I’m almost halfway done weaving the magenta shawl (visit links for earlier posts on the project). The fabric wound around the front fabric beam is showing the back side of the fabric. The pattern is different on the fabric back. On the loom, the weft yarn (horizontal in these photos) looks very three dimensional, while the warp yarn looks flat. The warp is under high tension, which makes it the yarn thinner than it actually is. When the shawl is taken off the loom, the warp yarn will fluff up again and look more balanced in relation to the weft yarn.

I like to weave in the morning before breakfast. It’s quiet and the quality of the natural light is perfect. Pablo often hangs out on my stool when I’m not using it.

This project is making me appreciate having a yarn stash with no idea of what I might make with the yarn and spinning and dyeing yarn without a clear purpose in mind. The project was a spontaneous one. I tend to be more of a planner, usually.