I’ve been busy all day designing a new logo for my mum’s company! You can buy knitted and crochet items for all ages. Each one is handmade with love and personality, and there’s also worldwide delivery!

If you want to purchase something or have any queries her links are below:


My wife and I, last minute, decided we needed a babymoon after all. So we booked flights to Vegas, which people seem to consistently believe is super weird. It was an awesome babymoon location. We had a non-smoking suite. We went to some awesome restaurants. We saw a Cirque show and had a couple pool days with Virgin drinks and no mosquitos. We took some goofy pics with wax people. I got a prenatal massage. We found a cute little baby blanket. It was perfect!

Wish List 🌌

I don’t know how to do a wishlist like everyone else but I can do this(:
What I needs:

🌈 Super cute Diapers, medium(: if they’re good nites I’m XL.

🌈 Super cute onesies ^.^ (onesiesdownunder)

🌈 Super cute stuffies(:

🌈 Other super cute things(: (baby blankets)

I likes:

🌌 Rainbow Dash (MLP)
🌌Whales 🐳🐋
🌌 Pink, Purple and Blue(:
🌌Paw Patrol

And I beweeve das it!