take my hand (bill denbrough)

requested by anonymous: “can u write a request where the readers asks bill out to the sadie hawkins dance and they’re both super flustered?”

i love bill denbrough, he’s so soft <3 i love all of them djddjfpjfpw but thank you for this request and hopefully you enjoy this!

pair: bill x reader

warnings: cute bb bill

prompts | request here

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“remember kids, you have four days until the sadie hawkins dance! so ladies, remember to ask out that special someone!” the principal’s voice booms over the intercom before the last bell rings for the day.

everybody burst into chatters and giggles as they talk about who’s going to ask who or who to the dance on friday. you stuff your books and pencils into your bag and slung it over your shoulder. finally, the bell rang and you rushed out the classroom.

once you made it to the school courtyard, you’re best friend ran up to you.

“y/n! there you are!” she threw her hand over your shoulders and walked along with you. “so, who are you going to ask to the dance?”

“damn, straight to the point, huh?” you laugh.

“well duh, why bother with the small chit chat? anyways, who is it?” she pokes your side and you squeal in response.

“well, i don’t know,” you sighed even though you had a clear name that stood out in your mind.

y/b/n stops in her tracks, stopping you along with her, “is it stuttering bill?”

you felt your cheeks tingle, “his name is bill denbrough but, how’d you guess?”

“you think i don’t see the way you look at him when he passes by us in the hallways?” she chuckles, “or how he looks at you?”

your head snapped towards her direction and saw her smirking at you, her arms crossed in front of her chest, “what?”

“what do you mean, what? you two look at each other like lost puppies!” 

“do not!”

“do too!”

“shut up,” you giggle and continued to walk away.

“well, see you tomorrow!” y/b/n called out and you looked over your shoulder and waved goodbye. on the walk home, you thought about asking bill. he’s a kind, cute boy who went through a lot but still manages to be an absolute sweetheart. you want to ask him but you’re so shy and not to mention your fear of rejection.

but hey, you’ll never know until you try.

the next day, y/b/n didn’t show up to school, leaving you to face the horrible world alone. maybe an over exaggeration but how do you describe school in a not so violent way?

you were walking to your next class, your head down, looking over your chapter notes for the quiz coming up later in the day. when you turned the corner, you bumped into someone, sending your papers flying everywhere.

“i-i’m s-so s-sorry, l-let m-me h-help y-you w-with th-that,” you looked up and saw bill snatching paper off the floor and handing them over to you.

“no it’s fine, i should’ve been looking on where i was going!” you stammer as bill handed the last of the papers to you. 

“i-it’s o-okay, l-let m-me w-w-walk y-you t-to c-class,” he said and started to walk with you. “s-so, wh-who are y-you p-pl-planning to a-ask o-out t-to th-the d-dance?”

you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach and you had to keep looking forward to keep your blushing face hidden from bill, “i’m not sure.”

“o-oh. w-well, wh-whoever i-it i-is, h-he’s a l-lucky g-guy,” bill mumbled and you stopped in front of your class.

“really?” you look up at him and he smiled.

“o-of c-c-course. s-see y-you l-later,” bill dashed off to class and you watched him go. you couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as you walked into class and sat down in your seat. 

maybe you would ask him out after all.

“two more days until the dance, y/n,” y/b/n sang as you walked over to your locker. “when are you going to ask someone out?”

you groaned as you put your books into your locker, “soon, okay? i’ll ask someone soon.”

“you can’t wait forever, y/n! boys are getting taken left and right!” y/b/n playfully slapped your shoulder and flounced away to class. you put the rest of your stuff in your locker and closed it. as you walked to your next class, you passed by bill, who was walking with his friends. you locked eyes with him but you looked away quickly. you could’ve stopped him and asked him out right there and then but you already scurried off.

stop being a chicken! you scolded yourself as you entered the classroom, the bell ringing shortly after. 

throughout the whole class period, you were trying to think of ways to ask bill. you loved the idea of having girls ask boys to the dance but fuck, why is it so hard to do so? by the time the dismissal bell rang, you had a semi-plan in your head.

hopefully you’ll be able to do it.

thursday. the dance was tomorrow and you had to ask bill today. no excuses, no nothing. you had a plan, albeit it isn’t the best one, and you were going to execute it right before first period.

when you entered the school, your eyes scanned the hallways for bill and saw him walking alone. perfect, you thought. you made a beeline straight for him and once you were getting closer, all the jitters came at once. that plan you had? yeah, it flung itself out the window.

what if he has a date already? what if he says no? oh god, what if i just word vomit? or just vomit in general? all these thoughts and more were running through your head as you neared bill. you wiped your sweaty palms on your pants and took a breath.

“bill?” you stop right in front of him and he looked up from the floor.

“o-oh, h-hey y-y/n,” bill smiled, “wh-what’s u-up?”

“uh, i just- i wanna- um,” you cleared your throat, it’s now or never, “do you want to go to the dance with me?”

the words came out slowly and you bit your lip, anxiously waiting for a response. you saw blood rush into bill’s cheeks, tinting them a nice pink color.

“y-y-yeah,” bill smiled and you felt your heart burst. 

“wait, really?” you ask, trying to suppress the wide grin coming upon your face but it was impossible. your heart was beating rapidly, butterflies were multiplying by the second in your stomach, and you’re pretty sure that you look like a tomato.

“y-yeah. i-i’m s-surprised y-you a-asked m-me,” bill lets out an awkward chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck, “b-but i-i’ll c-c-come b-by y-your h-house t-tomorrow. i-is th-that o-okay?”

“yeah, that’s fine,” you beam at him, your smile as bright as the sun.

“see you then,” bill gives you another smile and walks off, a slight bounce in his step. you then skipped to your first period, feeling as light as a feather. the whole school day was a blur, your mind focused on what’s to come tomorrow.

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