cute valentine gift ideas for him


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Could you please do some boyfriend headcanons for Prussia? Thank you.

  • He was a stuttering, flushing mess when he first asked you out, or vice versa.
  • He is a huge cuddler and hugger when you two are alone. He’s very paranoid and terrified of how fragile each moment is, and frankly he never really wants to let you go. 
  • Sometimes his depression and anxiety get the better of him, and he thinks that you don’t really care for him.
  • His petnames for you are dearheart, leibling, schatzen, and treasure. His favourite however is Princess/Prince.
  • He tries to downplay the multitude of gifts he buys for you as “I thought of you. Don’t make a big deal out of nothing.”
  • Car trip duets are the shit.
  • He tries hard not to be overly romantic for fear of smothering you, and was shocked when you started to go out of your way to romance him instead.
  • He tries every cute couple idea he’s seen on social media.
  • When he asked to kiss you for the first time, he jokingly said “Do it for the Vine.”
  • He is utter meme trash, and your Valentines from him would include fandom jokes and terrible puns.
  • He accidentally proposed on the second date when you quoted the breadstick meme. “Marry me,” he said in total awe. “Maybe when you’re older.”


So my Adventure Time fandom friend and I decided that we needed to make cards this year. Hurray.

Books for that cute bespectacled bookish boy in your life - and if you really want to impress, make him a hand-crafted, locally sourced book rack for his antlers, so he can show off your excellent taste in books and his excellent taste in Valentines.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Stumped on what to give your sweetheart? Here are a few V-Day gift suggestions!

Guys love sentimental things just as much as we do, ladies. So this year, instead of your average drug store card, try these super sweet love books! The “reasons why” and “our love story” books are a great way to write cute little notes to your love and remind him why he’s the best! Hand him this sweet personalized gift after you cook him his favorite meal or bake him his favorite dessert.

Another great gift idea is anything engraved. Money clips, pocket knives, bottle openers, and key chains are great practical gifts that will always have him thinking of you every time he reaches for it! 

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Any ideas on Valentine's Day gifts?? I'm stuck! I wanted to take him out to eat but he has that male provides mentality xD so I went Pinterest and saw cute stuff but any cute ideas??

You should get a mason jar and decorate it with his favorite colors and put cute,funny,loving messages in there.

or this

or just get some sharpie markers and put whatever you want on the mug and put it in the oven for 30 mins on 350 degrees so the writing won’t rub off over time. 

I hope you like these ideas.

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Malum pref where he tries to make you a Valentine's present by himself but he screws it up omg



He came up with the idea to make a photo frame, because there were a lot of cute pictures he had of the two of you, and he figured making a photo frame couldn’t be too hard, considering he had done it in school before. He would set everything up and start crafting away, but after a while he’d realize that it was harder than he thought it would be, and a little while later he had ruined the entire thing.

He threw it out and figured he would buy you a present instead, no one ever had to know about his failed attempt at making you a present.

But when you got home and threw something away in the trashcan, you saw the broken pieces of what was supposed to be your valentines gift, and feel really sorry for Cal. You wouldn’t tell him though, because you knew that would only embarrass him.

On actual Valentine’s day, Calum would come up to you with your present, and you were surprised to find a photo frame similar to the one you found in the trashcan a week before. “I got some help from my sister.” Calum would explain, a shy smile playing on his lips.


He would come up with this really cute idea to fill a jar with notes and scribble reasons he loves you on them. So for example: You always share your food with me. Small things like that he appreciated about you, things you didn’t even realize you were doing but only made him love you more.

He would go to the store and buy paper in your favorite color, and of course a jar, and to decorate the jar as well he’d buy heart shaped stickers and a ribbon with hearts on it.
He would hide his supplies at home, and secretly work on his gift when you weren’t around.
So one day when you went out to shop some errands, he’d work on the gift and get so caught up he didn’t even notice when you got home. When you actually entered the room, he panicked because he didn’t want you to see the jar yet, so he’d grab it and try to put it back in its hiding spot without you noticing, but in his hurry he’d accidentally drop the jar. “Fuck.”
You’d obviously be worried about what he broke, but he’d just mutter that everything was ruined now, and how he could never do anything right.
You’d be so confused about everything but then you’d find the notes all over the table, and all the other decorations, and it would all click.

You would feel really bad for him because the idea behind his gift was so cute and even the fact that he tried making you something fluttered your heart, and you would tell him that it’s okay, that it’s the thought that counts, and he would feel slightly better.

“I guess I’ll just buy you chocolate.” He’d mutter, and you’d smile, knowing he would probably eat most of it.

 - Naomi x