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Saruhiko giving flowers to Misaki/Misaki giving flowers to Saruhiko <3

For Fushimi, I think someone probably talks him into giving Yata flowers, like say he and Yata have a fight and Fushimi’s in an extra bad mood because of it which is when someone suggests he give Yata flowers as an apology. Maybe the fight was actually about Fushimi’s lack of romantic gestures anyway, like Yata’s always showing Fushimi a lot of affection and while he understands that Fushimi’s not really a naturally affectionate or demonstrative person the way Yata is it also makes Yata feel kinda unappreciated sometimes, like does Fushimi even really want to be with him at all since he barely ever acts like they’re even together. The fight puts Fushimi in an extra bad mood because he really does love Misaki he just has no idea how one is supposed to express that and anyway Fushimi thinks demonstrative displays of affection like buying your partner gifts is stupid anyway (largely because he’s insecure at the very idea and so hates it by default). There’s also probably that small lingering doubt that’s always in the corner of his mind, that surely Yata deserves better than him anyway and maybe it’s best if he just leaves and lets Yata find someone new who actually deserves him. The alphabet squad sees how upset Fushimi is and decides they must intervene to save Fushimi-san’s love life, many ideas are floated as to how Fushimi can apologize. Fushimi insists that he doesn’t need to apologize to stupid Misaki but everyone is very insistent, like don’t you want him to know how you really feel, Fushimi-san. In the end Fushimi really does want to find a way to make it up to Yata, like he knows that he’s not the easiest boyfriend to have and as much as he tells himself Yata might be happier without him in truth Fushimi knows that he can’t be happy without Yata.

So the alphabet squad all gets together an they give Fushimi some money and shove him in the direction of the nearest flower shop. Fushimi quickly gets overwhelmed by all the fancy bouquets, like the romantic ones are way too sappy and over the top and he doesn’t want to give Yata something like that. Plus Fushimi’s allergies are acting up and he just wants to get out of there. Then maybe he spies some small arrangement, like just a couple sunflowers and he has the ridiculous thought that they remind him of Misaki’s smile and suddenly he finds himself buying them without really thinking. He shows up at their apartment a bit later, debating whether he should just throw the flowers away and leave, which is when Yata appears behind him, having just returned from his part time job. Fushimi mutters that he was just leaving, the flowers hidden behind his back, and tries to slip away, which is when Yata yells his name and blocks his way. Fushimi expects Yata to say something about how things aren’t working out and he’s had enough of Fushimi and that he can’t make excuses for Fushimi anymore, braced fully for the rejection he knows has to be coming.

Then he’s surprised when Yata’s face flushes a little as Yata pulls his own bouquet of forget-me-nots from behind his back and shoves it in Fushimi’s face, saying that okay, yeah, Saruhiko is a jerk sometimes but at the end of the day no matter what he’s also the one person Yata can’t forget or leave behind, and he knows that he can’t force Fushimi into a romantic role that doesn’t suit him. Turns out Yata went to Bar Homra after the fight and got a similar pep talk from his clan, that okay Fushimi’s not very romantic towards you but you also know how he is and that if Yata really loves Fushimi and if he’s afraid that Fushimi doesn’t love him then he needs to say it straight out rather than hiding behind arguments about gifts and displays of affection. Fushimi stares at the flowers for a moment and then slowly pulls his own bouquet out, half-throwing it at Yata as he looks down and mumbles that the flowers remind him of Misaki’s smile. Yata’s shocked that Fushimi actually bought flowers for him and the reason behind the choice just makes him feel this sudden rush of affection for his stupid boyfriend, soon they’re all hugging and apologizing and they end up going out and buying cute matching vases to display their respective bouquets in.

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Puntastic anon--- *arrives on a tricycle while the bike horn cover of last suprise plays* I cannot phantom how much thirst this fandom has, butt all jokes aside your edits are quite good and your writing is pawsome.

I treasure your praise, anon! <3 Things definitely never get watered down in this fandom, and I’m glad my edits can spice things up! Thank you for liking my writing too!! I can’t pawsibly express meow much it means to me. ;A;