cute starters

So I started playing a randomised romhack of Crystal...

Let’s see what the starters got randomised to…

Far left pokeball is Bellossum. I mean, it’s cute, but not starter material. Let’s see who’s on the far right…

Haunter! It’s cool. If the middle pokemon is eh, I’m definitely gonna grab ‘im.



Which one will you choose? Gotta catch'em all! :D

#team Rowlet #team Popplio #team Litten

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Yay the digitalized Pokemon teas that I was working on are now finally finished ^^ I’m finishing up a few other designs and then I think I will order some buttons and maybe charms as well from at least some of them and maybe also from the tea serpents that I did earlier :)

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Gosh, as I saw Popplio, I fell in love immediately! When I look at it’s happy face and see this positive nature, I feel so happy too! It just brighten up my mood every time I see it. I love, that it can bring so much good feelings to me. So I had to do a little more Poké-Fanart haha I hope you will like it and that you will have a good day/night!! ❤

Tate felt the summer sun shining through the window’s, his limbs giving a slight stretch as he woke up. He didn’t feel arms around him like he had when he fell asleep, so he turned seeing his boyfriend sleeping away. Eyes looked at the clock as he noticed It was 10 AM, so he yawned and got up, not bothering to put clothes on. He moved to give his teeth a brush before walking downstairs to start the morning coffee and get a move on starting breakfast for the two of them.

Success. Clayton had went and done it. The Commons was strewn with multi colored streamers, Some balloons littered the floor, other’s clung up to the ceiling. The lights were covered with gel filters that filled the space with color. The hard part was getting the disco ball up and operational, but he did that. Tables carried the snacks, soda, and bottles (Save for the grey goose Clayton kept clutched, his baby for the night), he’d various designated trustees who would be on call to help anyone who wanted to indulge in the various narcotics he’d been able to acquire.

It felt good to be the king, and his court deserved a celebration. He moved from person to person, ensuring they were the level of intoxicated they wanted to be, and relaxed and having a good time and not concerned about a master coming to scoop them away.  “Hey you!” He moved over to the asset who seemed idle. “Dance, babe. It’s your party, and you’ve got to shake something for at least one song.”