Halloween time in Amakna! Werewolf Chibi and Dinosaur Grougal have been eagerly looking forward to being able to trick or treat this year. Papa Alibert said they could if Yugo escorted them. Yugo felt it was necessary to dress for the occasion as a vampire. Let’s hope they don’t get any tummy aches or cavities.

@whitedovehemlock took special care and preparation to make sure these came out perfect! I love my Halloween sons!

Happy Friday, squishers!! The end of the week means that it’s Fanart Friday time! These sweet-loving, spooky specters come to us from Anne F.! So good!!

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Snippet of Kirigakure Hotaru

MC: Providing him meal & teaching him how to use windmill

Hotaru: *showing happy face*

MC: ( cute..)

MC: *gives him candy*

Hotaru: Putting the candy into his mouth -

Pulling MC to him, kissing her lips so deeply she’s losing her breath, putting his tongue into MC mouth 

And saying it’s delicious.

Me: ∑(;°Д°)

How come something sweet turns into…a.little.bit.of.wild.ride…..

Where do you inherit that kind of trait, Hotaru?

Fufufufu xD

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)