You know when you’re sitting in a coffee shop with very few people around, and you happen to glance up from whatever you’re doing to catch someone smiling down at their phone? They’re such genuine little grins in that moment. I can’t help but wonder who or what they’re so happy about. Is it a cute text? Is it a cute animal picture? Is it a meme?

Maybe I’ll never know, but in that fragment of time, all I can say is it’s absolutely adorable.

A list of ways Junkrat has tried to steal one of my orbs:

  • While meditating by the cliffs this morning, he crept up behind me and took an orb from its orbit. I let him get nearly back to the base before I recalled it.
    • Unfortunately, he did not manage to let go of the orb in time, so I ended up accidentally dislocating his shoulder. He became Dr. Ziegler and I’s first patient for the day. In addition to the dislocated shoulder, we found:
      • 1 small cut on his chin
      • 3 large abrasions on his hip, shoulder, and knee (from being dragged five feet across the ground before he finally clued in and let go of the orb)
      • 1 mysterious bruise
      • 8 miscellaneous burns
  • He tried to snatch an orb on his way out, but this time, I stared him down until he released it.
  • While I was preparing Dr. Ziegler’s lunch, Junkrat tried to pick-pocket an orb while walking past. I waited until I was leaving the kitchen before I recalled it, the orb rocketting out of his pocket and toppling him over in his chair.
  • After he picked himself up, he tried a dash and grab, but tripped over his own bootlaces before he made it three steps.
  • Let it never be said that Junkrat is not clever: just around 3pm, he realized that if he draped himself across my back and distracted me with cute animal pictures, I would be completely vulnerable.
    • He very nearly got away with it, but Dr. Ziegler pointed out that how odd it was for Junkrat to behave that way towards me. I had to chase him all the way to the engineering workshop, and tackled him through the doorway, but I was able to successfully retrieve my orb.
      • Junkrat had to return to the infirmary because he cracked his head rather hard and I worried about a concussion. His head was fine, but we found more scrapes, bruises, and minor burns.
  • Dinner arrives. Junkrat tries to replace an orb with an apple, but Hana sees him. Soon, everyone is sticking random objects into my orbit. This lasts past dinner and continues until Torbjorn storms in demanding to know where his scrap metal is. It is in my orbit, along with:
    • several spoons
    • a coffee mug
    • the apple
    • a bag of D.Ritos
    • Snowball
    • Genji’s faceplate and several shurikens
    • an entire case (unopened) case of Mt. Dew
    • five grenades
    • twelve rainbow colored gel pens
    • a cellular phone
    • Hanzo’s hair ribbon
    • Hanzo’s arrows and the quiver (separate)
    • four Pachimari keychains
    • and one very confused and unhappy Ganymede
      • Reinhardt grabbed Torbjorn and tried to add him to the cloud, but I told him that it was either one angry dwarf, or many small objects, but not both.
      • They chose one angry dwarf.
      • I am so sorry, Torbjorn. I should not have laughed, but I did.
  • Junkrat tried to take an orb while Torbjorn was floating in angry circles around me, but Lena caught him and made him give it back.

There is still time tonight that he might yet try again, but it is getting later, and there are now several people in the room with me, so hopefully he will give it a rest. He looks very absorbed in a Rubik’s cube at the moment.

reminder for everyone to please do what you need to to cope/distract yourself

play your favorite game, think about your favorite characters, look at cute animal pictures, step away from everything if you need to

please be safe

please take care of yourselves

anonymous asked:

Hey so i read one of your works on Ao3 and it was super adorable and i loved it, it was about stiles and derek sharing a broom closet of an apartment in nyc and cuddling thier way through their issues with eachother and then you wrote a hashtag epilogue, and i can't stop thinking about how much i wanted the epilogue to be another story so i figured i'd ask, my names scarletwaters on Ao3, ok bye and thank you if you decide to write it :)

little spoon

I had given absolutely ZERO thought to writing a sequel to this, and then I read your message and the ideas started flooding in. Go figure.

also on ao3


Being Derek’s boyfriend goes surprisingly well for a whole year. They move out of the tiny “apartment” into a slightly less tiny apartment. They continue to spoon; they become spooning masters; they are the gods of spooning. Stiles gets the best sleep of his life, and so does Derek. The non-sleeping aspect of the whole dating thing takes a bit more time to iron out, sure, but they get there. Slowly but surely, they figure out how to hold hands on the couch while watching Netflix without getting weird about it. They figure out, to their mutual relief, that endearments weird them both out, but there are other little things they both like even if they’d never admit it on pain of death, such as forehead kisses. They figure out how to do the whole shower sex thing without serious injury. Stiles also finds out Derek is awesome at cooking, when he can be assed to do it. Stiles figures out a lot of very creative ways to motivate him.  

