I looked into your eyes and for the first time in a very long time, I felt happy. I had forgotten what that felt like until I met you.


Love isn’t something you feel. That initial spark isn’t true love at all.

Love isn’t when you feel connected to your partner.

Love is when you stick with your partner when that connection fades and you make things work. It’s about not letting your spark die because things get rough.

Love isn’t about pretending like the other person is perfect.

Love is not caring about their flaws because their flaws compliment your own.

Love isn’t buying someone a gift to make them happy.

Love is about constantly trying to give unconditional support and affection. You don’t have to buy anything to earn someone’s love.

Love isn’t always sunshine and flowers.

Love is sometimes difficult and makes you want to cry in frustration but you stay with them because you can work through it together as you both will work to fix it.

Love isn’t being “ride or die” when someone is unfaithful or abusive.

Love is when those feelings and actions are reciprocated.

Love isn’t a feeling. It is a choice, and a mutual one at that.