things and gestures i fall in love with:

- when people remember little things about me??
- when they send me a quick ‘hello, i hope you’re doing well!!’
- also when they send me cute song recs that reminds them of me
- when they ask me out for breakfast!!
- listens to me
- listening to them talk about their faves
- the little smile people give when you compliment them??
- how people respond to good morning messages
- supports my choices!!!
- when u actually care about me!!
- the way they talk about their pets
- how they treat little children
- when they give me small, random but cute stuff (i.e: candies, wild flowers, etc)
- when they do kind stuff to me secretly???
- good smellin people!!
- when u help me out with anything!!!
- kind and warm and soft ppl!!!
- being very patient + understanding!!
- knows their limits!!!
- handwritten letters!!!!

special things about the moon signs !

Aries moon - you have incredible perseverance and you are a natural achiever

Taurus moon - you have extraordinary inner wisdom that never goes unappreciated and you make people feel safe

Gemini moon - you have remarkable communication skills and bring enthusiasm to any room you walk into

Cancer moon - you’re highly intuitive and know just what to say to make someone feel good

Leo moon - people can feel your optimistic aura from a mile away and it usually rubs off on them

Virgo moon - you’re probably the most intelligent and self-controlled person your friends know

Libra moon - you’re a natural problem solver and probably give out great advice

Scorpio moon - you’re very observant and know exactly what’s going on around you at any given moment

Sagittarius moon - you have a unique love for humanity and a strong sense of justice

Capricorn moon - you’re extremely productive and thorough in everything you do

Aquarius moon - you’re all about bringing people together but at the same time have a strong sense of self

Pisces moon - you’re tremendously creative and have the ability to think far outside the box