on this third installment of makeup harry we have:

somewhat of a wannabe alternative harry at a festival in his flower crown and subtle makeup but slightly dark lip looking for his punk boyfriend louis who’s playing today.

a lovely little minx with shiny red gloss on his way to dance all over your soul at tango lesson. he has a performance coming up. is this a good look for him?

a before and after shoot where harry is transformed into a mysterious looking princess (with a fluffy headband) ready to seduce you into his bed or rip your heart out with his flirtatious manner

sexy witch harry stepping into a party he wasn’t invited to! at all. they say he’s likely to cause a scene and wreak havoc but what do they know? he’s really chill. really calm. he’s a cool witch. definitely not offended or angry… but he’s here and HOW dare you not invite HIM? oh he’ll make sure they ALL pay for this!!!!!
(don’t drink the punch)

and lastly little munchkin trying makeup for the first few times and he’s definitely taking a liking to glitter eyeshadow and hair clips. he wonders if that cute blue eyed boy at school will notice him today. he feels so pretty.

i love boys so much. man, boys are so cute, blue eyed boys? heck yea! brown eyed boys! HECK yea! shy boys? yes! tall boys?? 10/10!! short boys?? YES!!! i love all boys, boys are so good

You saw nothing - A liam dunbar ‘Imagine’

well the time has come and all of you know i’m not a writer but i love ya’ll so i did this for you

It was hard enough being a normal teenager, but it was an absolute struggle being a normal teenager in Beacon Hills not to mention being the little sister of the true alpha. It was all too much for you to handle sometimes and you know what the internet says about things that are too much to handle ’ just take a shower and wash away all that stress’. What nonsense you thought, but right now even Buzzfeed crap was worth a try.

“ Scott go ahead and start dinner without me, I’m gonna go take a shower ” you shouted down to your older brother. “(Y/N) don’t g-” you didn’t get a chance to hear the end of his sentence over the sound of the bathroom door slamming.

You slipped out of your bathrobe and turned around to see the cute blue eyed boy who sits behind you in English duct taped inside your bath. Liam Dunbar that’s it. What is a blushing and duct taped Liam Dunbar doing in your bath? You picked up your robe and used it to shield your body as you ran out of the bathroom.

“SCOTT! WHAT THE HELL IS LIAM FROM ENGLISH DOING TAPED UP INSIDE OUR BATHTUB?!?” you shouted down to your brother, red with rage and embarrassment. You ran into your room and put on your iron man T-shirt and pyjama shorts, then walked back into the bathroom and slowly removed the duct tape off of the blue eyed boy’s mouth “you saw nothing Dunbar,” you said looking him dead in the eyes trying your hardest not to melt. “Right, I saw nothing, ” he winked at you.  

  i am a shit writer

Jealous (Part 1)

Pairing: Reader/Ashton

Rating: PG-13

Request : Yes (By the lovely keepcakemashton )

Summary: You're a famous Youtuber and also, bestfriends with 5SOS. You just got out of an abusive relationship so you aren’t ready to enter a new one because you have trust issues. Ashton has feelings for you and gets jealous when you show attention to other boys. He just wants to prove to you how much he loves you and would never ever hurt you.

Small things that may give you feels: Jealous/Protective Ashton & Protective 5SOS

Song inspiration : Jealous x Nick Jonas

Words : 987


I'm currently at a meeting with the boys in Los Angeles, California. Their manager wanted to go over tour dates, M & G’s and rehearsals with them before the show tonight. Everyone seems to be happy, except for Ashton. Calum, Luke & Michael were all into the meeting, but Ashton just seemed to be oblivious, and too absorbed in his own thoughts.

As the meeting went, I started to wonder, what was wrong with Ashton?

He just seemed …. Idk, down.

No smile, no giggling along with the rest of the boys. Just … down.

 "So Ashton, your tweets recently have been a little ..“ Their manager stated.

"Depressing? Yeah, we know.” Michael added.

“Do any of you boys know why?” Their manager asked.

