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how do you feel about cute afro people who like cats so so much because cats are so fluffy and adorable !! how do you feel about people that love art so much and make art, listen to art and want to be the art.

i adore and want to b hugging and holding hands with those people all the time and im constantly thinking bout them. why you ask?

Okay so I have 3C type hair and with shrinkage it goes like a inch or two below my shoulders(I usually tie my hair up in a bun) and straightened it goes to my mid-back. I really want a haircut because 1. It’s summer and it’s hot AF and 2. I’m ready for a change. The thing is I’m worried I won’t be able to pull off shorter hair I have a really round head and people have told me it’ll just make my head look bigger. I don’t know I guess I’m just scared but I’m been going on Pinterest and seeing all these Giles with cute ass short afros and I’m so jealous. Plus I don’t want to cut it too short maybe just like a inch or two above my shoulders. And whenever I tell someone I’m thinking about getting it cut they’re like “Omg!! Why would you do that your hair so nice! Stop being ungrateful” and I appreciate the compliment and while I do love my hair I just want a change.

August 23, 2016 (Day 59)

9:30 am…74 degrees

“Hey, babe? Did you see they are having a massive power outage in New York?” Rick chuckled. “They talk about us not being able to handle snow in the South, but it seems like every summer the power gets overloaded and goes out and you see a mass of people walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to get home cause the subway is down. Talking about our infrastructure can’t handle the cold, well theirs can’t handle the heat.”

Michonne glanced up from her magazine as Rick came into the living room. “You’re getting a real kick out of this, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I get sick of hearing them play ‘Deliverance’ every time they show a car stuck in a few inches of snow back home. Back home we need to start running these stories from up here and playing something like ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ That would—“

Rick’s sentence was interrupted by a loud pop that was immediately followed by the power going out.

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She’s @doesmymelaninoffendyou on Instagram. She teaches a lot about natural hair. Plus, her hair is sooo long and she actually step-by-step teaches people how to grow their hair. She will help create a detailed hair regime for you, if you ask and it’s free! If you have any other questions just DM her, she actually responds.✨👩🏾‍💻

Someone on DA suggested I make a poc centaurette to make up for the lack of color in the original group. At some point in the movie there was a little black centaur, but the way she was portrayed was very racist (and I think she was edited out later on for that very reason). My starting point was her design, but somewhere along the line I erred away from it :)