Happy Hatchday to Willa!

Today Willa turned one years old, so to celebrate, here are a few throwback photos to when she was just a baby!

Here is our first time meeting Willa. Instant heart-melt as you can clearly see!


Willa meets Loki for the first time. Obviously, it was love at first sight!

Willa’s first day home. What a peanut she was! 

And Willa’s first shower reveals her true identity as a spiky dinosaur!


Willa is still cute as can be. She has grown beautifully and, despite being the baby, is the strongest flier in the flock! She loves cuddle time with Loki and her parents, yet is a fierce independent spirit who loves her play time and causing a ruckus. Happy hatchday to Willa! In just one short year, you’ve come a long way, baby.