“Im pretty everyone knows except for h-” Luke started.

“Dude” Michael interrupted.

“Sorry” Luke apologized.

“Is it a girl?” Their manager questioned.

“Next topic, please.” Ashton mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.


Everything went quiet for a moment, then Ashton started getting uncomfortable.

“Does anyone want anything from starbucks, I’m gonna run over really quick before we go to rehearsal?” Ashton said getting up.

“Uh yeah can I get three chocolate chip cookies?” Michael asked.

“Ooh, and salted Caramel Mocha?" Luke said.

"Can you add a Hazelnut Macchiato and a-” Calum added.

“Im not gonna remember all this.” Ashton admitted.

“Or be able to carry all of this. I’ll go with you” I offered.

“No it’s fine, I’ll be alright.” He insisted.

“I’ll just go, I wanted something from there anyway. Just text me what you all want.” I told him.

Why the hell did he not want me to go? Ash and I are the biggest coffee drinkers .. I always go with him. Okay something’s definitely wrong with him.

Ashton walked off and I followed behind him. Once we were inside the coffee shop, we stood in line and waited till it was our turn.

“Are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?” I questioned.

“It’s nothing.” He lied.

“I’ve known you boys for years. I know when you’re lying.” I warned him.

“It’s nothing Y/N. Don’t press the issue.” He murmured.

So he admits there’s an issue, he just doesn’t want to tell me.

Luke texted me the list of their order, so Ashton and I just stood there in silence while we waited.

Once it was our turn, I ordered my drink as well as Luke’s, Michael’s and Calum’s order. Ashton order his on his own.

When I was done, I just walked out, without Ashton. He was starting to piss me off.

Everyone was in the loop of why he was upset.

Everyone except me.

As I walked back towards the boys with a drink holder of four drinks and a bag filled with cookies and muffins, I was tapped on the shoulder.

“Um excuse me?” I heard a voice.

I turned around, and a cute, tall, brown haired, blue eyed boy approached me.

“Arent you from Youtube?” He questioned.

“I am.” I smiled.

“You’re hilarious! You do make up and hair videos too, right?” He added.

“I do.” I replied.

“Oh my God, you’re so pretty. You’re even more beautiful in person.” He smiled sweetly.

I blushed and thanked him.

“I’m Jacob, by the way.” He said, holding out his hand for me to take.

“Y/N” I said, shaking it.

“Can I get a picture with you, please? My little sister loves you, she wont believe this.” He said.

“Sure.” I grinned.

Just as Ashton walked by, Jacob stopped him.

“Excuse me, can you take a picture of us?” Jacob asked, handing Ashton the phone.

Ashton couldn’t even hide the disgusted look on his face.

We posed, took the picture and he thanked me. Ashton gave him back his phone and walked off without saying anything.

Wow … Rude much?

Once I got back to the boys, they all stood up.

“Why dont we just head back to the hotel?” Calum suggested.

“Yeah that sounds good.” I said harshly, walking past Ashton.


We all boarded the van and headed back to our hotel room, to rest before the show.

Everytime we go to L.A, we always book a suite in the same hotel. On the top floor with a view, that had a full kitchen, living room, and three seperate/yet connected bedrooms.

They were seperate as far as privacy, but connected because they shared a door. Meaning, I could open my door and be in the boys room. 

One bedroom was for myself, and one for their manager. Then there was the one big bedroom that the boys shared. It had two queen sized beds and one king sized bed. Luke usually slept alone in his queen sized, same with Ashton, then Calum and Michael usually shared the kingsized.

Most of my time was spent in their big room, I never actually slept in my room. I alternated with each of the boys. Last night I fell asleep with Calum and Michael. Tonight I’ll probably be with Luke, since Ashton’s upset.

I got up to our room first.

I immeadiately went to my room and shut the door.

There was only one thing that could get me back in my normal, bubbly mood.

Film a new video.

I decided this would be a good time to film, since the show wasnt for a couple more hours.

