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Anon request: Hi could I get a Grayson imagine? This may be very unoriginal, but could I get one where the reader and Grayson are very close as best friends, and they’re just hanging out or something, but throughout the story their friendship turn into something more?😁 I love your imagines by the way!

photo creds: painfulbliss


It was one in the morning when Grayson texted you. Luckily for him, you never slept either, which meant you were awake too. Unluckily for you, you were wearing pj shorts, a tank top, and socks with pizzas all over them, so you were not really looking too good. Grayson had asked you come over with no context provided, and you being you, accepted the request. And now you were waiting outside his house, still wearing your pj’s, and shivering from the cold.

“Hey,” the door swung open, warm light pouring through the cracks and Illuminating Grayson’s face. “Oh-wow-sorry-come in,” he stumbled, looking you over and stepping aside.

“T-thanks,” you stuttered and stepped in gratefully, skipping through the living room and plopping down in front of the cushy couch. A glowing fire had been lit, so you stretched your legs out across the soft carpet and extended your hands towards the flames.

“Here,” Gray plopped down beside you, pulling off his hoodie and offering it to you.  He wore a plain black tee underneath, matched with navy sweats.

You took the grey hoodie and pulled it over your head, but it was so huge on you, you felt like you’d been stuffed into a potato sack. A potato sack which happened to smell really damn good.

“Cute socks,” Grayson said, stretching his legs out and knocking his foot playfully against yours.

“Thanks,” you said with a little smile.

“Sorry for asking you here so lat-early,” Grayson chuckled softly.

“Well you promised me cookies, so…” you giggled.

Grayson rolled his eyes with a laugh and reached back before pulling out a plate covered in gooey chocolate chip cookies.

“Wait, really?!” you gasped.

“You thought I was lying?”

“Well, I would’ve come either way!”

“Really?” Grayson said, his full lips twitching upwards.

“Sure,” you shrugged, “that’s what friends are for.”

Grayson’s smile faltered slightly, but he regained his composition quickly, “Yeah.”

“Do you have mi-” you began.

“Yeah yeah, I’ve learnt by now that you only like cookies with milk,” Grayson sighed, handing you a mug.

You gave him a big smile before grabbing the cup, and saying sarcastically, “You know me sooo well.”

And with that you dunked your cookie and shoved it in your mouth in a most unattractive way.

Grayson raised an eyebrow, trying to refrain from snorting with laughter.

“A lady,” you began, through a mouthful of cookie, “always has grace and poise,” you took a swig of milk, “and beauty,” you swallowed, a bit of milk dribbling out your mouth.

Grayson burst out laughing, his face going red as he bent over his knees through fits of giggles that you mimicked.

“Hey hey hey,” you laughed, “judge all you want, but I will eat all these cookies if you do not.”

Grayson recovered and sat back up, extending his hand for a cookie, “Kay.”

“Open your mouth,” you said, taking a cookie.


“Just do it.”

“Well what if I don’t want t-”

“Can you please just-”

“I don’t feel like i-”

Halfway through his sentence you shoved a cookie into Grayson’s open mouth to shut him up.

He snickered and ate it, his eyes going dark, an eyebrow raised in challenge.

“You think you’re funny?” he smiled mischievously.

“Yeah, actually, I do,” you said nervously, sensing a threat.

Grayson pounced on you with no warning, his hands coming down to your waist, where he began to ruthlessly tickle you. You squirmed beneath him, having absolutely no chance of breaking his strong grip on you. He flashed a grin as you begged for mercy, your eyes watering as you kicked the ground, your hands flying ou-

Your hand hit something, which then rolled across the carpet.

“Oh shit,” you sat up, Grayson releasing you to see what happened.

A trail of milk spilt over the carpet, the mug rolling off the carpet and onto the dark wooden floors.

“I’m…so sorry…” you said in shock.

“It’s fi-” Gray started.

You jumped up from the carpet and picked up the mug from the floor, heading to the kitchen and returning with a wet towel which you used to begin scrubbing out any traces of a stain.

“(Y/N)-” Grayson tried.

“I didn’t mean to,” you said, scrubbing with more force.

