cute things

cute things the signs do on a rainy day
  • Aries:collects all the fuzzy and woolly socks they can find and takes selfies in every pair
  • Taurus:makes super fancy hot chocolate and gets a hot chocolate mustache while drinking it
  • Gemini:puts all their indoor plant friends outside so they can take a nice shower
  • Cancer:builds a blanket fort in the living room and naps under it with all their animals
  • Leo:does their hair up all fancy and puts on their hottest outfit then wanders around the house complimenting themselves in every mirror
  • Virgo:opens every window and dances around half-naked to the sound of the rain
  • Libra:tries to read to their animals but gets frustrated when they won't listen and ends up watching their favorite movie just so they can recite all the words
  • Scorpio:sits on the kitchen floor in their underwear and makes up a thousand stories inside their head
  • Sagittarius:runs outside immediately and dances in the yard under the rain but regrets it later when they get the sniffles
  • Capricorn:tries out every recipe they can get their hands on and invites all their friends over for a rainy day tea party
  • Aquarius:builds little shelters out of things laying around the yard so the neighborhood animals can be safe from the storm
  • Pisces:drives to the nearest park and plays on the swing sets until the rain stops
Cute little things that remind me of the signs

Aries: late night conversations by the campfire.

Taurus: cuddling while watching Netflix

Gemini: when he gives you his jacket

Cancer: rose petal trail to a warm bath

Leo: star gazing on the roof at 4 in the morning

Virgo: blushing after kissing for the first time

Libra: midnight skinny dipping

Scorpio: that look right before you kiss

Sagittarius: watching the sunset on the hood of a car

Capricorn: carrying you to bed

Aquarius: philosophical conversations in a hammock at 5am

Pisces: reading them a book till they fall asleep.

The Signs As Your (Supportive) Friend

Aries: Will be energetic with you about what you like, and will try to be enthusiastic about things that you enjoy participating in. Aries will put themselves on the line for you when you’re in trouble or sad and will do what they can to make you happy again, even if they’re overdoing it a little, they love you. 

Taurus: Taurus are patient and reliable, and you will fall in love with them the moment you meet them. As soon as they hear you’re not feeling well, they’ll go full on parent mode and do their best to help you. Whether it’s cracking a dumb joke or giving you a hug or even maybe walking with you through a difficult time, they’ll be there when you need them, and give you space when you don’t. Taurus are also determined, whether it’s to celebrate your birthday or to drive you insane, they’ll persist at it.

Gemini: (Well I’m a Gemini so I really can’t judge based off myself but I can try) Gemini’s are quite  spontaneous and imaginative, if you’re friends with them, be prepared for never ending nonsense with these ones. Just be careful, when they get angry, they’ll stay angry, and sometimes get more mad at themselves than you. They might need a shoulder to cry on, but they’ll be your shoulder to cry on too, any time you need them. They’re not always able to act normal, and it’s because they’re not, you gotta live with it. 

Cancer: Cancer are known for being emotional, and they are, trust me, but it’s for a good reason! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with crying over something that nobody else finds that sad, and they’re nothing wrong with laughing hysterically when nobody else really thinks it’s funny. Cancers are observatory, and that should be treasured. They know when you’re sad, and they’ll act on it. (They have plenty of tissues to spare for you). Cancers are the friends you should talk to when you need to rant, because they’ll rant with you, and be by your side every second of they way. 

Leo: Despite being described as self centered, Leo’s are just as concerned about their friends and more than themselves. They come in tie for mother-figures with the Virgo. But Leo’s are more tender, they’re broad-minded and will almost always have advice for you when you need it. 

Virgo: Virgos are mothers with a capital ‘M’. Unlike Leos, Virgos tend to be the more strict of the mothering type. Don’t worry, they still love you with their tender little hearts, but they aren’t scared to be honest with you. (Candor anyone?) They tend to be strict and telling you what’s right, but by all means, if someone hurts you, a Virgo will KICK THEIR ASS because even though they’re thought to be powerless and just brains, they aren’t scared to fight for what’s right. Although strict, they’re the friend that’l sit down with you and watch every season of your favorite show with you in one sitting (plus they’re big food people so they’ll hook you up with snacks.)

Libra: Romantic and charming, a Libra will be more of a lover to you than a friend. They will value a relationship with you, no matter how many other friends they have. Libras will tend to be the more touchy-feely friend that you’ll have, and will want to everything they easy way. They’re protective, and outgoing, but not fighters. They can be emotional like Cancers are, but Libras are different, they’ll tend to cling to the idea of many people, instead of just clinging to one person like a Cancer would. Overall, Libras are great people to have around. They’ll text you back in seconds and always have time for you.

Scorpio: Everybody watch out for Scorpios, because they’re a powerful zodiac. You’ll know one when you see one, they’re a go-getter. If they hear that you’re laying around doing nothing, they’ll be dragging you to see a movie or go to six flags with them. They’ll be jealous if you’re having fun with someone else, and want to join in. As a friend, they’ll be the ones that’ll send people to the hospital if they hear about someone bothering you. 

Sagittarius: If you want a support-group Patrick, call a Sagittarius. They are optimistic, even in awkward situations, and they’ll be the sunshine of your life. Similar to Libras, A Sagittarius will be loving to you, but not a romance in your life. In bad situations, they’ll give you your basic social necessities or care, reason, and joy. They have a jump in their step and a swing in their stride, and they’ll be sure to make you smile even on your bad days. 

Capricorn: Capricorns are careful and patient, they’re good listeners and even better friends. When you’re feeling bad about something, they’ll be sure to listen to whatever is wrong, and they’ll act on it. A simple “that’s too bad” is something you won’t hear from a Capricorn, they’ll start a full fledged campaign on whatever you need. Humorous and good-willed, Capricorns are good people to hang around. 

Aquarius: An Aqua (yes that’s what I call them don’t judge me I’m just an innocent cinnamon bun) can be mistakes as judge mental and “too honest” but they’re just realistic. Once you get to know them, you’ll never want to let them go. Aquas are loyal and honest with you. If you wanna know how you look in a new outfit ASK AN AQUA, they will be honest with you, if it’s a good outfit, they’ll let you know. If it’s not good, they will tell you, and even suggest a new outfit to you. They’re good for relationship advice too (trust me, I would know.)

Pisces: Want a wild crazy friend who’s a tones down version of a Gem? Be friends with a Pisces. They’ll be the clown on your relationship when you want them to be, but if you need a serious conversation, they could hold it for hours at a time. Pisces are the friends that you can count on to be there and give you any advice, I mean ANY advice. (Trust me, they know everything.) Pisces can be a little bit known to give up, or as I like to put it, tired of your shit, But they’ll gladly get back on their feet to help you when you need them there.