you stop when i goddamn tell you to stop Since this is doing the rounds again, I want to promote the Bunny Rescue I work at. Guys, please look up Bluey and Alice’s Rabbit Refuge and give us lots of love. Donations go to medical procedures for the buns and improves their quality of life. Franky here was just recently adopted and we’re looking to make happy endings for all of our bunnies.

chaos-starter-pack  asked:

Can you do a BigBang reaction of when their s/o spams them with some dank memes? Thank you x

Yay, my first request, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it :)


You showed Jiyoung some film and celebrity memes, which he really enjoyed, so he started taking a look for some on his own phone. “Hey wait! It’s me! Look Y/N, I’m a meme!” Very amused. “This dog doesn’t really look like me, does it?”


Seunghyun would be happy you showed him the memes, but you wouldn’t know how much he enjoyed them until later. At night when you woke up with no one in bed with you, you crept into the living room, you found him on Instagram. When you asked him what he was up to, he would proudly show you an entire string of memes he had made himself. They were all completely incomprehensible to anyone but him.


You would show him some of your favourite memes, and he would be really exited! Dope memes babe, congrats! (Youngbae please, no). He would remember them, and quote them all the time, it would be really fun, until it got old. He would continue having fun with the memes until you no longer liked them, and beyond. He would only stop when he himself stopped enjoying them.


He would totally get into memes, not hard-core like Taeyang, but he would probably be the one to send you loads of cute animal memes he found online all the time. “Look Y/N, this kitten is so cute, he’s even standing up like people!”


You would have fun showing each other memes, and sometimes even quote memes to each other. A lot of the time he would tease you by pretending not to know what you were talking about. When a perfect meme-quoting moment came, you would barely have time to open your mouth, before he had taken the words out of your mouth. Cheeky meme-stealing panda.