cute tea place

i left my number and email at my fave asian restaurant/cafe like a month ago bc they were looking for employees and tbh id given up all hope of working there bc they never called and i barely have any work experience but i just got a text that they wanna see me tomorrow im so excited !!!!!!!!


I had such an amazing weekend!! I decided to wander around Main St with a friend and we found so many cute stores. 

The tea place in the first photo was such a good find. They had ‘mini-tea’ time and it was so delicious! They also had cabinets filled with miss-matched tea cups (totally my aesthetic) that I spent ages admiring. The cross-stitch tea cup was a personal fav. 

I’ve also really wanted a monstera deliciosa plant for ages now (they’re the ones with the enormous leaves) but they’re crazy expensive everywhere. We went into a store that will be shutting down this summer and they had them on sale so I ended up getting one!! It was very fun trying to fit it into a car… it took up the whole backseat and required a seat belt.