“(Y/N),” Grayson said, his voice coming close, his hand on your shoulder.

You sunk down in defeat, turning to face him and crossing your legs, your head hanging.

“Honestly, don’t worry about it,” he smiled softly, his eyes trying to coax yours up.

You sighed, opening your mouth to speak, but he cut you off.

“Hey,” he murmured, two of his fingers crawling under your chin and lifting your face up, “that’s what friends are for.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little bit at this.

“I’m so lucky to be able to say that you, Grayson Dolan, are my best friend,” you grinned.

He nodded quite solemnly, his arms wrapping around you as he pulled you into his chest for a hug. You rested your head in the crook of his neck, Grayson’s hand coming up to hold the back of your head gently, his fingers caressing you, his breath light as it fell over your skin. Your eyes fluttered closed as you sighed with content into his sun kissed skin.

“Oh yeah,” you remembered, “why did you invite me here, anyway?”

Grayson paused, “it was my fault for the mug, I was a bit rough,” he diverted the topic.

“Pfft,” you said, pulling out of the hug but staying close to Gray, “no it’s not, now answer the question.”

“What question? Grayson said, trying to act oblivious.

“Ha ha, how funny,” you mocked.

He shrugged, his eyes pulling away from yours, “I don’t know..I just wanted to see you.”

You snickered, “One in the morning, and you wanted to be with me?!”

“I always want to be with you,” he said simply, his eyes on the flickering orangey-red embers.

“That’s hilarious,” you cheesed.

“Is it so hard to believe?” he asked, turning his head back to yours, his voice serious.

“Um,” you said, your smile fading, your heartbeat suddenly sounding loud in your ears, “I-I don’t know.”

“Well why are you here?” Grayson asked, his curious hazel eyes searching yours.

“Because, I-,” you paused, “You asked me.”

“Yeah, I asked you, at one in the morning, and you said yes without a second’s hesitation,” he pondered aloud.

You gulped nervously, aware of your cheeks steadily flushing rose.

“W-I don’t know, I was just being a good-”

“Friend,” Grayson finished, his voice a low whisper.

His eyebrows furrowed as he looked you over in wonder.

“…Friend,” you nodded, taking in a deep breath, your eyes diverting away from his as you said it.

Grayson extended his hand, brushing his thumb lightly over your cheek.

“Look, Grayson, I-” you began.

“I know,” he sighed, dropping his hand in defeat.

“Do you?” you said, pushing a strand of hair from your eyes.

“I probably shouldn’t have fallen for my best friend,” he murmured sadly.

“Gray-” you began.

“Just,” he interrupted, “Don’t.”

You turned your eyes back to his intense gaze.

“I get it,” he blinked, moving to stand, “so I don’t need to hear you say it.”

“Jeez, one of these day’s, you’re going to learn to let me finish a sentence,” you said in exasperation, suddenly grabbing Grayson roughly by his collar and pulling his lips right down onto yours. There was a fleeting second of confusion when his lips crashed into yours, but from there it was a tangle of body parts and hungry kisses. Your hands tugged at the back of Gray’s hair, your breath coming short as you nibbled his bottom lip, not having a second to breathe before he drowned you with more affection, your lips molding together. Grayson nipped at you gently, one of his hands coming to cup your face, his skin warm and soft against yours. You kissed him deeply once more before pulling back, your eyes closed, your breath ragged.

 There was a moment of silence where you caught your breath and prepared what to say.

“I thought we were ‘friends,’” Grayson mumbled, keeping his forehead to yours.

“Well, I’d say there’s no better person to fall in love with than a friend,” you smirked, your eyes fluttering open to meet his.

His eyes were crinkled sadly, his lips parted.

“I never thought you could love me,” he said, which physically pained you to hear.

You brushed your fingers lightly against Gray’s bottom lip, a smile tickling the corners of your mouth, “Well, I probably shouldn’t have fallen for my best friend,” you whispered.



