Having dinner
  • Percy: gives a piece of paper to newt*
  • Newt: what's this?
  • Percy: a list of things I want this year for the holidays
  • Newt: You want rope, a silk tie, a bow tie, and bunny ears? I can see why you want the tie and bow, but what is the rope and ears for?
  • Percy: oh you'll see honey ( for a little bit anyway*)

@gettingfriskywithit don’t you know if you tell somebody NOT to do something (like spoiling a certain some one) they are going to end up doing it 😝.

*Gives Kris a cute new bow.

“There you go Kris, now your outfit is even more perfect” 😆

CAN I PLEEASE BE THAT friend that buys you cute stuff and is there when you need stuff to cheer you up. Hey Kris if all the other skeletons are completely ignoring you one day, you got me as backup, k 😉

Also, amazing job @gettingfriskywithit for an amazing character that I seem to already fallen in love with, I love your work, keep it up!

Sorry for the poorly drawn pic, Haven’t had practice drawing Kris yet😅