shut off the lights (niall horan oneshot)

prompt idea: so I’ll turn off the lights, get into bed and imagine that you’re here with me. (the one where niall is away on tour and you have one of your bad days)

“are you sure you’re alright (y/n)?” The voice of your co-worker, Mason, spoke as you looked through the crack of your apartment door, threatening to close it any moment you felt.

You nodded your head, but Mason didn’t look convinced (and for good reason), still you added, “Yeah, I’m alright, just feeling a little tired, that’s all. Thank you for walking me home.” You added a smile for extra reassurance.

Mason smiled and waved to you as he turned to leave, “Goodnight, (Y/N) get some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

As soon as Mason was out of sight, you closed the door. Letting out a soft breath you leaned back against the door, slowly sliding down to the floor, resting your head on your knees.

It’d been a really, really, really bad day. It was one of those days where you felt vulnerable to everything around you, nothing made you happy, but nothing made you feel particularly awful either. 

You checked your watch to see what time it was: 19:14 (7:14 pm).

Was it too early to go to bed?

You pushed yourself up from the floor and proceeded to take off your shoes and let down your hair, running your fingers through its wavy length. You looked at yourself in the mirror, grimacing at your own complexion. 

As you began to take off your uniform, your phone started to ring playing Niall’s ringtone: Here Comes The Sun

He was your sunshine afterall.

Only in a bra and your underwear you walked to where you’d left your phone to charge on the kitchen table, quickly picking it up.


“Hi baby, how was work today?” You heard Niall’s soft voice on the other end of the line.

You shrugged before answering, “It’s been a bad day.”

“Well that doesn’t sound too good, are you alright (Y/N)?” 

You couldn’t help the tears from welling up in your eyes, were you okay?

You didn’t know how to answer except for with a soft sniffle.

“Don’t cry.. What’s wrong, love?” Niall’s voice was soft and soothing, but it only seemed to make you want to cry more, 

It was silent for a moment, only the sounds of Niall’s soft breathing your near silent cries.


“I just miss you.. A lot. I think about you constantly.” You finally answer, proceeding to wipe at your eyes.

“I miss you too, angel, I’ll be home soo-” 

“It’s more than that, Ni.” 

Niall is silent for a moment.

“Then what is it?” 

You hold the same silence Niall had before quietly murmuring, “I’ll turn off the lights, get into bed and imagine that you’re here with me. Just like I always have, and will always do until you’re home with me.”

“Oh, (Y/N)..”

“I think I’m just going to go to bed.” You say, tired of the conversation, an abnormal feeling because let’s face it.. you could never be tired of Niall.

You hear Niall sigh softly.

“I love you, (Y/N). Why don’t you wear one of my shirts tonight, alright?” 

“I love you too, Ni.” You answer, pausing before saying, “Goodnight. I’ll call you tomorrow.” 

“Goodnight, princess.” 

After that the line disconnects and you know he’s just hung up. You can’t shake that feeling, and you figured it would be easier just to go to sleep. Reaching back to unclip your bra, you tossed your dirty one into the clothes hamper before walking to the space in your dresser where Niall left clothing for himself for when he stayed over. 

You pulled one of his shirts, still soaked in his signature cologne, and pulled it over your head. It smelled just like him, and if you pretended for long enough, you could almost feel Niall’s arms around you.

Walking back towards your bed, you pulled the covers out and crawled underneath them. In the moments before you slept, you reached out grabbed the stuffed dog Niall had won you at a carnival a few years back as a promise of buying the two of you a dog one day. You smiled at the memory as you pulled it closer to your chest, closing your eyes.

Not long after, you’d managed to fall asleep.

It was dark outside now, well after 21:00 (9:00), as Niall pulled his keys out of his pocket, including the apartment key you’d given him well over a year ago now. Niall let out a soft yawn as he unlocked your apartment door, quietly letting himself in.

He had been planning to surprise you with the break they’d earned from the tour. When he called, he’d been on a train heading home from Manchester, giving you no idea of his return. In his hand he held a bouquet of flowers, lilacs, as he knew they were your favorite. 

Setting them down on the table alone with his keys, wallet, and phone he toed off his shoes, making sure to be as quiet as he could possibly be. As he walked to your room, he couldn’t help but to smile because he could wait to sleep beside the girl he was in love with for the first time in over three months. 

Opening the door quietly, he snuck inside, only to stop and admire the way you slept, curled in a ball facing the wall, your hair spread out across the pillows, holding on to the stuffed dog he’d won you,

Unbuckling his belt, he slowly got undressed, taking off his pants and his shirt, folding them up and setting them on the floor beside the bed, before lifting the blankets and crawling in.

It smelled like home to him.

He shifted closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body up against his. He couldn’t help but smile as your body subconsciously leaned back against his.

Ever so gently he placed a hand underneath your (his) shirt, starting to lightly rub your side as he pressed his lips down against the side of your head, leaning down to whisper in your ear, “I’m home.”

In your daze of sleep, you were only able to register the feeling of something holding you, before you became hyper-aware of a hand rubbing up and down your side.

And then it was a voice mumbling “I’m home” into your ear. 

You were suddenly wide awake. You rolled over to face him, only to gasp when you see Niall. Not wanting to ask questions you latched onto his body, closing your eyes tightly as you nuzzled your face into his neck, feeling his chest vibrate in a soft chuckle.

“Is this a dream?” You asked, looking up at him with teary eyes, your smile wider than it’s ever been before.

“I don’t know, let me check.” Niall smiled before reaching down and pinching your butt, making you jump slightly.

Huffing softly you lightly slapped his chest, making him laugh.

“Guess that means I’m real!” He said and this time you laughed with him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging his warm body closer to yours.

Niall began to press soft kisses to your cheek as he pulled you even closer to him. 

“I can’t believe you’re here.” 

“You can’t? Is it a bad thing?”

You laughed as happy tears rolled down your cheek, shaking your head you held on to him for dear life.

“No. of course it’s not, i just missed you so god damn much.”

Niall reached up, cupping your cheeks in his hands and gently wiped your tears away with his thumbs, speaking softly to you, “I’m here now, I promise.” 

Leaning down Niall connected his lips to yours, his smile evident as your lips moved together. You rested your hands on Niall’s shoulders, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling him closer.

Niall didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around your small body, supporting you under your butt as the kiss intensified.

“I missed you, (Y/N).” Niall murmured against your lips.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” You whispered back.

a/n: might need to edit this later, what did you guys think?

Imagine your OTP


*A get’s up to leave but B grabs their hand*

Person B: *calm* Nope you’re staying.

Person A: *angry* Why should I stay here with you?

Person B: Because you love me.

Person A: *angry and on the verge of tears* WHO SAYS I AM?! WHAT IF I DON’T LOVE YOU?!

Person B: *gently takes sobbing A into their arms* I know that is just the tears talking, and you love me because you wouldn’t get this upset over someone you don’t love. Under those tears, I know you’re madly in love with me.

Person A: *laughs softly and wipes away a few tears* How are you so calm when I yell at you?

Person B: Because I’m madly in love with you too.