I got out my things and prepared for the video. I was just gonna make it an “update” video.

In the middle of the video there was a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I yelled.

I was greeted with a happy Calum.

“Hey, your phone’s ringing." He said.

I shut my laptop and camera down and walked over to my buzzing phone.

"About time you came out. Your phone’s been ringing like hell.” Michael said.

“Five missed calls?” I said out loud.

“From who?” Luke questioned.


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I want to know what possibly could be a good reason to defend this. I don’t care if you have an anti-gay view, but that’s flat out ignorant and rude. And yet millions of people seem to look this over because he’s some cute blue-eyed Vine boy. I, for one, can’t watch this and not be at least a little offended.

Not to mention it completely disregards that straight people spread HIV - but apparently HIV testing is a “gay thing” for him. How intellectually stimulating -_-

“Omg you aren’t really a *insert 5sos boy name* girl stay in your lane !1!1!!!” Bitch I have no lane I am in all the fucking lanes all day every day like one moment I’m like aww my cute giant blue eyed boy the next I’m all stop it you big kitten the other I’m just Ashton what even is your hair and the other I’m like you fucker and you fucking curly hair and tattoos and fucking shirt. Basically I am not a true Ashton, or Luke, or Calum, or Michael, but a true slut for the four of them on the inside. I LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY BUT SOME DAYS I LOVE A CERTAIN ONE OR TWO MORE THAN THE OTHERS DAMN

Carl Grimes: Confesses His Loves For The Reader

“How long were you out there alone?” Rick asks as he drives into a prison yard. 

“A year and a half, at least that’s what I think,” You say, and his eyes widen.

“I’m impressed, but you’re not alone anymore. There are plenty of adults and kids your age around here. Make yourself at home,” He says giving you a wide smile. You both get out of the car and he leaves to talk to a woman.

You dust your pants off and look up to see a boy staring at you. He quickly looks away and you walk up to him.

“Quit your starin’ and come say hi,” you say. He laughs and asks your name. “[Y/N].”

“Carl,” he whispers. He was definitely shy, but he was cute. And something about his blue eyes drew you in.


One month later

“Have you tried these comics?” You ask holding up one of the flimsy books. He nods and you place them back on the shelf. It seems that Carl has read every comic in this prison.

“I have a surprise for you,” Carl whispers. You turn around to see him with a big smile on his face.

“What is it?” You ask. You hated surprises, but this one seemed excited. Especially since it coming from your best friend.

“I can't tell you. I have to show you,” he waves you over and covers your eyes.

“I swear if you try anything stupid, I’ll punch you.” He laughs at the comments and reassures you.

He guides you into the hall, and slowly around the corner, but he quickly lifts his hands from your eyes and grabs your hand. Running in the other direction.

You turn your head to see a dozen walkers at your heels. You let out a small cry, making Carl squeeze tighter. He opens a door and quickly shuts it behind you. The groans slowly passing by.

Carl paces while you walk further into the room to see a blanket, with a candle and food.

“Carl? What’s this?” You ask, and he appears by your side.

“Uh, this, this was the surprise,” he says hesitantly. “Not exactly how I planned on getting you in the room, but I guess it worked.”

Your mouth drops open and you stare at Carl, but his eyes are focused on the ground. “I love it,” you say slowly.

He lifts his head and plants a kiss on your lips, but he backs away slowly. “If you were expecting a punch, it wasn’t coming.” You say, and he smiles before kissing you again.

“I love you so much, [Y/N]. Ever since my dad brought you to the prison.” He says.

“I love you too, Carl. Ever since I laid eyes on the cute blue-eyed boy I saw staring at me coming out of the car.”

Chocolate Milk (Malec)

Based off of this prompt: “yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” idek

Alec shuffled into the bar and immediately regretted going. It was filled with people, all of them dancing to the beat of the too loud music. Alec wasn’t good at communicating with people he didn’t know. He also wasn’t good at dancing. He had been there for less than a minute and he already knew that this wouldn’t end well.

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