Includes: Fluff, kisses, hints of smut at the end

Request: Hey can I get a imagine? I don’t really care what you do in it but can you do a kiss thanks. I love your page. And can the imagine be a Ethan one thanks. Like a Halloween/ autumn one thanks

photo creds @ princessofthemoon


It was early afternoon, and a cool autumn chill settled on your shoulders. The sun was golden as ever, the crunching of amber leaves beneath your feet satisfying, and the scent of fresh grass and fruit calming. Your boots hit the hard earth quickly, and you pulled your snug jacket a little tighter around yourself as a puff of cold air escaped your lips and dissolved into the air.

“Apple picking,” Ethan groaned, “out of everything we could have done…apple picking?!

You grabbed a basket and spun on your heel to pout at your boyfriend. He wore grey skinnies and a teal hoodie, his hair ruffled sideways from the wind, and his dark eyes glowing beneath the rays of sunshine.

“Don’t give me that look,” he said, scowling.“You know, the cute sad one that makes me want to dissolve.”

You broke the facade quickly, laughing out as Ethan turned his head away. You bounced up to grab his face and turn it towards your own, your thumbs caressing his jaw lightly and feeling over his faint traces of stubble. Ethan sighed and dropped his eyes to yours, the end of his nose pink from cold.

“It’ll be fun, I promise,” you smiled.

Ethan’s eyes crinkled a little, and you swiftly leaned into his lips for a fleeting peck.

“Mm,” he smiled, “maybe if you keep kissing me it will be.”

You smirked and gave Ethan a light shove before continuing on to the groves. You made it to the nearest branches and dropped your basket down, plucking a ripe and rosy apple before gingerly tossing it into the basket. Ethan followed your lead, but was picking far faster than you could manage to keep up with. 

“Heyy,” you challenged, noticing Ethan’s soft snort of laughter when you couldn’t reach one of the higher apples, “stop making fun of me.”

You jumped up, your fingers brushing the apple but unable to grasp it.

“HAH!” Ethan let out a laugh and crumpled forward in laughter as he watched your multiple failed attempts at getting the fruit.

You jumped again, this time leaning into it and momentarily hitting your face on the branch.

This broke Ethan to the point of tears.

“Shut up,” you complained, kicking up a cloud of orange and brown leaves, and crossing your arms in frustration.

Ethan gasped through his laughter and swiped away a tear from his bronze skin, leaning back up to stare at you, and looking extremely happy with himself.

“You know, this is kind of fun,” he snorted.

You pursed your lips and threw out a weak punch, which Ethan caught easily in his fist, “Missed me,” he winked.

You threw out your other fist, which he also caught.

“Oh noo,” he said sarcastically, “What will you do now?”

You struggled against his grip, but Ethan grabbed your wrists in one swift movement, and brought you swinging straight into his chest.

You knocked your head gently to his front, able to feel his rippled chest even under his layers of clothing. You yelped out in protest, but he wrapped his strong arms beneath you and lifted you right up around his waist, your legs stretching around his belly. You strung your hands around his neck and pulled your head back, strands of your own hair tangled in your mouth. Ethan laughed softly and brushed your hairs affectionately back into place.

“Please don’t b-” you began.

“Shush,” he smiled warmly, his full lips curving upwards “I’m helping you get the stupid apple.”

“What?” you said, surprised.

“I’ve got you, it’s fine, just trust me,” he guided you to the branch and gave you a little boost so that you could pull down the fruit. 

You yanked the crisp ruby apple off the branch, smiling to Ethan, “my hero.”

He plopped you carefully down to the ground and snatched up the apple. “Anything for you,” he cheesed and took a bite out of the fruit. His eyes widened slowly as he chewed, “oh my god is that good.”

You outstretched your hand for the apple and took a bite out yourself, the sweet flavor filling you with joy, “Woo-ooah.”

Ethan’s stole back the apple before you could respond, and finished off the rest. Then, for the next forty minutes you continued your work, never managing to catch up to E’s pace.

“I’d say we did good,” you announced proudly afterwards, tossing in the last apple.

“I’d say I did good,” Ethan challenged with a raise of his brow.

You sighed and clenched your teeth together, “do you want a prize or something?” you asked sarcastically.

“No, noo,” Ethan waved dismissively. “Just that you get the basket.”

