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* Seize that meddling canine!

This was originally supposed to be some sort of seasonal bonus art, but we decided it looked more like the cover of some zany manga.


the beats 1 interview with pete and patrick!

“Isn’t That What Thanksgivings For?”

“How ya been love? Haven’t seen your pretty face in ages!” Anne’s voice seemed to float throughout the dining room of her and Robin’s small home. The entire house was filled with the intoxicatingly delicious scent of the Thanksgiving feast. It grew smaller since your and Harry’s family had sat down to eat about an hour ago. Your conversation was quieter than usual, stolen glances of anxiety towards Harry, him returning them. His foot tapping yours under the table. It was a small gesture. But it was there and it was the only thing keeping you from bolting through that bathroom door and onto its linoleum flooring.

It was with a shaky breath and a quick swallow of you mash potatoes that you gulp and answer.

“I’ve been good. I just finished my uni courses and I’m searching for a job. Maybe something in journalism?”

“Oh! That’s lovely! I’m sure Gemma could help yeh a bit.” Anne replies.

Gemma’s face perks a smile before she devours another bite of turkey. You eat yours as well, and regular conversation erupts between the family once more. A sea of clinking utensils and stories for years ago. Anne had moved some furniture around so she could accommodate to the extended families. Re gathering was larger than usual. Your family was coincidentally in town, so the cousins and aunts and nieces all seemed to be splendid with each other around the humongous table. It was a blessing that they all got along.

Some kids hollered and quarreled for a minute to a woman. Maybe she was his cousins friend or something. Or a sister-like friend of your mom. There was so many people it was genuinely hard to decipher.

Your shoulders slouched and you relaxed in the cushion of your chair slightly, some of your tension releasing now that you weren’t the center of attention. It was soothing to feel so much happiness and smiles all around you for such an occasion.

Harry remained quiet. Gradually dwindling his sloshing wine and spooning the tiniest amounts of pie into his mouth. Eyes glued onto you. He noticed this opportunity and took it to ask you. He couldn’t feel relaxed when you remained unhappy a foot away from him. He pushed his chair and stood before stretching a DM making his way over to your hunched stature.

“Hey.” His words were barely audible with all the noise. But you’d know his voice anywhere. This came out as whisper, a crack at its ending sound. A vulnerable murmur as he once again pulled up a nearby by chair and sat directly in front of you. His eyes boarded into yours. Soft and green and all things warm as he waited for your response. He placed a luscious kiss on your cheek.

“Hey. You good?” You soft tone mimicked the fragility of his. He didn’t want to push you too far and too quick. There was some anxiety winding within you and he had to be careful.

“I shouldn’t be the one asking that love.” He responded. Harry’s eyebrows furrowed a gentle frown. You’d to anything to kiss it away in that very moment.

You knew you couldn’t possibly lie, especially when he straight up confronted you. You let your fork drop and began to stare down at your fumbling fingers. He hunched forward, his elbows digging into to the flesh of his knees, hands clasped together in front of him. One slid to lightly tap patterns of comfort onto your thigh.

“Just a little nervous that’s all. Nothing serious.”

A sigh escaped his lips and he stood up. He extended his hand and helped you from your seat.

“C'mere baby” He whispered sin your ear. He had one sturdy, discreet hand on the low of your spine, the other busy opening doorways and excusing a pass way for his to take you to wherever he was planning. He guided you to the kitchen.

Surprisingly, the kitchen was clear of all people. All of the guests rallied in the living or dining room, jittery and full with contentment after the fulfilling Thanksgiving meal. Your back rested against the pantry’s bug panel door and Harry’s hand trapped you sturdy and firm on the door, his palm against the wood as they hover under your ribcage. He placed a tender kiss on the pultruding bone that stood out against your goose bump ridden skin. His touch alone sent a crazy frenzy across your senses, temporarily swallowing all your thoughts and worries.

When you didn’t answer, he smothered another kiss on your jawline. It was hot and wet and hard with passion. As if he was forcing all your jitters away. Whatever he was doing, it was working. He felt your body relax under his touch. A smile covered his mouth and he came eye level with you.

“Yeh good babygirl?” You felt your heart plummet. Swirling and screaming in your swelling chest. He smirked and your face mimicked his own. You leaned into kiss him thankfully.

“Thank you Harry. I love you” You hummed against his neck as you hugged him tight. It felt nice to have something cozy and strong to hold onto to. You melted into his embrace as he traced melodic rubs on your back.

His laugh rumbled into your skin. His shoulders shaking. You could feel his belly and chest swell as he giggled. Shook you to your liquid bones. It was absolutely crazy how you could turn into putty under his touch. A split second and no thought and you were all his.

“Isn’t that what Thanksgivings for?”

Cute Fall Things With Peter Parker Would Include.....

(Sorry this took for ever, also sorry that I made it fall things instead of fall dates like the request)

.dressing up as a sexy Spider-Man for Halloween


.“woah, ummm, alright. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t turning me on a little”

.jumping in piles of leaves together


.Just sitting their looking into each others eyes

.Fairy lights everywhere

. giving you his jacket/flannel when you get cold

.carving pumpkins together

.“Peter look! It’s you” you say pointing at the jack-o-lantern carved like spiderman

.making forts to just lay in all day

.*cozy forts

.haunted houses


.(sorry if you don’t like s'mores)

.late night picnics, looking up at the stars

.going to the park to swing on the swings

.cuddling all day

.going through a corn maze at night and being scared so you hold his hand

.sleeping in late

.going to the fair when it comes into town

.Peter taking cute photos of you

.Thanksgiving with him and May

.Hiking, well, exploring in the forest

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Hey doods, here’s a little custom miniature I worked on a month ago :) It’s a custom husky figurine for an adorable lil doggo named Saki. And while her final form doesn’t feature the lil moustache, I thought it was cute enough to show y’all here.

Overeat on Thanksgiving? You’re not alone. It looks like this bear clearly enjoyed its meal and is ready for a nap. This photo was taken near Wonder Lake in Alaska’s Denali National Park by visitor Georgia Riddick and donated to the park.