cute triplets


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I love all your Yuri on Ice mermaid designs so far! Would it be possible to see the Nishigori triplets as mermaids?

Tiny troublemakers!

They still retain their blue-pink-purple colors because Yuuko’s scales are pink, while Takeshi’s are dark blue. This allows them to have babies with blue, pink and purple scales. 

Of course, when the triplets grow up and get through their First Change, Loop (pink) is going to get Yuuko’s shade of pink, Lutz (blue) is going to get Takeshi’s dark blue and Axel (purple) will get dark violet (something close to Spanish violet).

Takeshi made them lil animal skin capes =w= All of them were dark gray at first, but Yuuko was able to dye them to match the triplets’ scale colors.