cute subway boy

Food for Thought: if Lucas had been presented 100% as who he really was from the start instead of his past only being quietly hinted at in S1 while everyone was lulled into believing he was a Ken Doll Boy Scout, if instead of being presented as “cute subway boy crush” he’d been presented as “the new kid with a shady past,” would people have still pegged him as “Boy Topanga?” Or would they have said, “oh, he’s kind of like a baby version of Harley?” And if so, would people have also thought, “hey…weird kid…funny name…that sounds awful familiar” when it came to Farkle?

Now, obviously I think the new kids are unique, refracted combos of the original characters rather than 1:1 reflections, but you gotta wonder in terms of the assumptions most people made in the beginning about the new kids based on the old show, if we’d known the truth about Lucas from the start…don’t you think those assumptions may have been a little different?

But Maya pushed Riley and she wound up in Lucas’s lap, and then he proceeded to hide the truth for a year while Riley idealized him and most of the audience never suspected a thing…and here we are. 😂