He said it slyly, but you shrugged passively, unable to figure his motive out, “Um, okay?”

You skipped over to the basket, leaning low to grasp the handle, your back bent into picking up it’s weight. You groaned lightly, “I don’t get why yo-”

You turned just in time to see Ethan tilt his head back up, a smirk plastered to his face, his eyes not guilty at all.

“Et-wha-were you,” you began, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

“I was indeed, checking out your ass,” he smiled proudly.

You gulped and gave him an angry glare, but he only licked his lips and opened his mouth.

“Don’t say it,” you cut him off.

He bit his lower lip playfully, whispering barely audibly, “and I really liked it.”

You rolled your eyes and hit him with the basket, “Ethan Dolan, you are an absolute idiot.”

You tried to run away, but the basket was too heavy so you gave up and walked with him to the basket drop off. Ethan helped you near the end, a smile still on his face all the while. As congratulations, the workers had set out free mugs of warm apple cider on some old barrels, and you scooped one up gratefully and took a swig of the delicious drink. Ethan extended his hand for the mug, which you reluctantly passed over. He took a few gulps, and as revenge, you hit the bottom of the glass while he drank, causing the cider to spill down his front.

“You. Did. Not. Just. Do. That.” he spluttered.

You went to smile, but seeing his face darken as he set the glass down, felt your laughter vanish.

“Please don’t,” you begged, taking a step back as Ethan took a step forward.

“You are going to regret that, (Y/N),” Ethan said.

And with that you sprinted off, Ethan close behind. You laughed into the harsh wind, sprinting with all your might, feeling Ethan’s hand come swiping at your back. Your boot caught a patch of slippery leaves, and you went tumbling forward, yelping out and shielding your face as you rolled to your back. A dark shadow closed over, and you looked up into Ethan’s hazel eyes as he loomed over you. He grinned maliciously, leaning down as if he was going to pin you to the ground, but breaking into a smile and offering his hand instead. You took it gratefully, pulling back up, bright leaves strewn in your locks.

“Really?” you said in shock, “That’s it?”

Ethan smiled, “Aw, sweetie…no.” 

And in one swift movement he grabbed you by your waist and forced your back against the trunk of the apple tree you’d fallen beneath, his chest to yours, locks of his hair falling over his forehead as he looked you over hungrily. He smelt of strong spices and fresh grass, and the scent alone was enough for you to drown in. His right hand came to your cheek, his thumb grazing your lower lip as he dropped his gaze to your mouth. You gave a small pant, not getting the chance at a gulp for air before his lips crashed against yours. You weaved your arms around his neck, your hands sliding into his dark hair, submitting to him easily and losing any control of yourself as the taste of his lips consumed you. Ethan molded his lips into yours, tilting his head and releasing a groan against your lips before returning with more force. He pressed his lips harder against yours until you had no chance but to open your mouth for air, at which point his tongue slipped between your open lips. You returned the gesture, Ethan pressing himself harder into you, your back aching from the pressure of the tree prodding your back. Your tongues fought for dominance, every wonderful sensation springing to life and demanding more as the heat of the kiss sparked the primal instincts within you. You struggled to breathe, but refused to let go first, fighting the need for air and instead taking the opportunity to suck lightly on Ethan’s tongue. He groaned in pleasure, and you could feel him grow increasingly more aroused, his skinnies unable to conceal the pressure of his bulge against your body. He gave in with a growl, detaching his mouth from yours as he sucked in oxygen, his lips raw and bright. Your chests rose and fell together, and you couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

“Looks like I won,” you teased, your arms falling back to your sides, your heart still thumping.

Ethan clenched his jaw in frustration, his eyes darker than usual. “Mmm,” he said, scanning you over, looking flustered as ever, “Is that really a game you want to play with me?”

You gulped and gazed up at his lust filled orbs, “There’s no game left to win anymore,” you tested, knowing how much Ethan hated to lose.

Ethan’s eyes flickered around at the distant people who stood in the grove, his lips coming down to your earlobe and causing you to shiver, your eyelids closing as his cool breath tickled you.

“Believe me baby, as soon as these lingering eyes are off of us, you are going to wish you never said that.”