All in all, awesome.

Then…. well, then It happens.

It’s been about a year and three months when, one day, Stiles happens to see Derek coming out of a jewelry store.

He wasn’t following Derek or anything, he wants the record to be very clear on that; it’s just, they were going to meet up at the Chinese restaurant on the corner for dinner, and Stiles got there early. Usually Stiles doesn’t arrive early anywhere ever, but this time one of his classes got canceled at the last minute and he suddenly had all this spare time, and so he went ahead and snagged them a table at the restaurant.

That’s where he is when it happens, just people-watching out the window and contemplatively sipping his oolong. That’s when the door to the jewelry store across the street opens and Derek comes out, head down, busy tucking a suspicious little black box into his inner jacket pocket, and Stiles spits out his tea all over the table because what the fuck.

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Explained: Russian cat meme
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Yuuri Katsuki-Induced Feels

Summary: YOI Retirement AU by @skygemspeaks . An emotional discovery of Yuuri Katsuki- the skater.

(+ Extra: Yuuri’s friends only need to put two and two together)

Warnings: OCs, OC-centric, Feels Attack, Fangirling OCs, Crying, Tears, Actually Not Sad.

Disclaimer: Don’t own YOI.


When Rick entered his dorm room, he stopped.

There, on the bed opposite Rick’s, sat his roommate Will, head bowed, shoulders shaking, phone clutched close to his chest with trembling hands, and slightly sniffling. His leg would occasionally bounce and his foot would tap the floor. There was a pillow discarded next to him.

Rick took in these details and determined that Will was simply riding out the aftermath of what he called a ‘Feels Attack’. Better leave him to his privacy.

Decision made, Rick moved to leave, but Will chose that moment to raise his head and catch sight of Rick.

Rick froze as he locked eyes with Will. Oh wow, Rick thought, dazed, had Will been crying? That must have been one hell of a Feels Attack.

Rick sighed; his earlier plan of leaving discarded, and moved to sit with Will.

“What happened? Were you reading angsty fanfics again?”

Rick put an arm around Will as Will’s lower lip wobbled and tears started to gather in his eyes, Will’s voice was shaky as he spoke, “No, it’s Yuuri.”

“What happened with Yuuri?” the fond, exasperated 'this time’ went unsaid but clearly heard.

Ah, Yuuri Katsuki.

Yuuri Katsuki was an innocent, fluffy ball of cuddly adorableness and sheer cuteness.

He shared a couple of classes with Rick and Will.

He was older than them by a few years and taking classes to continue his education; apparently, he hadn’t continued after taking his first degree at twenty three due to complications in his job (he was retired now, he had said).

99.9% of Rick and Will’s classmates crushed on Yuuri. So did Rick and Will.

Except that Will was a… special case.

“I… I just realized how beautiful Yuuri is. So beautiful. So graceful. So enchanting. So emotive. So expressive. So breathtaking. So… so taken!” Will burst into tears.

Rick rubbed Will’s back in soothing circles.

It took fifteen minutes for Will’s crying and sobbing to quiet down and turn into sniffles.

(It was a statement to how normal this occurrence, Will getting emotional and crying, was that the occupants of the neighboring dorm rooms didn’t suddenly barge into their room in a frantic worry. Rick knew that if he opened social media, he’d find Will tagged in legions of posts containing cute animal pictures.)

“So,” Will began, raising his phone in Rick’s direction, “I kind of obsessed a bit and googled Yuuri. I triple checked the results to make sure it’s actually Yuuri and I’m not getting results mixed with another Yuuri Katsuki. Look at what I found on youtube alone.”

Will unlocked his phone’s screen and showed Rick a video on youtube. Rick took the phone from Will, who pressed himself into Rick’s side, grabbed his arm and put his chin on Rick’s shoulder, his eyes glued to the phone’s screen. Whatever it was, it must be something, Rick thought as he pressed 'play’. The sound of guitar strings came out of the phone’s speaker as the video started.

