cute wedding gift

If you ever feel sad …

Look at this ..

… or this ..

… at this one …

… or even this …

… or at this. ♥


And If you feel really, really sad, look at this and smile♥

A smiling Chibi or gardener Gaara can save a really bad day ..♥
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This super cute and special pokemon umbreon and espeon wedding couple are perfect and memorable gift to make bride super happy! l made tuxido for the male umbreon and wedding dress for espeon✨ In japan, pokemon center released eeveelution pokemon plush dolls and l thought they will look adoble with wedding outfit🎉🌹🎀❤ this is only one in the world💕 thats why they will be perfect gift for perfect wedding🎀 This is a one of kind and none will have the same! This original umbreon and espeon plush dolls are japan exclusive, so it is already very special! ~The plush is perfect for~ + Casual gift + Wedding + Baby shower + Birthday + Ceremony l made a wish for the owner of them will have nice wedding and forever love💕 If you have any question, please feel free to ask me! This special wedding pikachu couple will be shipped from Japan. I use international standard shipping service, it will take about 5 to 10 business days. international tracking number $4.60 is included. So please shop with confidence! I wish worldwide :) Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day~

What is marriage?

‘Marriage is a partnership
To treasure all life through.
It’s showing trust, respect and love,
In everything you do.
It’s laughing with each other,
Over silly little things,
Enjoying all the fun,
That sharing life together brings.
It’s making plans,
And chasing dreams
And growing old together.
It’s knowing that,
This special sense,
Of joy will last forever’