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I was just thinking about some cute shenanigans between Mercy and Genji and the thought sort of hit me. They’d totally do stretching/exercises together!

Couple stretching before work outs or in the morning or just to relax at night. Genji is more flexible then Mercy but she’s slowly getting up there. Positions where one’s holding the other to get the muscles just right at the back of their arms or legs. 

Sometimes, Mercy gets curious and wants to see if they can do a certain pose together. Like her balancing on his shoulders while reaching for the ceiling. His form completely still as to keep her steady and both trusting the other without a shadow of a doubt.

When Genji wants to workout, Mercy will lay on his back. It seems almost pointless to Mercy with how easily he preforms the push ups even with her added weight but she doesn’t mind the motion of his body under hers. 

Sometimes, when they’ve both in a playful mood, Genji will deadlift Mercy above his head. He’ll count aloud, saying he’ll never let her down but Mercy will interrupt his counting with random numbers just to see him lose his place and mockingly get frustrated. 

Genji doesn’t sweat but his body lets off steam which Mercy finds very attractive. Her red cheeks somehow get brighter when he catches her staring. His grin is cheeky as he comments on her beautiful, sweaty self. He’d be lying though if he said he didn’t love the way her hair stuck to her skin because of the exercising. 

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Ok so here's too much fluff to handle. A pregnant Mercy falls asleep curled up in Genji lap, and she stirs so he helps her go back to sleep with cuddles and kisses

My heart is going to explode with so much fluff omg

  • Only five months along, the baby bump is noticeable. She gets in moods, and has odd cravings, but now, she just wants to be close to him. It’s been a long day, and they both haven’t seen each other until now.
  • Genji wanted to see the stars, so they sit by the window where Mercy slips into Genji’s lap. He can hardly believe he’s going to be a father, but with a hand over her baby bump it makes it a little easier to know. 
  • She’s soft, and has the glow that so many talk about. Her hair brushes against his body as she soon slips off to sleep. He’s steady and still, making sure to breath evenly and quietly while she curls up closer. 
  • For a moment though, she stirs. Eyelashes blinking open for a moment before he presses his lips to her hair. Soft and gentle while telling her to go back to sleep. 
  • She leans up, giving a kiss to his throat before settling down against his shoulder. Her breath warm and familiar against his body. His hand rests on her baby bump, while the other brushes aside a lock of hair behind her ear. Doing his best to understand how he came to be such a fortunate man.