Person A of your OTP has to babysit a friend’s younger brother/nephew, while Person B wants to hang out with A desperately. But the only way B and A can hang out is for the former to come along on the babysitting job. B, slightly jealous and annoyed, indirectly competes with the kid for A’s attention during their trip to the zoo. At the end of the day, everyone enjoy themselves, including B, who’s starting to like the kid A babysits. Bonus: A and B gets mistaken as parents because the three of them look like a ‘happy family’. Extra: A teases B when they starts talking about the idea of having kids or “why hadn’t I noticed children are THIS adorable?”

I was tapped on the shoulder and someone said, ‘hello,’ and wanted to say hi. They walked away and balked for a second and came back and said, ‘I’m a fan.’ It was Justin Bieber. I love that kid now. Love him. Sweetheart. All the sudden, I want to take him under my wing and look after him. He’s a sweet, smiley, little shy kid. Let’s be honest. It was a little bit of an ego stroke. But it was also sweet.
—  James Marsden on meeting Justin Bieber at the MET Gala [x]