The only sounds in the room for the next few were the ones coming from the video; Rick and Will were completely still, they weren’t even breathing.

“Oh, wow,” Rick breathed out, putting a hand to his furiously beating heart, “That was, wow….”

Will was nodding furiously into his shoulder and tightly clutching his arm.

“I’d kiss his skate, too,” Rick confessed.

“I’d let him skate all over me and then thank him for it,” Will whispered fervently.

As the next video in the playlist loaded, Will let out a low whine.

“This one, oh god this one”

Rick noted with dread and anticipation that this video had ’+THE KISS!!!!’ in its title.

By the end of the video, Rick completely understood.




After the group of teenagers who just interrupted their outing to ask Yuuri for autographs and photos left, Maria and Sara were understandably confused. Especially with Rick and Will practically vibrating in their seats in excitement with crazy gleams in their eyes, clutching their phones to their chests.

“What… just happened?” Maria asked.

“I,” Yuuri started, a blush dusting his cheeks, “am a retired competitive figure skater?”

Will let out a muffled squeal. Rick stood, “Not just any retired competitive figure skater!”

Sara and Maria watched, wide eyed, as Rick launched into what sounded like a list of Yuuri’s achievements during his figure skating career. Yuuri’s face was turning redder by the second.

Maria’s and Sara’s eyes grew wider with every mention of world record, gold, silver, bronze, Grand Prix, Japanese Nationals, Four Continents Championship, and Worlds.

-and he got silver in PyeongChang!

Maria’s and Sara’s jaws dropped at the last detail.

Will raised his phone, “Shall I show you the Eros routine?”

Rick grinned, “Or Yuri On Ice?”

“Or, or the Stammi Vicino Non Te Ne Andare pair skate?”

“Or The Kiss™?”

Yuuri let out a muffled squeak and hid his flaming red face in his hands.

“Wait,” Maria started slowly, “The Kiss™?”

She took out her phone and fiddled with it for few seconds, then she turned the screen in the other’s direction, on it was a picture of the Infamous Victuuri Kiss™ (it was even captioned as such).

“This is Yuuri?” Maria asked, shocked.

“YES!” Rick and Will answered her enthusiastically.

“Waaaaaaiiiit.” Sara squinted at the screen, then her eyes widened and she whipped her head to look at Yuuri, “hey, I read a fanfic about you, once!”

Yuuri raised his head to look at her in disbelief. She blushed.




distractions / coping methods

hello! i thought since some of you may be struggling with suicide, self harm, anxiety, etc. i should try giving you some methods of dealing with it in a more positive and non harmful ways. these ones work best for me.

• listening to music
• taking a nap / sleeping
• having a nice warm shower / bath
( extra tip : add bubbles!! )
• looking at cute animal pictures
• drawing on yourself
( extra tip : use a red marker, it helps with being more realistic )
• painting / drawing
• talking / texting / hanging out with someone who you enjoy
• watch tv shows / movies etc.
( extra tip : be a burrito in a heap of blankets )
• dance or sing, or both!
• write down poetry / how you’re feeling
• play video games
• remember some of you’re favorite memories
• remind yourself of the things you like about yourself
• put on some fuzzy socks (they make everything better)
• make hot coco, coffee, or tea!
• eat a nice snack you like
• read a book!
• look at old birthday cards
• hug a stuffed animal
• hug a real animal
( extra tip : if it’s fluffy and nice, all the better )
• stretch! stretching helps you relax more
• eat some candy
• anything that helps you!

no matter how big or small, just try anything you think will help you feel better or at least distract yourself from harmful intentions or thoughts.

stay safe everyone!

Dating Kim Seokjin
  • him sending you good morning texts every day when he’s overseas
  • him tagging you in cute animal pictures he comes across on his timeline through his private account
  • getting into debates frequently about who cooks the best food
  • having cute dates at amusement parks 
  • not to mention coffee shop dates
  • “Did you know “Why did the chicken cross the road” was really about suicide?”
  • “Jin… Are you okay?”

