my drafts? And decided there’s no time like the present, might as well share.

Remember those two one-shots about the AU with the "Stan raises the twins in Gravity Falls" premise? This fic is part of that series (you can read the other here and here for reference, but it’s not necessary).

Stan wasn’t pleased to receive the call that forced him to shut down the Shack and forgo three hours of profit for a mandatory visit to the local preschool – all for a measly case of misbehavior, no less.

The sight that greeted him, however, pretty much made the whole stupid trip worthwhile: Inside the hard-time playpen (that resembled a brightly-colored coral more than jail cell) Dipper sat cross-legged, breathing into a plastic harmonica he had conned Stan into buying pilfering on the condition the condition that he never play the instrument in his guardian’s presence.

“Grunkle Stan!” Mabel cried when she spotted him, waving her chubby hand between the bars.

“You gonna spring us or what?” Dipper demanded.

Turning to the teacher – bonafide babysitter, really – that had led him to the detainees, Stan scoffed, “What’re they in for, coloring outside the lines?”

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