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  • the other members make the two of you do really awkward things in front of them
  • like somehow you’re both awkwardly standing and  holding hands while the other members are squealing and fanning themselves over how “cute” you two are
  • jaebum is just grinning and trying not to laugh
  • H I D I N G his face from you when he confesses anything (good and bad)
  • honestly,, traveling together?? i see it
  • and roadtrips
  • OH MY GOD going skydiving together
  • doing cute tourist things together
  • but also eating mcdonalds when you’re in italy typa vibe
  • him doing something really dorky and forgetting you were there
  • and when you don’t react (by being weirded out) or even do it with him he’s like OH I THINK I LOVE THIS PERSON11! HELLO
  • OKAY really good valentine’s day date
  • romantic af
  • roses and chocolate covered strawberries
  • feeding you said chocolate covered strawberries
  • smiling proudly after he purposely got chocolate all over your chin
  • “what did you do, jaebum?”
  • he replies by giggling and washing it off your chin
  • you’re laying there like ???bro
  • fancy ones and chill ones… he keeps it balanced
  • playing with his rings.. randomly…
  • when you’re intertwined on a couch or when he has his hand on your knee — there you are, playing with his rings.
  • tying his fringe up into a small ponytail
  • video calls when he’s away on tour
  • cooking together
  • cooking together for his family when they [inevitably] visit
  • trolling iGOT7′s together
  • sharing [and freaking out over] your celebrity crushes together
  • being really supportive with each other
  • NEVER jealous. ALWAYS supportive.
  • trust
  • T R U S T
  • meeting and getting along well with each other’s closest or oldest friends
  • he buys you crazy expensive gifts [when the time is right]
  • like he also buys you socks for christmas
  • holding hands ALL. THE. TIME.
  • spa days
  • taking baths together
  • helping you handle or style your hair
  • falling asleep on top of each other
  • like you’re on top of him, but he’s also sort of on top of you
  • falling asleep on the couch together

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Connverse HC #373

When Connie turns 16 her parents want her to get a summer job so her and Steven set up a business selling watermelon stevens (that DONT come to life) on the boardwalk. They have lion with them and they advertise it as “family business” type thing and they get tons of business because all the tourists think they’re such a cute couple. (credit to @zendro-mida)

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i think i asked about it a long time ago, but do you have any magical realism or urban fantasy ideas? also could you possibly link me to any lists you may already have of those? thank you so much!!

  • Character A is a fairy that has very little natural luck with plants or animals, but they’re a genius when it comes to technology. Character B’s computer has a nasty virus, and Character A has been paid to come to Character B’s house to perform some sort of cryptic spell – or to just download antivirus software – on Character B’s computer.
  • “I mean I could use my legs to walk on land, but it’s a lot easier for me to use a wheelchair because I have a lot of upper body strength from swimming. Also, did you know that over 80% of water-to-land mermaids suffer from chronic pain in their legs and feet? That’s a real statistic, look it up.” AU
  • Character A is monster that falls in the ‘eldritch horror’ category – meaning that they’re just downright horrifying and not tied to any real species – and while it can be lonely, Character A makes an absolute killing being an actor in horror/slasher movies.
  • While working at an aquarium, Character A’s job is to swim around in a very large tank, look pretty, and to take cute pictures with tourists. Everything is absolutely dandy, until a new employee starts to outshine Character A’s performance. This sparks a rivalry between the two, competing to see who can be the best aquatic performer.
  • “Once, I got really stressed out during an exam and I set my papers on fire, and that’s how I found out that I have a knack for fire magic.” AU
  • Character A works at a coffee shop, and Character A draws sigils in the customer’s foam per their requests. Character B often comes in the coffee shop, and Character A always makes sure to add extra force in Character B’s drink for “luckiness” and “fortune”.
  • “Everybody expected my familiar to be something cool like a barn owl or a black cat, but I got a corn snake. He’s still pretty neat though, even if he’s a little unconventional.” AU

Visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this past weekend with the partner in crime.  The daffodils and some of the magnolia trees are in bloom and it was gorgeous (and if you get there before noon on Saturdays admission is free…).  We stopped off in the gift shop before leaving and they had a ton of cacti and succulents.  I held off on buying because of my spree at the CT show last weekend, but would definitely recommend taking a look if you’re in the area.