Another edit of an EA dress. The BG maid’s dress, turned into a short blouse with a cute little bow on the back. Comes in the 4 original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 40 colour options in total!! <3
🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 40 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this blouse or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

Okay, Head Canon Time

Marinette only ties her hair with ribbons.

Not hair ties.


It’s just a rule she has. Okay, now imagine all the scenarios that can arise from this

• Tikki helping her tie her hair up in the morning

• Ladybug bringing it up once during patrol to chat

• Chat suddenly buying her loads of different bows and accessories for her to experiment with

• Ladybug letting him play with her hair (after much begging, of course)

• Of course, he learns how to make all these fancy and cute bows and braids

• And of course she’s pleasantly surprised by this so she lets him do it more often

• And they teach each other loads of tips and tricks and its just cute fluff

• And she starts showing up to school with all these new hairstyles and accessories that Chat bought her

• Adrien is too oblivious to figure it out, obviously

• But just imagine if he found out that Marinette does the same thing

• Just fluff

Feel free to add onto this


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Park Chanyeol x Reader - Fluff

Words: 3.5K

Summary: You were straightforward, maybe a bit too straightforward for people’s taste but that’s what made Chanyeol fall for you. Of course, that straightforwardness caused trouble in every interview. Especially when it came to a certain interview with the question, “Who is somebody you have a crush on right now?”

Chanyeol would be lying if he said he didn’t have feelings for you. It was undeniably obvious to his members and probably everyone in SM Entertainment. Park Chanyeol’s feelings for fellow SM star, (L/n) (F/n). From your cute little smile to your infamous straightforwardness, EXO’s rapper couldn’t help but gravitate towards you. Of course, everyone but you knew about his feelings and honestly, it frustrated him. There was a part of him that wished you would just find out so as to save him from actually confessing but there was another part that wanted to confess to you.

Even worse, the FANS knew about his crush. It was ridiculous how sharp the fans were. Fancams would catch the twinkle in his eyes when you stood next to him or how he would immediately dart his head at the sight of you. He found it insane how fans knew about it but you. But maybe you did know and refused to address it? He wasn’t sure.

Oh, right. Straightforwardness. (L/n) (F/n) was known in the K-Pop community for her straightforward personality.

Funniest (L/n) (F/n) Moments (Part 1) was the video title Chanyeol clicked on in his messy dorm room. He loved watching videos about you. L-O-V-E-D. It was his favorite pastime. Besides, the fans are really good at editing so he wouldn’t have to scour through hundreds of interviews to find one of you being sassy.

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