cute tiger pups

Kuddlepup and Tycoon

A commission for Kuddlepup, a nice birthday gift he gave to his friend Tycoon, the tiger.

This was a really special pic for both of them, very innocent and peaceful, just having fun together.

Traditional art. Color pencils

(Shame on me, I was about to give this picture to someone else, I don’t know where was my mind in that moment @__@ ; but now Mr. Kuddlepup has this drawing on his paws, or whenever he decided to put it or.. if he already gave this to Tycoon…. I’m not sure, but I’m always glad when I give the original works to whom belongs, I’m not fan of keep my own work because I always save them in my bookcase and rarely see them back again, instead when people gets my original work, they usually frame and put them on a special place)