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character: park jihoon

genre: fluff

style: bullet

summary: you visited a convenient store at 2 am single day and the cashier notices you

  • so, there is this convenient shop near your apartment
  • it’s so near, so, go there every day
  • literally.
  • and you don’t go to the convenient store after class or in the morning
  • you go to the convenient store at freaking 2 am in the morning, which is just an hour away from the “ghosty” hour
  • but you don’t really care so-
  • you always go there at 2 am to buy milk
  • like the small size with some cute animal picture on it, most likely a cow cause that’s where milk usually comes from
  • and it’s always the same type of milk, the original one
  • no strawberry milk or chocolate milk or melon milk, just plain milk
  • and since you go there every day at 2 am, there was definitely nobody else besides the cashier
  • the chances of someone else being there at the same time as you is 1/7
  • and the funny thing is, you ALWAYS saw the same cashier
  •  but you didn’t mind seeing him every day because that cashier was fine as hell
  • you lowkey liked him because of his looks and wish you got to know him more
  • you didn’t expect him to notice him or anything because he looked like he didn’t care and probably had someone else to drool over
  • but, of course, he would recognise you because how can he not?
  • in fact, he recognised you since the second day you came
  • plus, you literally go there every day at 2 am and he’s always the one working during the night shift
  • he would be blind and dumb to not realise you
  • plus, you were cute
  • and since you guys already recognise each other, it was a matter of time before one of you started speaking up
  • well, at least something other than him telling you the price of your milk, and you saying “thank you”
  • “hey, since i’m going to see you every day, might as well get to know your name. so, what’s your name, cutie?“
  • you blushed at him calling you "cutie” because it wasn’t every day you get somebody calling you that
  • especially not from someone as good looking as him
  • “y/n. yours?”
  • “jihoon.”
  • “so, jihoon. are we friends now?”
  • "i guess we are, but i want to be something more than that.”
  • your ears turned red by the words
  • “im not an easy girl, jihoon.”
  • jihoon smirked and let out a little chuckle* “i don’t mind. we can take it slow.”
  • and he just suddenly winked and it made your cheeks burn
  • "see you tomorrow,” you said before leaving the store quickly
  • when you were out of his sight, he placed his right hand on his heart before sitting down and found himself smiling alone
  • after that day, when you entered the store, you were upset
  • the milk you wanted was out stock
  • or so you thought
  • you unwillingly picked up the strawberry milk flavoured and walked to the counter with a sad heart because you weren’t going to leave the store empty handed
  • “what’s with the sad look?” jihoon asked, noticing the sad look on your face
  • “the milk i wanted is finished,” you answered and paid for the strawberry flavoured milk
  • jihoon let out a chuckle before placing the milk you wanted on the counter
  • “here, i saved the last one for you,” jihoon explained and took the strawberry one away from you.
  • your eyes were gleaming in happiness as you looked at the milk
  • it looked like you just won a million dollars
  • and jihoon was smiling as well because you looked so cute smiling
  • “JIHOON-AH, THANK YOU SO MUCH! OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU!” you excitedly exclaimed without thinking and hugged him tightly
  • jihoon didn’t hug you back, though, he was in shock
  • did you just confess to him?
  • when you realised what you said, you broke the hug and looked at him, feeling embarrassed
  • “i-i-i’m sorry,” you apologised. “i didn’t mean-”
  • “i love you too,” jihoon interrupted you
  • you weren’t sure if you heard it right
  • “really?” you asked him, wanting to make sure you heard the right thing. “you barely even know me.”
  • “then, let me get to know you,” jihoon said before lead forward a little, wanting to kiss you
  • but you immediately stopped him and smirked
  • “yah, jihoon, i’m not an easy girl~ get to know me first, and maybe try to kiss me again,” you said with a wink before leaving the store. 
  • jihoon just stood there with another dumb smile on his face, not believing that you just rejected a kiss from him
  • so, the following day, when you entered the store, jihoon immediately came to you and gave you the milk that you wanted.
  • “for you,” he said.
  • you stood there in confusion but took the milk anyway.
  • “if you’re not in a rush, stay here,” jihoon said. “talk with me. i get lonely.”
  • you looked at him with a smile and agreed to stay since you had nothing to anyways
  • so, you guys hung out and began talking about random things
  • you found that his full name was park jihoon and he actually studies at a college nearby yours
  • but after all the talking, you decided that it was best if you head up and actually got some sleep
  • which he totally agreed to because it was almost 4 am?
  • you were almost out of the store, but then he stopped you
  • “hmm?”
  • “can i kiss you now?” jihoon asked with a grin. “or maybe, can we at least date?”
  • “if you buy me lunch tomorrow, i’ll think about it,” you answered and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving.